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    Hey guys, Community Question:

    When playing a CTM map nowadays, what do you look for/want to see? Unique use of new features (I snuck a peek at 1.9 and it looks nifty) or more simple, "classic" gameplay design? Huge and sprawling areas with hours of gameplay, or more compact areas? Maps so difficult that you will question your will to live, or ones that are more easygoing? Everyone has different tastes, so I'd like to hear about them. :)

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    Quote from coolfool8888»

    So I talked to Vechs on Reddit and ended up sending him over here, upon seeing this message he said:

    Same toxic ****posting behavior that drove me away from the forums in the first place. I don't really feel the need to hang out with people who only seem to want to drag me down.

    Who in their right mind would want to deal with that crap when they are trying to have fun? It felt so good to just abandon the forums, because a lot of stress disappeared. If it makes you feel better I did at least click your link, but the very first thing I see is toxicity.

    I'm done with that.

    Just wanted to share that

    EDIT: If you asked me yesterday I would have told you I hated Vechs because I thought he was cocky and abandoned the community but after talking to him he's a genuinely good guy who left because people just gang up on him... it's a shame really.

    Seems like a bit of a Catch 22 scenario: CTM mapmakers want Vechs to acknowledge and validate their existence, but aren't getting that from him, resulting in badmouthing; Vechs refuses to acknowledge CTM mapmakers because he sees the toxicity directed at him. Neither side benefits if neither side budges.

    I didn't come back here to get into the whole politics side of this community, goodness knows I can't stand that. But really, from the perspective of someone who has been detached from this scene for ages, a lot of the behavior and hate directed at Vechs that comes out of this place is unproductive. There's a clear line between valid criticism and vitriol.
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    Quote from Zap_12100»
    That being said, there's nothing stopping you from upping and starting a new thread under your own account anyway, or reaching out to Fangride through Skype/Twitter (Drago seems quite dead) to obtain the login details to the CTMCommunity account.

    Funny, I feel more alive then ever before. :P

    The Op will get updated. I'm already in touch with Fang but there is the problem that he doesn't have the login details so we are now waiting if Drago shows up so I can get to work. If not, well, Hope there is some way to recover or reset the password :D .

    I'm assuming this has been fixed now? Since Fang mentioned something in a later post... If not, or if you need any more info, change of account emails, etc., lemme know, I'll be glad to help. :)

    Quote from Aimoskeeto»
    I know Drago and Fang originally intended for this thread to be passed down the generations. But, come on. Two years, and the thread hasn't been properly cared for for 75% of that. That "Al" guy came in, and then he went, because the OP was such a mess, the challenge of tending the existing gargantuan thread possibly too much to deal with. Just get a new thread, a new OP with all your rules and whatnot, and leave this generation of CTM Community behind. That's what I say.

    I apologize again about that incident, I really didn't introduce him properly, and overall that wasn't a great move on my part.

    Oh and hi Skeeto. :)

    Quote from Fangride»

    I'm working on giving account access to Arcaran so he can begin to properly work on the OP, since interest from previous owners has dropped off. If you'd like, I can add you in to that as well Krose, and you two can work on formatting the OPs. I can even give you guys extra posts if the current 5 somehow aren't enough.

    Again, is this all set? Do I need to sift through our old PMs for that password so he can get started? If so just let me know.

    If you guys are still intent on starting up a new thread, or that idea ever comes up in the future, personally I've got nothing against it. It can be fun to see a completely refreshed OP every now and again, and getting new blood in on a project like that is always good. What I would suggest is that you use the CTMCommunity account for a new thread, instead of using someone's personal account. That way, you can keep shifting control as interest from different parties both grows and shrinks. This thread was meant to be one of the solutions to the constantly-shifting Community threads of old, but the account is the key to that solution.

    Anyway, nice to check back in, and good to see our ol' pal Vechs is up to more shenanigans...

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    Welcome to...

    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:

    -Tales of Dreadsky #1 - Dreadsky Isles has been fully released, and is compatible with Minecraft 1.6.2-1.7.10! Get it here!

    -Tales of Dreadsky #2 - Dreadsky Depths has been canceled. I will not be making any more CTM maps.

    -Find me on twitter!

