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    posted a message on How Did I Do on my skins? [New Skins Added]
    Make it a little more HD. Don't use the giant rainbow scale, instead simply type a slightly different color.
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    posted a message on New Chestplate Enchantment - Buff
    Okay, so I got the inspiration of 'Buff' from a common thought in my mind where a meek person would attempt to hit a strong person and the meek person would be blasted backwards by the strength of the strong person. I wanted it as an enchantment but didn't know what to call them. Then, I thought of 'Buff'.

    In order to represent a buff chest this enchantment's only legit way to obtain it is through books(like all others) and chestplates.

    So, basically what 'Buff' is, it is a chestplate enchantment mainly used to counter Knockback and knock the hitter backwards. Just like Knockback, 'Buff' ha two enchantment levels, 1 and 2. When someone hits you with a Knockback 2 item, while you have Buff 1, you will absorb 1 level worth of Knockback, and the one who hit will be knocked back as if hit by Knockback 1. When you have Buff 2, and the opponent has Knockback 1 on an item and they hit you, you absorb the 1 and only level of Knockback and the opponent is hit back with 2 level of Knockback.

    Even if the opponent hits you with an item of no Knockback or they are using their own bare hands, they will still be knocked back from being hit.

    Using projectiles with Punch is different however. Instead of the opponent being knocked back, you will only absorb the hit. So if a bow has Punch and they hit you, they are not knocked back.

    Thank you for reading through this,
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    posted a message on Minecraft OCD
    Not trying to hurt feeling after the above, but.

    Quote from generalguy26

    Perfect organization of chests. Period.

    Same here.

    One problem for me is stacks of items. It always has to be biggest stack to smallest from left to right/ up to down.
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    posted a message on New Potion Features
    Wow, you read my mind. I recently thought of giving a sword(stone for aesthetics) look as if the sword of a "necromancer" using the wither effect, and regeneration for yourself.

    I support.
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    posted a message on Do you want more animals?
    Maybe a few more sea animals to complete the sea.
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    posted a message on GroupManager Question
    This doesn't belong in the Discussion section.
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    posted a message on Parkour/Survival/Mob Killing: Super Parkour Skyblock! A map based on the epic Skyblock Survival Map
    Add some pics, or you won't get many downloads.
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    posted a message on The Great Irony of Inventions, and Their Improved Versions
    Alright grammar nazis, thanks for appreciating one of my threads -_-
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    posted a message on Rana
    Great build, how long did this take?
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    posted a message on Roblox Vs. Minecraft
    Next time post this on just a gaming forum. Onto my opinion.

    Minecraft needs PvP fixing, Roblox swords have to go through u for damage, and better weapons.

    Minecraft, I was fascinated in, even when I played the Classic versioon for about 3 months. And then I bought Mc, I was obsessed.

    Mc for the win.
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