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    SinglePlayer Test

    Multiplayer Test


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    Monster Invaders

    Map Made by

    The Minecraft version of Space Invaders
    using a shooting gallery
    for Minecraft version 1.12.2

    Take on a wave of monsters with the use of a bow. The monsters can move in a serpentine or straight forward fashion. In addition, you can select from multiple difficulties which decides how fast the monsters move and how strong they are. Although there is only 3 difficulties, you can mix them together to create harder challenges (a total of 7 difficulties if you look at it this way... example: you can spawn the Easy and Medium waves spawning at the same time). Be warned though... activating all 3 difficulties at once will be very difficult.

    Link for the map:


    Updated Version 1.1:



    1) Monster Path-finding commands:

    a special type of command used to guide monsters in a certain direction. monsters are placed in teams to control their movement speed. players and arrows are not in teams, so this command will not bother these entities; however, arrows sometimes deflect off of the monsters... its a minor bug but I see this as a benefit to make the minigame more challenging.

    2) Shops:

    Buy upgraded bows, some armor, food or prizes at the shops. The infinity bow and 1 arrow is free. Everything else can be bought at the designated shops outside of the main building.

    P.S. I hear some items have special bonuses

    3) Player barrier

    A special kind of barrier using the path-finding command keep the player inside of the designated area. The 'barrier' starts at the 3 yellow lines and goes out 4 more blocks (this is to prevent players from jumping over the command).


    1) Play on adventure

    2) Singleplayer or Multiplayer compatible

    3) Render Distance: 11+

    4) No cheating

    5) Difficulty: Normal or Hard

    6) Have Fun!

    Note: If you are playing in multiplayer, please make sure command blocks are enabled!

    Easy Difficulty Wave Example


    1) Defeat all 7 difficulties:

    Easy, Medium, Hard, Easy-Medium, Easy-Hard, Medium-Hard, and Chaos Mode

    2) Get Full Dead Bush Armor

    3) Get the God Bow

    4) Get all the prizes in the prize shop

    If you record this map, please leave a link to the minigame so that others can try it out =)

    New Update (version 1.1):

    -shop prices reduced and shop items were slightly changed

    -new buildings (this update is just a sneak peek to possible future build ideas)

    -mob drops now teleport to a special chest to reduce lag

    -chaos mode is now even more difficult?

    -crafting tables now available at shops to make upgrading gold easier

    -new healing station (a station to recover hp; mainly for those who have any of the special items that boosts hp)

    -speed boost stations

    Known issue:

    -mobs sometimes drop useless bows

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    Monster Wars

    map made by


    Welcome to Monster Wars! A minigame where your goal is to bankrupt your opponents or to be the first to reach the goal amount of stock with the use of strategy and monsters.

    For those who played a monster industries based map before, this one has a unique feature: bankruptcy. Normally you start with 0 stock, but in this one, you have a starting balance. If that balance hits 0 or goes negative, your team will lose.

    This map is a multiplayer game made so that you can use up to 4 teams to play. Please read guide below if you plan to use this map for other team setups (like a 1 vs. 1)

    Download Link:

    Picture of the map with moody brightness settings

    Here is a guide on how to play:

    1) collect gold nuggets:
    Gold Nuggets are the main source of currency. It is used for buying goods, hiring prisoners to collect more gold, and much much more!!!! These nuggets can also be upgraded to obtain higher quality items and stock!

    Where do you go to collect gold nuggets? At the entrance of your team's castle, there is a mine (pressure plates found at entrance and inside the cave). BE CAREFUL THOUGH! This area is where your opponents can send monsters to your side of the minigame.

    2) Upgrade your area!

    Collecting gold nuggets may get annoying after a while; therefore, it is time to upgrade! Upgrade Mining to increase the amount of gold nuggets produce per pressure plate or upgrade economy to increase the amount of gold nuggets from the prisoners. You can also upgrade mob drops, the stores and the stock exchange (which will be discussed in a moment)

    3) Mob Drops

    Are you a fan of causing chaos? Then go collect mob drops! These drops can be traded (along with gold nuggets) to obtain monsters. To obtain these drops, go inside the castle and there should be a room that leads to them. By doing certain things, you can get rotten flesh, bones, spider eyes or slimeballs! As mentioned earlier, upgrade specific mob drops to increase the amount of items given per pressure plate!

