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    posted a message on Remember semi-vanilla hardcore PvP Factions? Take a look real quick here.

    ... Well, you may be in luck!

    What is Timeless System?
    This minimalistic PvP factions server was custom-fitted with the essential plugins that defined trending factions servers years ago (to even when Minecraft was in its beta years!) The (initial) staff consists of aged veterans that wish to serve the nostalgic experience of what Factions was in the earlier stages of Minecraft. We understand high-tempers and sailor-mouthing are unavoidable, but also how to maintain a healthy community that enjoys communal rivalries.

    What Makes Timeless System unique?
    Due to the maturity of Minecraft, most of the fundamental aspects of survival and learned and are discarded by many servers. Most of which begin their players with kits that are considered end-game gear in vanilla, a practice that I believe is overrated, and a sedimental ground-up success is heavily underrated. With this in mind, we hope to give players motivational drive to occupy themselves through a small world border to encourage frequent faction-to-faction interaction, mcMMO for stat building, helpful artifacts that can be purchased via in-game currency, tailored events by the administration for personal experiences, and obviously a discord server to chat away with fellow players.

    Why is this Post not in the Server List?
    For starters, the server is near-finished but not ready for publication. To identify the elephant in the room, most servers collect more tumbleweed than players. We are realistically assessing if our efforts (and money) are worth investing into a server.

    (Not) Convinced?
    Perhaps you have suggestions to contribute to our collective image of the ancient relic of a PvP system or you simply would like to know more about what we have planned. If you are looking for casual chatter, we welcome that too.

    Click here to join our discord server!
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    posted a message on [World Painter] Need a map made
    There is no reward, this is if you are REALLY generous, and a kind person who is willing to do some volunteer work for me. DO NOT WORRY! This is really easy, but I'm just not at that skill level.

    I would like to request a 2500 x 2500 map for a soon to be roleplay server. All I need the terrain is to make the first layer of ground is clay, dirt, and gravel. To give it a wastelandish feel to it, put multiple mountains scattered across the map. Anything else is like a plains biome, the elevation of the lands in the planes biome always changes by one block in height. No trees, and put a scarce amount of ores, And set the diamond spawn rate to 0% please. So no diamonds spawn. If you attempt to do this, and actually make this simple map, I thank you for being such a good person. If you need a little help, try reffering to this image:

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    posted a message on ~- FROM ASHES -~ [CLOSED]
    Username: DrBreadgun
    RP Experience: All the time! Roleplay experience for two years!
    Skype: DrBreadgun

    --- In Character
    Name: Narson Corbec
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Biography: Narson Corbec was a part of the Raven Scythe, but he's not the average R.S ((Raven Scythe)) like all the signature raiding and killing R.S's out there. He doesn't like violence, but he thinks he should stay since his parents used to be R.S. But everything changed when Narson's dad was bit by the mutated, then was infected, then infected his mother, then Narson had to kill his parents himself. ((which he is still scarred from today)) Narson is a little man with big dreams. His dream is to get to the upper hand, the higher life, the royal areas. It took months of planning, but an idea germinated! He should make a shop to sell to the Raven Scythe! He began working on his shop. "Today is a good day." Narson thought to himself as he hammered the shop's sign onto the building. "Today is any other day, but this is when everything begins."



    Any thing else you wish to note: I have a lot of experience with faction servers
    --- In Character ---
    Name: Narson Corbec
    Race: Human
    Faction: Raven Scythe
    Specialities: Gathering Resources, selling to others, Persuasive
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    posted a message on ~ExplosiveFactions~ [Factions] [MCMMO] [LAG FREE] [NEW SPAWN]
    Add "DrBreadgun" and my friend "Ancest0ry"
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    posted a message on ░▒▓HolyCow PvP▓▒░ Factions, griefing, airships,Movecraft, mcMMO, Shops

