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    posted a message on Problem using testfor with specified position

    I am posting this solution to a problem (in vanilla 1.12.2) that took me a long time to find an answer for in case anyone else runs into it.

    Command blocks with "/testfor @a[x=-275.5,y=63.0,z=-72.5,r=3]" act exactly the same as "/testfor @a[r=3]". (Coords don't matter).

    The solution is to use "/testfor @a[x=-275,y=63,z=-72,r=3]". I have not found the lack of support for decimals documented anywhere.

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    posted a message on Command block help

    I would use a command block with /setblock x y z minecraft:redstone_wire to complete a circuit. You could have five segments of redstone dust that you place this way.

    As a word of caution, you might run into an issue I recently posted about, where I suspect that the block doesn't get placed in a way that makes sense if the chunk isn't loaded (in your case, the chunk with the final switch). You can, however, keep the chunk loaded by running a redstone clock in it, I think, so that may be a way around that issue.

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    posted a message on Inconsistent repeating command block behavior with needs redstone

    I have found that the following scenario behaves inconsistently (1.12.2 vanilla):

    1) I power a command block with redstone torch => redstone dust => command block

    2) The command block is this: /testfor @a[x=-241.5, y=64.0, z=-51.5, r=5] , repeat, unconditional, needs redstone

    3) The command block powers a chain, one of which removes the redstone dust and thus disables the command block.

    4) A world reset switch elsewhere restores the redstone dust.

    5) My redstone wire, torch, and command blocks are all buried under the ground.

    When I do this, it works as expected... sometimes. Other times, the testfor fails. In those scenarios, as soon as I dig in the ground to look at the redstone, it suddenly powers and the /testfor finds me.

    Any ideas what I am missing here? Why does this work sometimes and not others? Is there something about me being able to actually see the redstone that causes some sort of game update to occur?

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