    4) the shops

    Each team is given 3 shops. Only 1 shop is available at the beginning, but you can unlock the other 2 shops by upgrading the shop. The lower tier shop sells basic gear, spawn eggs and food. The higher tier shop will sell strong gear, and dangerous mobs. As you unlock the higher tier shops, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRICES. Some items are cheaper in the tier 3 shop!

    5) the stock exchange

    Ok, this is the most complicated building in the game. This is where you can:

    -purchase stock
    -cause mass destruction with the help of unique mobs or tainting your opponents land
    -lock the upgrade building to put a halt on your opponent's progress
    -lock their bedroom to force them to surrender
    -call the cops to free prisoners
    -call thieves to clear an opponent's inventory
    -call security to kill mobs in your area
    -make a deal with Herobrine
    -summon guards (golems) to protect you

    The stock exchange is one of the most important buildings that can change the course of the minigame. Be warned, spawners are end game items but they can increase the difficulty dramatically; in addition, it MAY cause some massive lag if you have a lot of monsters spawning in your area. Use them with caution ;P

    6) Make stock or Go bankrupt!

    Unlike other monster industry maps, for this minigame you can win by doing one of the 2 following:

    1) reach the goal amount of stock before your opponents do

    2) make them go bankrupt.

    IF a team uses all their stock, they file bankruptcy and lose. If you hit 0 or less stock, you lose. You will be sent to heaven to watch the game (a spectator area above the map) and will be kept there until someone wins.

    Note: If a player dies, they lose 100 stock. In addition, each of the opposing teams will receive 50 stock. Once you hit bankrupt, you do not return even though the scoreboard says you have stock again.

    7) how many players?

    Are you required to have 4 teams to play this game? NO. you can do any type of matchup... even 1 versus 1. Just choose the teams you want to be in, start the game and then have someone go into creative and click on the surrender button in the bedroom of the color team you are not going to use.


    1 vs 1

    player 1 chooses red team

    player 2 chooses blue team

    start game.

    player 1 goes into creative... flies to team yellow and to team green and clicks the surrender button.

    player 1 goes back to red teams starting location

    begin playing

    Note: just make sure you know which way your opponents team(s) is. If you send a mob to the wrong area, there are NO refunds.


    1) use all the spawners on your opponents

    2) summon the Dragon Knight

    3) summon Johnny to save an opposing team (hint: this mob kills other mobs that is not in its team and no! It is not an iron golem, a pigman or a wolf)

    4) make the deal with Herobrine?

    5) find out what happens if you call security on Herobrine (at least one player has to summon herobrine on you for this to happen)

    6) find the exploit that I left in the game ;P

    7) max out your upgrades

    8) win the game while you have every negative effect that is given to you from the stock exchange (all spawners, cursed earth, Herobrine, Herobrine's curse, slow start and locked bedroom)

    9) win the game with 100 or less stock

    Future Update Plans:

    • set up a reset command for in game (that way you do not have to reload the map)
    • maybe more types of mobs (and mobs in teams)
    • remove Herobrine? nahhhhh
    • set up a command to disable unused teams (so that players do not have to do that manually)
    • fix bugs found in map (if you play the map and find one, feel free to let me know)
    • fix exploits... depends if the exploit is too OP (p.s. I already found one involving a certain mob but you will have to find it ;P )

    If you enjoyed this map, feel free to try out my past ones =)

    the Shooting Gallery (Monster Industries for 1.9)


    TNT Stadium (my most recent TNT Wars map)


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    posted a message on Monster Industries: The Shooting Gallery for Minecraft 1.9.4
    The Shooting Gallery

    map made by DragonChef91
    tested with SinWarrior

    It was a beautiful day... the sun was shining and the birds were flying. Such a relaxing day. such a... boring day... well, lets fix that! Will you (and maybe your friends) go pve against mobs in a attempt to survive my hordes in a shooting gallery? or Will you take on your friends in a pvp Monster Industries based match involving bows, a toxic field, a lot of mobs, and Herobrine?

