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    Neither. I don't like the Aether mod because it should be adding building options and providing new and interesting building mechanics that mesh well with what came before. Similarly, I don't care for the "everything you had before is almost useless now" philosophy which pervades the mod.

    Edit: I realized I didn't talk about the End. Well, it's horrible on so many levels that I really don't even see why it should be in the game at all.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman
    To everyone who thinks it's "about time" and hating on Notch: He made this whole game exist and you should respect him. He may have got a bit lazy recently, but he's still a great designer and coder.

    I disagree with him being a great designer. He got the basic idea for Minecraft from Infiniminer. The game essentially is still in an alpha state despite what they like to pretend. It doesn't have a lot of features a full-fledged game needs. It's a great concept (which again, he didn't come up with), and there's a starting idea for a great game, but it hasn't gone much of anywhere in the last year in terms of having features come together into a really great GAME. People aren't using it to GAME, they are using it to design structures and the like -- well, it's more of a game if you get a ton of mods, but that's not really Notch's doing now is it? Note that the Yogscast and others use it more like a toolbox and simplified 3D model maker than as a game. As a game it is boring and uninteresting and doesn't offer a challenge, reward skill, or anything else. The updates haven't done anything to change that, despite Notch's goal of wanting it to be an adventure game (a goal at which it absolutely fails to be good).

    Lots of games start with good ideas, where the creator came up with them or not. A great idea to start with doesn't mean that you'll end up with a good game and the overall development of Minecraft has been sadly lacking.

    I don't particularly see why I should have some great amount of respect for him.
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    Quote from manu3733

    Well, Notch is still second in-charge so he can still continue to work with Jeb.

    I'm not very impressed with how Notch has handled things over the last year, to put it mildly.
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    Quote from VileAssassin

    Here's a tip for being a good game developer

    Listen to the community []

    If he does it, then he's a good developer. The fact is Notch hasn't listened to the community since 1.4. He should immediately be disqualified, because he's a horrible developer. He once knew what he was doing, but then he just stopped trying and started changing things without consulting the community.

    I must respectfully disagree. Communities tend to be rabid packs of wolves. They aren't good at proposing good game design at all. They can be quite good at finding bugs and problems, horribly at coming up with good solutions to those problems. Sometimes they have good ideas for features and a lot of times they don't.

    Listening to the community to an extent is advisable, but only regarding certain things. As far as getting game design ideas go, looking at popular mods is probably better than directly listening to what community members say (of course, putting multiple mods together into the official product can be tricky with regards to balance).
    Quote from Me2005

    I disagree- their design is good enough; the follow through/programming capability is terrible. Combat (for example) wasn't meant to be stellar, it's a sandbox game about mining/building. The problem is that combat often glitches, so when you should have hit you missed; or mobs moving through objects; or hits passing through solid objects. Poor path-finding, weird loading effects, MP's neglect, glitchy everything; That's programming deficiency right there.

    I'd agree that BTW is both better designed and better programmed, however.

    Actually, Notch intended this as sort of an action/adventure game. So the combat was presumably supposed to have been pretty good/tight, which it isn't.
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    Quote from VileAssassin

    And because they didn't choose to improve their core elements to the game, it got replaced by Galaga, a much better iteration of the core theme.

    So if Minecraft doesn't improve upon its game, it will be replaced by something that is willing to do it better. It's called if Mojang stalls its development, they will be bought out by a major publisher. That may actually be a good thing actually.

    Or another indie group. Can't be that hard for say a team of 2-4 people to get out something that's largely been developed by one person at a time. I'd think 4 people could develop and exceed minecraft with a year of work easy.
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    posted a message on To everyone complaining that this game isn't a "full release..."
    Quote from Classicvibe

    You're complaining about a 26 dollar price tag? GO look at the name brands, such as titles from Blizzard. 60 dollars.
    And please, don't state your opinions as fact, it makes you look like a complete dbag.

    You're comparing the game to brand new AAA titles? That won't turn out well...

    Frankly, compared to other indie titles, it is ridiculously expensive. Most aren't 20 bucks, from what I've seen, you can get a lot of indie stuff for 10 bucks or 15 bucks. I have to agree with the previous poster who said he doesn't recommend it to friends. A year ago I could tell friends to buy it, because it had a lot of promise and supposedly Notch was going to hire people (e.g. more than one) to work on the game. It also had a reasonable price tag. Then we had a "beta" of little development and now a "release" that's a joke. I can't recommend the game after two price hikes, barely any development after a year, and a lot of poorly implemented features. What I can do is recommend that they buy 3-4 more developed games for the same amount of money. Whether indie titles that are pretty new or older AAA games.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Vs. Tarraria?
    I don't expect this opinion to be that popular here, but...

    Terraria is 5 bucks on Steam if you get it now. It's well-worth it and definitely a MUCH better value than Minecraft. Terraria has a lot of elements all working together while still allowing creativity in building. It has difficulty levels, multiple people working on it full-time, multiple kinds of weapon and defenses as well as magic, content patches that add TONS of content (1.1 which is due out December 1st is adding over 200 items, a new difficulty level you can activate on a world, and lots of new monsters). In comparison Minecraft doesn't has been slow with updates, they tend to be a bit unfocused, there's no weapon or armor variety so combat is stale, few enemies, and no reason to go and explore the world (in Terraria exploration is rewarded). Terraria is definitely a much more fun GAME than Minecraft is, which has not really improved all that much in its game qualities in the last year and yet the price was just increased.

    Terraria is also easier to play with your friends and you can get 4 copies for 15 bucks if you buy it now.

    If you are only interested in creating 3D structures, then Minecraft is certainly better. If you are looking for a game and not tools for an art project,* then Terraria is easily superior.

    If you wait Terraria will be 10 bucks. Still a much better value. Now is definitely the time to get it though. The sale doesn't even last 20 more hours though.

    *Or possibly a RPG game with multiple DMs, lots of work, and certain strict limitations as demonstrated by the Yogscast.
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    posted a message on Too early for a 1.0?
    Quote from sunperp

    He didn't increase the cost of the game -- he eliminated the discount he was giving to people who pre-ordered the game.

    LOL. I can't believe anyone can say that with a straight face.
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    I wish it WAS more like Terraria. There'd be an actual reason to go out and explore, defenses at home can matter (granted Terraria could stand to improve here), combat would have more depth. and there'd be a ton more aesthetic options.
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    posted a message on why do people like the yogcast?
    Quote from mista_madness

    im doing a degree of psychology, its general knowledge for me and a lot of people know wbout freud hes mentioned in zero punctuation qI stuff like that, manily cus hes a nutter but also invented freudian slips mapped part of the brain dream analysis and the subconsiouse, preconsiouce etc

    No offense, but you need to do some more studying. Freud is NOT taken seriously by modern psychology, and for good reason. He didn't do good science and almost everything he said about people is wrong. There's some random stuff he was correct about, but he was almost always right for the wrong reasons the few times he managed to stumble on to the truth.

    Dream analysis is a joke. He didn't map the brain at all. His overall theories on the mind in general (like the id, ego, and superego) are pure bunk.

    You need look no farther than Freudian Slips to see how poor his ideas were. Do people sometimes say something true that they didn't mean to say? Sure, but that doesn't mean that if someone says something by accident, then it represents something they secretly believe.

    Just what kind of psych courses are you taking where they don't go over how much of a hack Freud was?
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