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    posted a message on What's the big deal?

    People understandably don't want to make a second account to use a forum about something entirely unrelated to Twitch. No other forums does that.

    It can be many reasons, really.

    For some, including me, the forums have been declining in quality, and the whole Twitch thing was kind of the final breaking point, I'd imagine Twitch would want to make some changes to the forums if they're going all out with it, I really don't have any faith in those changes being good, either not really mattering or being overall terrible.

    Others it's probably just a bias against twitch, with or without good reason. It's a pretty big company, and many people view big companies as generally bad or "evil", which is also understandable due to the behavior of a large portion of them.

    Also possible that people just don't want to merge. There's weren't really any really good reasons provided for the merge, so I can see the hate against it.

    Everyone has their own reasons, there happens to be a lot of them, so that's why it's kind of turning into a big deal.

    Personally I feel it's not that big of a deal, but I'm already kind of over the forums and don't use them, so that's probably why I don't care as much.

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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    How long did that take you?

    About 4-ish(?) hours coming from mostly no experience in command blocks (I mostly used tools like that command combiner and mcstacker to do about 60% of the work for me, I just had to figure out the logic).
    Quote from jdc997»

    Who says that Mojang has to test a gamerule if it's not aimed towards mapmakers? There's no prerequisite.

    It's Mojang's own reasoning, so that's where I'd imagine the argument stems from in the first place. Maybe it's wrong, they have been before, but it's how Mojang personally feels, and I'd agree with them on it. I wouldn't want a compromised that seems half baked and ends up making 1.8 PvP worse in later releases.

    "Knee-jerk" outrage doesn't effect ~37% of players and stay relevant for more than a year.

    However, we're not saying that Mojang needs to back down. We're demanding a compromise—one that's actually feasible for the average player and doesn't require a convoluted command block structure. We want people to be able to play how they want.

    Wasn't hunger this way? People still claim to this day it was the end of Minecraft. I only make claims like that in the first place because of what I've seen. First snapshot came out and... no combat changes and server forums would be filled of "I dont know what they changed in combat but it already feels worse", even before the combat changes everyone doubted the devs which probably actually directed the changes to the way they went because they've made a post asking about how to change it up due to everyone's doubts.
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    posted a message on Colored Sand

    Saying concrete powder is colored sand is kind of ehh. There's a major flaw here. Concrete powder turns into concrete when it comes into contact with water. Want to know a texture that looks nothing like sand? Concrete blocks.

    What do you usually think of when you see sand? Deserts, yeah. Oasis, beaches, ocean floors... What do most of those have? Water. You can't really mix powder and water without ruining the look of your rainbow beaches or whatever.

    So yeah, I can actually support colored sand. I mean we already have red sand.

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    posted a message on The problem with potion tipped arrows

    Tipped arrows as is isn't worth the effort, dragon breath or no. It's too many resources for what? 4 seconds of poison? I guess I can agree making them cheaper is a step in the right direction, so why not.

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    posted a message on Introducing the Boomerang! A unique ranged weapon with custom enchantments.

    A very well-written and thought out suggestion.

    I like the concept and execution. Giving golden boomerangs a quirk is pretty nice. I can't really complain too much about it, though I feel the boomerang has a little too much going for it. There's lots of enchantments for just the boomerang, and it's excessive by maybe 1 or 2. But that's a bit nitpicky. Even with that in mind, I can pretty much 100% support this.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from codewow»

    All in all, they still haven't produced enough. They've added bosses. We need more bosses. Why arent giants an actual mob? They existed but were never fully implemented.

    Giants were buggy messes that couldn't even properly traverse the ground due to their size. They also fall into your complaint as "Just reskins of zombies", only with a bigger size. (They literally even used the same textures and AI).

    I can see you want new content, but you're forgetting it's quality over quantity. Husks and stray were results of people's constant "Need" of new mobs, and look how they turned out. Adding more stuff randomly doesn't always just make the game better, there has to be more thought put behind it than "You know pizza rifles sound pretty funny.... Why doesn't Minecraft have those?"

    That's probably why updates like 1.12 took so long. Sure it's "Just a bunch of blocks", but there actually was a whole bunch of thought put into 1.12. Terracotta took forever to design to make it look nice when rotated around, the advancements and soon-to-be new crafting system directly enhances the player's experience no matter what side of the spectrum they're on. Rewriting all of that took tons of thought.