    Download Link

    .zip file (file v1.0)

    Did you choose PVE? well read this part =)
    Its time to go shooting! Those zombies and skeletons are not gonna kill themselves! Take on waves of mobs that are running towards you... in... a... unique... manner... anyways...
    The mobs will run towards your fenced up area. Kill them fast or they will kill you. The next wave will not start until you clean up the horde from the previous wave.

    At the moment there is only 1 shooting gallery arena. 3 levels. 3 waves per level. the first level only has 5 zombies for wave 1 but the third level has 15 zombies for wave 1. In addition, only the third level has the bosses. Can you survive all the waves?

    Did you choose PVP? well, read this part =D
    Ah... what a beautiful night. Cat Corp. and Dog Inc. have been working hard to make money! But wait... Cats and Dogs are normally enemies... I guess that this means War!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Choose between Dog Inc. and Cat Corp. Gain gold and mob drops to trade for mobs, armor and weapons. Gain stock by killing your opponent or trading gold for emeralds to trade for stock. The team that reaches 1500 stock or gets their opposing team to forfeit wins!

    Although you can gain a sword, it is heavily recommended to get the bow because it will help you get a preemptive strike against the opposing team's mobs! You will be spawning mobs across a toxic field that will run to the opposing team's side. Do not worry, these mobs were hired by the company you work for... just don't accidently use it on your side of the map ;P Both companies take no responsibility over any clumsiness, irresponsibility or death. So be sure to handle with care.

    Oh... and by the way... I hear Herobrine is working at both companies... he might give you one of his minions for a... hefty price... wonder if they are worth it...

    Note: make sure that command blocks are enabled and that you are playing on Minecraft version 1.9! (version 1.10 is ok...) playing on other versions will break the mob's path finding commands (they end up 'flying' if on a different version) and some custom mob commands will not work.

    Feel free to leave comments about the map =)

    Update Notes:
    -fixed a few shooting gallery bugs
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    posted a message on [1.9] TNT Wars

    As promised, v1.2 is up! This version has the following updates:

    -no more parkour (felt the troll had to be removed)

    -remade the gathering area for easier collection of materials

    -replaced platform select into player 1 and player 2's gathering area

    -added spawnpoints on both player's sides for easier respawn

    -turned the train into wall select

    -cleaned up a few command blocks (fixed a few commands) and hide as many as possible

    -added 3 new themed platforms: castle, tnt christmas, lava glass

    -added a new wall: gift wall

    -replaced regen wall with a wall utilizing sand

    -added vending machines in the gathering area (for food)

    -fixed peanut butter room

    -simplified rules in jelly room

    -added armor stands at spawn

    -added a spectator area near the arena

    -added few extra items in gathering area (slime, stone pickaxe, prefilled tnt dispenser, etc.)

    Possibly more updates to come...

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    posted a message on [1.9] TNT Wars

    WOW! over 10k views?!?!! thank you everyone for playing this map =) To all the youtuber, Thank you very much! I have watched or tried to watch all the videos made on this map. I think I will have to update this map since everyone seems to love it XD

    Until then, feel free to try out my other tnt wars maps. The most recent one was released last month and I think you all would love it! I will update this thread with the link to it =)

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    TNT Stadium has been updated!

    here is a testing video of the obsidian buster for the tnt cannon

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    TNT Stadium

    map made by
    DragonChef91 and SinWarrior

    After 3 maps worth of TNT Wars, the battles can now be watched in a stadium!

    Enter the arena by following the yellow wool. then choose a wall and a team. Then choose your team's platforms and where it will be at! This map has 6 themes, 2 standard platforms and a no platform option. In addition there are 2 platform spots on each side (a top platform for far range combat and a bottom platform for short range combat).

