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    ok everyone its been a long time since we have had to do this but... we require people to help out, we need a new texture artist, new modeler, and what would be very helpful, someone to write AI, now yes, commonly we would have the people needed to make this all done within a week at least, but recently each of our members of cube modding have started to disappear without a trace as to when they will return, and due to this change of events, we need to get new memebers who has the time to create the things we require, and due to the ammount of work that needs to be done, i will explain some of it so those that don't want to take on the responsibility will know exactly what they need to do.

    Texture artists: so far there's around 1000 untextured items that need to be made, many complex, others simple

    Modelers: each mob needs a new model with proper rotation point locations and texture mappings

    AI programmers: this would be the most complex task for those that wish to do this, but, each mob needs a complete rework of their AI aside from some key details

    i know this seems like a large task but those that do offer their services, i thank you dearly and hope that soon we will have the first beta version of this mod released, thank you for reading and understanding

    Now aside from the beg for help up above, i have finished making something special for Pandora, now if you decide to travel to pandora, you need and i sincerely mean need an air mask to survive the harsh environment, else suffocation is a serious issue.

    Max posted above that the staffs have been 'finalized' but they havn't, staffs are something that the navi will use to call upon the powers of Eywa to aid them with whatever task they need, and that can be from summoning rain to stop fires, or healing/protecting you from harm, but the staffs can only have limited uses, while the 'faith' empowered items allow you to call upon the full strength of eywa to create a shield to block out damage, to summoning the great leonopteryx to assist you in battle.

    Now finally, ive added something that will be part of world gen, but its main purpose is to slowly repopulate the banshee and leonopteryx population, each will trigger on right-click and after one hour will hatch into either a banshee, or the great leonopteryx itself, banshee eggs are easy to come by, simply climb to the top of a large tree and you will find a nest with maybe two eggs if your lucky inside, the leonopteryx is even rarer, but if you do happen to find one, be wary for its mother is nearby and will attack if the egg is even touched (killing a normal leonopteryx will also spawn an egg below where it dies)

    Thank you for reading this whole post, i know its filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but its something that has to be said.

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