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    posted a message on Convincing my friend to buy Minecraft.
    I used a speech similar to this for my friend:

    "You can craft,
    you can smelt,
    you can build,
    you can mine,
    you can fight,
    you can farm,
    you can eat,
    you can enchant,
    you can brew,
    you can grind,
    you can punch,
    you can chop,
    you can redstone,
    only in Minecraft!"
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    posted a message on A survival world, from the ground up - Lots o' pictures! [Day 44!]
    Don't rush yourself though! We all enjoy it a bunch.

    Also, why do you want to get a cat named Dextrous, after all Dex's avatar is a Smeargle which is a dog, and I know that because I play pokemon. Why don't you name a dog Dextrous instead?
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    posted a message on Parkour map (Parkout map) Best parkour map that you will ever! find
    Step 1: Grammar.
    Step 2: Spelling.
    Step 3: Caps only at beginning of sentence
    Step 4: Add pictures.
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    posted a message on Sticky Command Blocks
    Although it is small, it could still be used very well.

    My suggestion is to make Command Blocks stick to Sticky Pistons. I'm in the middle of building something and can't finish it without my Command Blocks attaching to Sticky Piston. I am suggesting this because this could be a start onto making a random effect givers, random map(not world) selectors and other such things.

    I would prefer if you left a vote on the poll to get an easy count but feel free to post your opinion. I really hope that one of Mojang sees this, because if not this idea won't get moving :)
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    posted a message on Pig Cake? Pig Cake!
    Quote from Pwnguin

    Is it bacon flavored?
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    posted a message on What about _____?
    Vague and a bit over suggested. I see you are new to the MCF, so here's a tip. Don't be vague in your suggestions and search to see if your idea is original.
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    posted a message on Makemyday Avatar Server
    Have you ever wanted, for Minecraft to have bending? Yes, bending, like in the Avatar series. You know, like fire, water, earth, air, and even chi! Maybe you've tried it. But don't you want to play it with your friends. Don't you want to compare your skills with everyone else in the world? Of course you do! Also, to increase the awesomeness of alliances and raiding, there are Factions as well! Are you already drooling? To stop the drooling, the ip is: makemyday.no-ip.org! As of the day I post this, checking every published avatar server, this is the actual most popular server of them ALL.

    You know how in LOK there is probending? Well you can do that on our server too! Also, because airbenders aren't extinct or anything like that, you can play in probending as any of the four elements! We have an organized tournament system for probending. You can go onto our website and send an application for your team of three to participate in probending!

    Once you have played on the server,you may want to make a website account. That's right, we have a website! It is here. From there you can keep updated, on well updates,tournaments, and post some threads, to express what you feel about the server!

    Here is the server trailer if you haven't drooled:

    Not only is there a bending and factions server, but there is a hunger games server! To spice up the pvp and survival in it, the games allow bending, breaking, and placing blocks! Ok, to prevent you from flooding your computer room with drool, the ip for the hunger games server is: makemydayhg.no-ip.org!

    If you like the servers make sure to spread the word! Once you have joined, say I have sent you, and if you can, say hi to me there.
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    posted a message on [Over 30 Supporters] Dog GUI - Smarter Dogs
    Now, many have played on servers with friends. Many also use dogs to help explore. Every once in a while friends hit dogs accidentally. Of course you don't want your friend(s) to kill themselves by doing so. Eventually you would have to kill the dogs to stop annoyance.

    To prevent that, I suggest Minecraft adds a new feature to dogs- a GUI. Most of you would think this is impossible, as right clicking(most used to go into GUIs) is already used for making your dogs sit. To open the GUI, you must right click the dog while sneaking.

    The GUI has 2 features. The first one is called "Friends". The "Friends" feature is used for the dog to determine who to NOT HIT. Typing in someone's username will add one to the list. To add multiple people, type a comma after the username, and just like regular grammar add a space and then the word. Anyone correctly entered in the box will not be hit by your dog, even if they attack them.

    The second feature is "Enemies". The "Enemies" feature is used for the dog to determine who to HIT. The instructions on how to use it are the same as the "Friends" feature, except anyone entered correctly will be hit by your dog when they get in its range, even if they don't attack them.

    Also, to prevent others from doing things such as killing your dogs by replacing your name into the "Friends" feature only the tamer of the dog can change the features.

    The third feature is the "Hunt" feature. When turned on, your dog will attack everything except for creepers in its range(not sight) Thus, enabling an easier way to collect items. Instead of listing, as soon as turned on the dog will go for any players or mobs, excluding the tame.

    We now have a supporting banner!

    Put this into your signature to help support!


    Post your thoughts below. So I can get an easier count, please answer the poll above.
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    posted a message on Jeb tweets more info and pictures of the upcoming horses!
    We all know this so why are you posting it again?
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    posted a message on Who wants useless unneeded facts about Minecraft?
    A new section should be made called Minecraft Physics and Commands or sommething like that. Good facts btw I think.
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