    -play on Normal
    -play on survival
    -set your brightness based on the themes would be recommended
    -abilitiy to set render distance to 32 chunks for top platform. about 14 chunks for bottom platform


    version 1.2

    .zip file

    -Barriers around the arena to protect the seating areas. (back wall barrier also promotes tnt bounce off that wall to promote chances of hitting platform)
    -Top platform has a guard wall protecting the lower end of the platform (adds a challenge to it).
    -standard tnt cannon materials and food (for now. might add other methods to gaining those materials in future)
    -new tnt cannon material added (prefilled TNT dispensers) =O
    -added custom hats in arena and entrance to stadium
    -added Herobrine (he is in the VIP room waiting to watch the match) (He also claimed JemGaming and Pikatech s' soul... What? They wanted to sell their souls for TNT Wars IV, so Herobrine took them)
    -vending machines at front entrance
    -sample cannons

    Peanut Butter and Jelly: The Revenge of the Bread Wall!

    The Dark Castles

    Football: Creepers vs. Endermen

    Fire & Ice



    DragonChef91's challenges:

    Are you good at tnt wars? here are some challenges for you to try out =)

    1) Do a bottom platform vs. top platform match (both ways)

    2) Do a both platforms match (use both platforms and try to defeat your opponent)

    3) Defeat your opponent using a tnt minecart cannon (I have an example at the front of the stadium)

    4) Defeat your opponent using a sand cannon but replace the sand with anvils (kill the opponent with anvils, you have permission to cheat in anvils. p.s. it is possible)

    5) find a way to blow up outside of the arena while on your platform (there is a weak spot in those barriers. can you find it? even if it harms only a few blocks)

    6) obtain the IT'S OVER 9000! stick and use it on your opponent ;P

    7) figure out how to implement the Obsidian Buster into the tnt cannon

    Current Issues:
    -takes a minute to load in new platform (a lot less time compared to tnt wars 3... it still takes time though since it takes 3-4 command blocks for the cloning)
    -I think SinWarrior may have graffiti'ed some areas...
    -there has been something spawning inside of the fire & ice caves... hope you know how to handle them ;P
    -no .rar file (I recently had my computer updated. saved the minecraft files but lost winrar) XD
    -on current version, forgot to update the referee messages...

    Future Update plans:
    -more minigames?
    -maybe more stuff in the stadium? (area outside of the arena)
    -updates to platforms

    Updates done:

    -red clay floor added to arena (red clay will kill anything that is 2 blocks above it, a barrier is 1 block above it)

    -added complete reset button

    -added the Obsidian Buster (a fireball that can break obsidian blocks at the cost of insane blast radius)

    -added a bedrock floor for the wall (so that sand does not get deleted if using a sand cannon)

    If you enjoyed the map, please leave a comment below.
    If you find any bugs, feel free to share with a comment below.
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    posted a message on Run From the Beast: Parkour Mobs

    This map has been updated. version 1.2 has the following changes:

    -parkour mobs command's redstone timer has been reconfigured. there is no longer a redstone torch powering timer.

    -minor adjustments to parkour mobs commands

    -flying mobs now move at same speed as normal mobs

    -blaze level has added jumping spots to help outrun the now faster blazes. blazes path has also been slightly extended to give extra time to reach goal.

    -simplified a few jumps

    -nati level has been modified to help increase chance of success

    -repaired headless horseman's warden's room

    -adjusted paths of the hunt level

    thank you to everyone who has played this map ^_^

    if there are any other bugs, feel free to leave a comment about it

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    posted a message on TNT Wars III (works on 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10)
    TNT Wars III
    This map was made by DragonChef91

    Time for more destruction!!!
    And this time... the battlefields are larger...
    the wall is longer... the barriers are further away...
    and there is no longer...
    a safe zone.

    Welcome to TNT Wars III. A pvp map made for the purpose of blowing up your opponent with the power of TNT Cannons. Unlike the past 2 versions, this map has a lot of updated mechanics.