    Holycow PvP is a fun hardcore PvP server for all ages! Hardcore PvP servers allow griefing and robbing! In this server, you can make your own Airships! To make an airship, your creation any shape or size, as long as it's appropriate. It must be 40% wool. And cannot have Dispensers, chests, furnaces, enchantment tables, etc. (Workbenches can be placed on the airship though.) If you place one of these items in an airship, the airship won't move or it'll delete all the items in the open able block. Once made, get in your cockpit and do /airship pilot. If you fall out you can simply just use /airship remote. We have factions on this server too! You can make your own nation and try to be the strongest faction in the server! Use /f create <faction name> to create your own faction. Also, mcMMO is a sort-of RPG plugin. You don't have spells and classes, but you can level up certain skills. Example, if you level up your unarmed skill to a high level, you can disarm enemy players from their weapons and use it against them! Seems legit? Please join us at!

    ==Server Information==
    Slots: 48
    Difficulty: Normal
    Owner: DrBreadgun

    Have fun!
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    posted a message on ▓▒░HolyCow PvP░▒▓ Factions╫Hardcore PvP╫Global Shops╫mcMMO╫48 slots╫

    Holycow is a fun hardcore pvp server. Hardcore PvP servers are servers which allow griefing and robbing. You can open chests in other player territories. You can donate for bigger advantages. For more information join us at mcholycow.enjin.com.
    Slots: 48
    RAM: 2 GB
    Host: DaddyCheese
    Gamemode: Hard

    Donor Ranks:

    [Warrior] - /sethome, /home, /back, healing sign, 10 diamond blocks, 32 obsidian, $10000 in game cash

    [Noble] - /ptime, /weather, /heal (2 miniute cooldown), /clearinventory (/ci), 20 diamond blocks, 64 obsidian, $20000 in game cash

    [Knight] - /getpos, /compass, able to set 3 homes, able to use [private] signs with deadbolt, /kit iron, 30 diamond blocks, 128 obsidian, $30000 in game cash.

    [Warlord] - /nick, /kit diamond, able to set 5 homes, 30 diamond blocks, 64 obsidian, $30000 in game cash

    [King] - /gamemode (/gm), /item (/i), able to set 10 homes, $40000 in game cash

    No hacking, No inappropriate skins, No inappropriate buildings, No cursing, No spamming, No hacked clients, Don't whine, Don't complain, Griefing stealing and mini maps are allowed, Obey staff members, don't talk back to staff, No exploits, Do not ask for items/rank.

    Are you feeling generous? Please click this to donate
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    Hello peoples!
    For all of you people who want to have SmartMoving for multiplayer, check out the video I made just for you guys!
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    Help! I cant connect to my smartmoving server, I installed all the stuff into my client. What do I do?
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    posted a message on Any plugin suggestions?
    Hello, If you would be kind enough to suggest a plugin for me to make, i'll try to make it if I could, I'll tell you if I can make the plugin :rolleyes:. PLugins are added things to minecraft (Don't get confused with plugins and mods). If you've ever played on a pvp server with a plugin called "Factions". Factions is a plugin.
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    posted a message on DarkRealms|PvP|Factions|Shops|CRACKED|No Whitelist
    (Brief Desc.)DarkRealms is a PvP Server, With nice staff.It is Hardcore PvP, We mostly put the most information on these links:
    Planet Minecraft (main):http://tinyurl.com/4yys5z2
    Minecraft Server List: http://tinyurl.com/3wpm95r

    Want to donate for an adventage??
    <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr&quot; method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
    <input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="7K2T2UQ85NYYE">
    <input type="image" src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif&quot; border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">

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    posted a message on [V1.5] Extended Reach *Fixed*
    1.7.3 PLEASE
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    posted a message on Create Your own Achievement!
    :tnt: :Pig: :tnt: Make Your own Achievement! :tnt: :Pig: :tnt:

    Have you ever saw People with an Achievement? Here is how you make one and where.

    Link: Make your Achievement NOW!


    My achievement:
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    posted a message on [MOD][WIP] Empire Mod! Elephant's Ftw
    Where do I downlaod this? it's still not out yet right :mellow.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    -__- I really need this to be updated to 1.7 ;'( :dry.gif:
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