    Check out this awesome trailer for Dreadsky Isles, made by my buddy Cameron! (cameron274/halfpixel274)

    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:

    Hi there, and welcome to my CTM Map thread! I encourage all conversation in this thread; if you have an LP of one of my maps, feel free to post each video here as they come out. Likewise, if you have feedback or criticism of one of my maps, this is the right place to post it.

    For those who don't know what a "CTM" map is, they are a genre of maps originating from Vechs' Super Hostile Series.

    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:

    #1. Find and complete the Wool Monument.
    #2. Use at least Easy difficulty, never Peaceful.
    #3. Do not leave the map boundaries.
    #4. Find wool in chests. Do not use sheep/dye/spider silk.
    #5. Survive in any way you can think of.
    #6. You may craft the metal and gem blocks for the Wool Monument.
    #7. You may use string for non-Wool Monument uses (beds, etc.)
    #8. No creating Nether Portals or crafting Ender Chests. You may use pre-made Ender Chests, but you cannot move them.
    #9. Have fun. >:3

    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:

    Support me and my continued work on Dreadsky Depths by putting the banner below in your signature!


    Or you can use the banner below, letting people know about Dreadsky Isles!


    Old Banners:

    You can also use these banners created by Pieluvr! :D

    February 17, 2013 - 250 Downloads
    February 22, 2013 - 500 Downloads
    March 3, 2013 - 750 Downloads
    March 21, 2013 - 1000 Downloads
    April 12, 2013 - 1500 Downloads
    May 1st, 2013 - 2000 Downloads
    May 16th, 2013 - 2500 Downloads
    May 30th, 2013 - 3000 Downloads
    September 2nd, 2013 - 4000 Downloads
    November 18th, 2013 - 5000 Downloads
    February 15th, 2014 - 6000 Downloads
    March 28th, 2014 - 7000 Downloads
    May 25th, 2014 - 8000 Downloads
    August 2014 - 9000 Downloads

    September 2015 - 10000 Downloads

    To LPers:

    For anyone hoping to make an LP using this map, feel free to do so! I love to see LPers die to my silverfish enjoy the map. :P All I ask is that you post a link to this thread in your video description. Feel free to post your videos as they come out in this thread, or only post them periodically. Chances are I'll find them eventually anyway. :)

    Notable LPs:

    YouAlwaysWin, or Dumb and Dumber







    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:


    Map #1 - ToD #1 - Dreadsky Isles
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Version: v.1.4 for Minecraft 1.6.2-1.7.4
    Download for 1.6.2-1.7.10

    This is my first CTM map, and your introduction to the world of Dreadsky and the "Tales of Dreadsky" series. The difficulty ranges from Easy to Medium, but depending on how you play certain areas (rushing, planning ahead, exploring, etc.,) it can be very difficult.

    Default Pictures:

    SMP's Revival Pictures:
    (This is my preferred texture pack, and also the one I think this map looks the best in. It is not required to enjoy the map, but I highly recommend using this texture pack, even if you don't use it while playing the map. It can be found and downloaded here.)

    Map #2 - ToD #2 - Dreadsky Depths
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Version: Unreleased

    Dreadsky Depths is canceled. It was originally going to be a 5-intersection map taking place underneath the cataclysm-torn ocean of Dreadsky. My interest in the project wavered over time, and although I tried a few times to revive and complete it, in the end, I decided to stop working on it.

    Default Pictures:

    (Area: Parasitic Paradise)

    (Area: Sunken Temple)

    (Area: Trickleflood Hollow)

    (Area: A Bridge and a Hard Place)

    SMP's Revival Pictures:

    (Area: Parasitic Paradise)

    (Area: Sunken Temple)

    (Area: Trickleflood Hollow)

    (Area: A Bridge and a Hard Place)

    Current Progress:

    Progress updates won't be as frequent as they were when I was making Dreadsky Isles, and neither will I be giving out a full list of area names. However, what names I do give out, I'll be adding to this list.