    New Mechanics:
    - playable in 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10
    This may not sound like a big deal but if you played with tnt cannons on 1.8 and 1.9, you will know that 1.9 cannons have stronger firepower for shooting tnt. there is a testing zone with a prebuilt tnt sand cannon at spawn if you are curious to test that.
    - no more safe zone/gathering area
    The villagers are now part of the platforms. Making it take longer to get materials.
    - larger platforms
    The platforms are now 100 blocks long and 50 blocks wide. You now have to guess where your opponent is building and how to fix your cannon if they are too far to the left or right
    -longer walls
    Just like the platform, the wall's length was increased to 100 blocks long and 11 blocks thick.
    -barriers are further away
    the side barriers are only used to protect the cloning platforms. also there is no longer a barrier behind or above the platforms, so aim careful ;P
    -themed battlefields
    originally you could pick your platforms and intermix... but not many people seemed to liked that so now they are fully themed battlefields. each with special perks.
    -No Herobrine
    He stole some materials in TNT Wars 2: easy mode. Do not worry... he did not appear in this one!

    New Platforms:


    Dinner for 2



    .rar file

    .zip file

    1) The castle stage has the longest distance from the wall
    2) The space stage is the most fragile stage as the platforms and wall is made of glass
    3) The Dinner for 2 stage is the most flammable. I recommend not spilling the soup XD
    4) The carnival stage has a new optional gamemode added called Platform Swap.
    5) Each battlefield has a secret exploit that will help you make gold. the only hint I will give you is that you will need redstone items to make it work.
    6) Spawn was made in dedication to a youtuber who played both TNT Wars I and II. His name is JemGaming. Thank you for playing my maps!

    If you enjoyed this map, please feel free to try out my previous map:
    Run From the Beasts: Parkour Mobs

    Bug Fix:
    -Platform swap originally teleported both players to same platform every so often. Modified teleportation to make it run smoother.

    If you enjoyed the map, please feel free to leave a comment about your experience.
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    posted a message on Run From the Beast: Parkour Mobs

    For those who want a more visual look at the map. this video will show you what you will be up against. I could have used part 1 or 2 of the video but part 3 shows the courses and the way the mobs will act. please do not watch if you do not want any spoilers!!!

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    posted a message on Run From the Beast: Parkour Mobs
    Run From the Beast
    Parkour Mobs

    Map created by

    You are enjoying your minecraft day. you look over and see a nice plump pig and your
    hunger is getting low. Time for Lunch!

    Wait! That pig just jumped away from you!

    Since when can pigs go over 3 block gaps...

    This map is a parkour map with a special twist. Mobs can parkour! Traverse through 9 levels and try to see if you have what it takes to survive! Each level will have different challenges to do depending on the 'beast'.

    Here are a list of the levels:

    Rabbit (Race)

    Parkour Pig (Race)

    Pink Sheep (Race)

    Minotaur (Escaping Puzzle)

    Skeleton (Escaping Puzzle)

    Blaze (Race)

    Nati (Guide the mob to the Goal Puzzle)

    Headless Horseman (Escaping Puzzle)

    The Hunt (A race against 14 Youtubers and myself)


    .rar file v1.2


    .zip file v1.2



    -complete level 5 without any protection against the skeletons (ninja parkour against all 5 skeletons)

    -complete level 7 (I have feeling people might skip this one because of Nati's odd behavior)

    -complete level 9 following the yellow path without taking any shortcuts and finishing before the Youtubers or my mob clone


    -If mobs are not moving properly, there is a reset switch inside the room with command blocks (look for a glass window in spawn). All you have to do is break the redstone torch and replace it. doing so will return the commands to the proper settings.

    -Level 7 (Nati) is at the moment the hardest level due to the fact that the objective is to aggro and guide the mob to follow the obstacle course while performing parkour and trying to disarm traps. This is the only level that has this type of challenge. the rest are just races and escaping based puzzles.

    -There have been rumors that Herobrine has snuck into the map. He is not a beast in any of the levels. You have been warned!

    -Make sure to play this on 1.9 - 1.9.4.

    If played on 1.10, it will bug out.

