About Me
Hi! First of all, why do you even want to see my backgroundlife? lol

I am 12 years old and my bday is april 22 2000

I live in a horrid place in Philippines (i will not say my exact location xD)

I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters (i am the youngest)

I am poor really (well not really)

I like doing stuff i have never done before (gets me in trouble like hell)

I am a semi-nerd and semi-joker

I like playing with my iPad mini and ps3 (i really want an xbox)

I make map reviews, app reviews, app update videos (somewhat a hobbie)

I play basketball and soccer (preferably soccer)

Crazy stuff happen in my head all the time (eye floaters, thousands of the,)

I have a chocolate deficiency (i really do not know, but im not fat a have fast metabolism)

When i have time, I try to learn some codes, for now here is the list of what I know

HTML (not even mastered this one hahaha)

I want to learn c++ and more stuff

I can port failed maps (epic)

I am not a midget i am 12 and my height is 5"8 (just saying)

I am not a black man (really)

I like speaking foreign languages without knowing the pronounciation
English - mastered this one
Japanese - hard time on this
Spanish - somewhat easy for me
Greek - LOL
Dutch - really hard time on this
Italian - a bit hard for me
Chinese - LOL

Games I play are
Warcraft III - custom maps not dota
Starcraft II - well
Diablo III - well
Minecraft - hard time playing this
Minecraft PE - yay
Counter Strike - i dont know what version lol
Tekken 6 - azazel boom boom pow pow square square triangle triangle circle circle!!!!!!


I am a member and leader of the group CompactX
If you got talent on art, don't be afraid to PM me
Interests I like to breathe every second of every day

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