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    posted a message on Jeb is updating all mobs to the new AI system
    I hope this means the end of swimming chickens and mooshrooms.
    I've lost too many boats from those stupid things.
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    posted a message on Why is Minecraft so overrated?
    I've personally come to like Terraria a lot better than Minecraft.
    That being said, Minecraft is still a great game.
    I think Minecraft has huge potential, and could be an incredibly great game.
    Right now, though, I find that a lot of that potential hasn't been used yet.
    I feel like the game is seriously lacking in content and is way buggier than can be excused.
    I also feel like recent updates have been more destructive towards the game's potential rather than constructive.
    In fact, I find myself wanting a lot of things reverted.

    Lots of hours into Terraria and I have a hard time saying Minecraft is in any way better other than the fact that minecraft is 3d and Terraria is 2d.
    I guess I could say three reasons why I personally think Minecraft is more popular.
    First, Minecraft has the whole redstone stuff, which adds a whole extra aspect to building; while Terraria has wiring, Minecraft has certain aspects about its wiring that makes it superior.
    Minecraft machinery gets complex, and so there's a whole part of the community who deals with it.
    Second, while both Minecraft and Terraria have console and mobile versions, Minecraft has both a pc and mac version while Terraria is PC only(though I really wish it were for mac).
    Last, I think Minecraft probably had a lot stronger of a start than Terraria, having numerous youtubers doing it.
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    posted a message on Villagers will soon tend to their own farms?
    So let me get this straight:
    Villagers lose independence and survivability by requiring a trade to be done in order to have a chance to breed.
    At the same time, they actually tend to their own farms.
    One step forward, one step back.
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    posted a message on It Appears As Though Jeb Will Be Repealing The Nerf On Iron/Gold Farms
    Though I don't personally use farms, I'm glad they decided to remove the nerfs.
    Farms aren't the simplest things to make, and the work they require deserves reward.
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    posted a message on What do you think of the new Stone Bricks Crafting Recipe?
    I like it.
    To me, a variant of stone brick just doesn't seem like something that should be rare.
    If it was more like something from an ancient temple, yeah, I can understand that being uncraftable.
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    posted a message on seasons in minecraft 1.8?
    Quote from forged_in_flames

    How dare they add a new mob to the game?! We were promised seasons!

    "new mob"
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    posted a message on 1.8 possibly a mob update?
    Minecraft is seriously lacking in mobs and variety of mobs.
    Everywhere in the overworld has the same mobs.
    The End has a million of a mob in the overworld.
    I'd like to see noticable differences in biomes when it comes to mobs.
    Ideally, I'd like to see a lot more mobs.
    There should be a couple biome specific enemies and a couple biome specific friendlies for each biome.
    Sounds like a lot, but if there's going to be more variety, that's definitely a good way to start having it.
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    posted a message on Pokémon
    If anybody here has Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, I died in a stupid place and need rescuing.
    It's the fifth floor of Mystifying Forest and I can't even remember how I managed to get killed there.
    If you just private message me I'll give you the password, and we can continue there.
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    posted a message on The problem with chicken jockeys...
    How about not reducing the life in the world and increasing it instead?
    Rather than chickens just despawning, we could have less common animals that attack and kill the passive mobs.
    Wolves, for example, kill sheep.
    I do think that needs improvement, though; wolves will not stop killing the animals, and when they do, the sheep aren't coming back.
    Maybe have animals auto-breed after a time when at full health, and have animals auto-regen health slowly over time.
    Then have hostile animals like wolves stop attacking the passive animals for a while after each kill.
    We can have hostile animal mobs underground, too, that act more like other hostile mobs, or like bats: they despawn in time, but they also spawn in the dark.
    This way we get more mobs and a more lively world but we don't have an excess of a single mob like chickens.

    Another solution: differentiation of surface mobs and underground mobs.
    Right now caves are as dangerous as the night on the surface, essentially.
    I would like to see some uniqueness in the mobs that appear in the caves.
    Chicken jockeys could be surface only, so there wouldn't be many chickens in the caves.

    (In all honesty I'm not too fond of chicken jockeys, but if they are gonna be in the problem presented in the thread should at least be solved.)
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    posted a message on throwing knives/mobs
    I'd rather we have an actual thrown weapon, like throwing knives or shurikens.
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    posted a message on You now get 3 doors?
    Door stacking is good.
    Personally I'd rather it not be three doors per craft, though.
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    posted a message on When was Minecraft's golden age?
    Other: Before 1.6 came out.
    I had hardly any complaints about the game until then.
    1.6 gave me a few things to complain about(the awful zombie changes, the hunger changes, the potion nerfs, horses), and 1.7 gave me even more(Ruined oceans, snow in the place I built a new base to get out of a snow biome, those ugly stone cliffs).
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    posted a message on Dreaming while your asleep
    Not the suggestions forum...
    And dear Notch, comic sans...
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    posted a message on Demo 1.6.2 -> Demo 1.7.2
    Alright, I'm not entirely sure this person speaks proper English.
    Okay, I'm actually completely sure he doesn't.
    However, I'll try to decipher what he says...

    Quote from AdultGamer

    Demo version 1.6.2 got updated to Demo version 1.7.2? (He is playing in the demo worlds)

    Aw man!
    I was trying to figure out an efficient way to get Villagers to breed in Demo 1.6.2.

    A few days ago, I found a bunch of Iron Ore and a bunch of Redstone and had made a Level 4 Map (Map zoomed out three times?) of the spawn area.

    I found a village with one well, one horse farm(what?), one forge, and it had three Villagers; I don't think that is much of a village. The Villagers were difficult to work with, but occasionally they bred and had one or two children. On easy mode, all 3 Villagers would get killed before breeding. It's hard to fortify the village in 100 minutes, especially being so far from the spawn point.

    (Person then deviates from that topic...)
    This is what I think of Demo 1.7.2.

    I have played five Demo 1.7.2 game sessions so far.

    (Person goes on to list changes to the settings without giving any details, and uselessly mentions how the controls didn't change)

    Applying things I learned to do in Demo 1.6 to Demo 1.7:

    - In Demo 1.6.2, the world layout never changes, but it does in the full version, so I had to change the layout of my base.
    - I got killed on the shoreline.(Why this is listed I have no clue.)
    - I actually killed myself because I was trapped in a deep hole and the demo time was up.(Still have no clue why this matters.)
    - I don't have to craft a wood pickaxe because one is provided in the Bonus Chest.
    - Why is there a wood axe and stone axe in the bonus chest?
    - HINT: (This hint is incredibly useless.)
    - I found pumpkins near spawn. (My goodness, this list is filled with useless crap.)
    - Sheep are close to spawn.
    - It seems like it's harder to find redstone in this one cave.
    - It rains in demo 1.7.2.
    - There is a lot of surface magma in Demo 1.7.2.
    - There are a lot of Ravines in Demo 1.7.2. I fell in one.
    - So many different Flowers. The Rose Flower had been replaced by the Rose Bush. While trying to make a map, I lost my base because it was hidden in plants, and I didn't bother to create a tower to mark my base.
    - A Squid destroyed my boat.

    (Everything after that is useless fluff, as if most of it already isn't...)

    In conclusion, it's an incredibly incomprehensible post comparing Demo 1.6 with Demo 1.7, and he included extreme amounts of useless info.
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