    If played on 1.8.9 or lower, most of the command blocks will break.

    I would like to dedicate this map to the following Youtubers:


    (the mobs parkouring was done by using his configurable entity pathfinding video. The only thing I changed was how to make the mobs jump up a block and modified the @e part into @e[type=!Player], which makes it so you can race against them)

    -The Pack (TBNRfrags, Woofless, Lachlan, VikkStar123, BajanCanadian and JeromeASF)



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    posted a message on TNT Wars II
    TNT Wars II
    map made by DragonChef91

    You finally made peace with your rival. As a token of friendship, you planned to share cake.
    As you go into your refrigerator, you realize that it is missing!! A thief has stolen your cake!
    Could it have been your rival? Guess that means war continues on!!!

    Play with a friend or a group of people and blow each other up with TNT cannons!!!

    This map is well-equipped with everything a player needs to blow up their rival. The battle arena can be reset so you can try all the platforms without resetting the map! There are a choice of 5 platforms and 6 barriers. The map also includes 2 difficulties to help challenge players. Easy mode is a short range arena with easy to get materials; however, hard mode is a long range arena with a trading system to gain materials. Hard mode also contains some special trades that might help out the player ;P

    -Play on Normal.
    -Play on Survival.
    -You may choose how many lives you both have.
    -any block or items found on the platform or barrier is fair game to use

    -Build a rail cannon and use it to defeat your rival
    -Collect all music discs needed for the special trading
    -find my Chef Knife
    -find the 3 hidden diamonds on all the platforms

    Changes from TNT Wars:

    -different platforms and barriers

    -less parkour

    -there is way to get slabs and ladders

    -sample cannons available to teach newcomers (a regular cannon and rail cannon)

    -added a roof (a lot of people just built over the barriers... so take note of how you should adjust your cannons for that)

    -Herobrine spotted?

    -trading system for hard mode

    -spectator seats

    .rar file

    .zip file

    If you played this map, please leave a comment below about how your experience was. =)

    Also, if you have not tried TNT Wars, please follow this link and enjoy.

    This map is meant for playing on Minecraft version 1.8+. You can play on 1.9+ but the commands will be broken... Title commands, mobs and custom villagers will not spawn using the same commands. You can still teleport to both arenas but the hard arena will not have any items to use because the villagers will not have anything to trade. If you wish to play on 1.9+, feel free to use creative to get materials.

    I also recommend trying to play this map in 1.9 as well because tnt cannons also changes in 1.9!!!! =O (if you do not believe me, try using the cannon on spawn in both 1.8 and 1.9 using 3 tnt minecarts... the trajectory will be completely different)
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    posted a message on [1.9] TNT Wars

    thanks =) also, I am currently working on a second one. Lets just say this one will have a better gathering/spawn area (so creative should not be needed as much) and 2 difficulties (based off of the distance between the platforms and how to gather tnt cannon materials)

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    posted a message on [1.9] TNT Wars

    thank you everyone for trying out this map! over 1000 downloads! For all the youtubers who tried the map... thank you very much!!!

    As a thank you, I would like to mention issues found within the map:

    1) there were no slabs, ladders, pickaxes, etc.

    The reason was this ---> the platforms had an abundance of wood and planks. All you have to do is mine them up and make the desired items that were needed. The platforms had wood, stone, iron and diamonds available.

    2) the spaceship have no wood?

    I forgot to put wood on the space ship platform... oops. I originally was gonna have like 3-4 wood to make that platform the 'hard' difficulty of them all.

    3) why the parkour area?

    I made that for banter ;P Also to see if anyone looked inside of the rulebook... other than that, players could use it as an excuse to make the minigame more challenging, or if they hate parkour they could of just mined some wood, make a button, and placed it next to that iron door...

    4) no spawnpoint?

    I ment to place one at that obsidian platform where you are teleported to... that obsidian platform was suppose to be used to have a spawnpoint and a way to return to the level select.

    5) secrets?

    lets just say that each platform has their own 'perks' whether they are useful... or not... make sure to explore your platform =D most of them just connects to the theme

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