    Besides, I don't really think your issue with Minecraft is that there's not enough stuff to do. For everything new they've done, you've found complaints for them right away. There's a point in time where it's not the game that's uninteresting, it's you who's lost interest. Any game will always inevitably get boring, and no major updates are going to permanently fix that unless the game got overhauled into essentially a whole new entire game, unrecognizable from the original.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from codewow»

    They've produced content for creative more than survival. Nothing but the combat has changed in survival. New blocks don't count towards survival in my opinion. We need new adventures. More mobs, more weapons, more enchants/potions. Stuff that can change up the norm.

    For mobs: Polar bears, parrots, husks, strays, Guardians, illagers (3 types, I believe?)
    For adventures: Woodland mansions, Ocean monuments, End cities
    For weapons: Axes (Sort of), lingering potions, tipped arrows.
    For enchants: Sweeping edge, Mending, Depth Strider, Frost walker
    For potions: eh, you got me there. Levitation and that Spectral effect, I guess.

    This is also skipping stuff not in your exact categories.

    I'd say that's plentiful. Creative users got a bunch of blocks, but that can't really count since blocks are both survival and creative content.

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    posted a message on Add old blockhitting without modifying anything of 1.9+ (Only the code for server developers to use), No more 1.8

    Blockhitting was a glitch, and if we were to add it back, there'd be no reason not to use it. It wouldn't do anything but slow down pvp because everyone would be doing it.

    You can't even properly blockhit with the new update because blockhitting relied on spamclicking to work effectively.

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    posted a message on Barriers, Command Blocks (etc.) accessible in Creative Mode Inventory

    With the ability to save toolbars, I feel this suggestion is largely irrelevant unless we get enough "Developer tools" like barriers, command blocks, etc. to fill in at least 20-30 slots. Once there's enough hidden items to justify a tab, I could agree, but as of now those hidden blocks come in very small numbers, so there's no need to have them ever so slightly easier to access.

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    posted a message on The removal of the combat update.
    Quote from QuantumPanckes»

    Ask yourself, what popular game out there has this timed attack system, there wouldn't be many of not one..

    Dark Souls

    Most Legend of Zelda games

    All Smash bros. games

    Marvel Vs. Capcom series


    Tekk- All 5 billion different fighter games


    Call of Duty, believe it or not.

    The Monster Hunter Series

    Rune Factory Series



    Risk of Rain


    Faster Than Light

    Don't Starve Series

    Lego games... Believe it or not

    Wings of Vi, kind of.

    Elder Scrolls series

    Fallout Series


    Witcher Series

    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

    World of Warcraft


    I can go on for days. Best part about those timed combat games? Most of them are fast paced, similar to the "timed combat" here. The only thing you guys are dragging yourself down with is "There's a visible bar muh spamkliking bring bak noa!"

    But it's obvious everyone here is against removing it, I can agree being against it, but let's find some actual reasons to hate the combat system and use those reasons as an excuse to give combat an overhaul or to remove it, because I can't really agree with anything you've just said, op.

    Let's start off easy, with the biggest legitimate complaint... The sweep attack works automagically. It should not work automagically, but I mean you guys did want simple combat.

    Shields making you 100% resistant to damage also I feel hurts the combat system, before it was just 66% damage reduction, but my gripe with this is that shields are now a nerf to all mobs. You can stand in a corner and be immortal for as long as you want, not that you'd need to since mobs (almost) never swarm you or deal enough damage to justify blocking over attacking. Except creepers. Shields should only reduce creeper damage

    On top of that, there's the sweeping edge enchantment, which basically is a buff for players that was extremely unnecessary. Shields blocking too much of the screen I guess is a valid complaint...

    There's also a lack of depth to the combat. There is a LOT more than before, but it's still nothing great. I feel combat should be "easy to use, hard to master", that way competitive pvp isn't a joke and there's an actual skill ladder larger than 5 seconds of work. But it's again unnecessary because Minecraft generally is a single player focused game, barring realms and realms only, and mobs are too simple to justify the game's extra depth. Plus "Muh simplicity"

    On top of that, some can say there's a lack of weapons. Sure we got an expensively different and not worth it type of throwable potion, and an equally expensive and not worth it tippable arrows, but we really don't have much. We got DPS/Area of Attack swords, then we got high base damage axes. There was a lot of untapped potential here.

    Some could also say the golden apple nerf was just slightly too much, and I can ever so slightly agree, but not enough to care. A valid fix is to simply re-implement the recipe and keep it in its nerfed state.

    There we go, we've successfully came up with 6 reasons to hate the combat system! So what happens when we remove the current system? The issues get worse. Even if you hated the combat system with your every burning passion, removing it does not fix the issues you wanted to be fixed. It makes those issues even bigger issues.

    So I could of agreed with you op if you were willing to think for a moment and try to consider an overhaul rather than an outright removal, but as of now, I can't actually support you even if I wanted to.

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