    :Green: - Finished
    :Orange: - WIP
    :Red: - Not yet started

    Starting Area (No wool) - :Green:
    Cavern of Tranquility (Wool Monument) - :Green:
    Intersection 01 - :Green:
    -Sunken Temple - :Green:
    -Parasitic Paradise - :Green:
    -Harmonious Divide - :Green:
    Intersection 02 - :Green:
    -Trickleflood Hollow - :Green:
    -Palma Castle - :Green:
    -? - :Orange: (~0% done)
    Intersection 03 - :Green:
    Jaws of the World - :Green:
    -Deadman's Drought - :Green:
    -A Bridge and a Hard Place - :Green:
    Intersection 04 - :Green:
    -? - :Green:
    -? - :Orange: (~5% done)
    -? - :Red:

    Map #3 - ToD #3 - Dreadsky Heavens
    Difficulty: Undecided
    Version: Unreleased, still being planned.

    Dreadsky Heavens is canceled as well.

    :Red: :Skeleton: :Red:
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    Quote from Snivy456»

    Okay, nevermind what I said about the beta testing thing... :(

    Actually, I think it'd be best to finish off what's left unfinished, I mean you only have 3 dungeons to complete... :)

    At this point, that's essentially impossible. I still have the map file, but I haven't booted up Minecraft in ages. With 1.9 coming around the corner, DsD will be horrendously out of date (construction began during 1.4), not to mention unpolished and broken. I don't have the same amount of free time that I used to before college. 3 dungeons is actually an extremely large undertaking, when you consider the scope of the areas I had planned. I have no drive at all to even play another CTM map, let alone attempt to finish my map.

    Sorry to shoot the idea down, but there's just no way it's happening.
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    Quote from dolangoobs»

    Yes, it's back! The CTM Community Podcast makes a return after almost a year!

    This time we have a new name, a new host, and a new layout and we hope it's going to go a lot better!

    I'm really glad you guys are doing this. :) The podcast was always something I felt could be a very valuable resource for mapmakers if the effort was put in to revive it. I'd just really urge you guys to stick with it. Keep the episodes and new content coming!

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    Why hello again CTMCommunity. :D

    This is my 2000th post, and I've been saving it for quite some time now, waiting to do something special. (Uh apparently it isn't my 2000th? :S I swore I was at 1,999 last time I checked... Whatever.) I had thought of doing a name-list post, but considering my hiatus from the community, that seemed an odd choice. So instead, I give you a blast from the past...

    My recently-recorded speedrun of Skeeto's map "Rugged Horizons".

    Alright, this is probably not the most relevant video to the current topic. But it's a fun little project I felt like putting together to test out my new recording situation... and also an opportunity to return to an age-old competition between myself and Karrott, the previous record-holder of the map. It's been over a year and a half since he posted his WR run of 00:14:32,69, but I finally came back and beat him.

    Also, since I've posted the above video, you might be interested to know that I may be posting youtube videos more frequently. I recorded some footage during a weekly gamenight of a small gaming community I'm a part of, the GAC, and that video is also available on my channel. I realized that most people around here probably haven't heard my actual voice before, so this is your chance. :P If I feel inspired, I may work on more Minecraft speedruns, or something else Minecraft-related, depending on inspiration. No promises.

    So yep, that's my 2000th post and monthly check-in with you all. Cheers!
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    Quote from Karrott»
    Rugged Horizons 14:31 seconds beat that Drago!

    Quote from Drago»
    Once I get my new computer...

    You're SO going down.

    Well, it's been over a year and a half.
    But I finally made good on my word.
    And I got it on video.
    Ladies and Gents, Rugged Horizons in 00:10:07,04.
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    Hey guys, not sure if this has already been mentioned before ('cuz the forum search function is an even bigger piece of junk than it was before, grr,) but big heads up to everyone using Fileswap to host their maps: starting December 1st, they won't be offering free accounts anymore, so you need to download and swap your files to a new host before then. I'm just gonna swap back to Mediafire 'cuz simplicity.
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    Quote from _Krose_»

    Monster Hunter was not cancelled! WTF dood. And I'm a member of this thread's admin team- just post concerns in that PM. Also, how come you've been sneakily added to the admins? Hmmm...

    Krose, read my explanation up a bit on this page. It wasn't sneaky, just not handled very well.

    Also, I didn't know you still wanted to be a part of the admin account. I actually started a new PM that included the changed password, so technically you aren't actually a member of the admin team. If you're still up for it and can be around to make changes when needed, I can add you in.
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