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Good day, fellow member!

Contact Methods:

- These forums
- [email protected]
- Twitter: @Dr_SideburnsMC
- Github
- Youtube: DrSideburnsMC

I am most known on these forums for my mods (Secret Agent Craft, Winter Warfare, and some others that I'm not too proud of). I'm always improving on those mods and will be creating a new one soon. If you want to talk to me about the mods (problems, suggestions, modpack permissions, Youtube showcases, etc.), the best way is via PM or on the mod forums. I'm very lenient on my modpack permissions. I only have two rules:

1: Don't generate revenue using my mod using Adfly or the likewise.
2: Give credit for the mod (a link to the forum page is nice)

I'm also a beginning Youtuber. I do mod showcases, updates with my own mods, PvP, and more to come (the channel has only been up for a month). Feel free to contact me about anything.

Random Stuff:
I actually have sideburns even though I'm 15. I am a grammar nazi (watch yourself). My favorite Youtube gamer is TheDiamondMinecart (tough call - there are many close behind). Je peux parler Francais (Pas parfait, mais pas trop mauvais). Legend of Zelda is my second favorite video game (next to Minecraft, of course). "Queen" is the best rock band ever in the history of ever.

My estimated date for the end of the world as we know it: 2065
Interests Minecraft and other games (obviously), programming in Java (mostly for mods), art, music composition, math and science (much nerd). Oh, and I'm also a grammar nazi. Unless you aren't a native English speaker, you have no excuse to use improper grammar. HEIL COMMA! :)

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