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    • Your in-game name: Cosigned
    • Your age: 17
    • What you want out of this realm: Friends/a community to play with
    • What you plan to do/build: I plan to build what ever comes to mind from houses to storage units and a few helpful farms as needed
    • What did you enjoy most about your prior server/realm, if any? I didn't truly enjoy my last server, that was mainly because there would be 3/15 players active weekly and everyone was always so quiet. It kinda felt like i was playing single player.
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    posted a message on |NovaCraft| [Need Testers] [Paid Builder Spots] [Recruiting Staff]
    Hi, My name is Ruben.
    I'd like to apply for the TESTER position.

    IGN: zPepper
    Location: US
    Hours Available: 3-5h
    Age: 17
    Experience Testing: Just on my own server in the past.

    A brief paragraph on why I should choose you as TESTER:
    Im not exactly sure what you have in mind for testers to do but if its just testing features on the server i think im up for the job. I dont have much to offer but my time and work. Im very a very on going person i get along with just about anyone i dont have much to do this summer i was just looking for something to keep me occupied this summer. I dont see much applications but its still early, what ever the job is im sure i can help in some way.

    my edit* I'd like to apply for the TESTER position
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    posted a message on Looking for Develepor

    Add me on skype: duck.pepper

    i can setup your group manager / help with essentials not asking for anything in return just looking to help out.

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    posted a message on UnrealPVP|Staff Needed|Prison|Factions In Development|

    IGN: zPepper

    Age: 17

    What rank are you applying for: Admin

    Do you have a mic: Yes

    Timezone: EST

    Why do you want to join the staff team: I think of myself as a good person who is willing to help out anyone in need of help. I am a very ongoing person i have some pretty good experience with staff positions as well as Plugins and essentials of running a mc server.

    What could you bring the staff team: I could bring plenty hours of fun and hard work towards the server. I read you use Discord as your primary communication, i have only used Discord a couple of times its grate for the price because its free of course and offers everything you need but if you would like to switch over to Teamspeak i could buy the server a dedicated teamspeak server.

    Why should we choose you over other applications: I believe i could do the job pretty dam well and i think i have plenty to offer as well as a lot of my time.

    Do you have any prior experience being staff:Yes i have been fortunate enough to be a part of multiple staff teams as well as co-owning and owning a small simple server at one point.

    Do you agree to an interview? Yes i am open to one any day of the week.

    Anything else: Nothing else but if you feel the need to ask me anything else please do.

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    posted a message on Looking for Dev

    What kind of server are you running? survival? factions? skyblock?

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    posted a message on Mindcrack like_SMP Whitelist vanilla 1.8.8
    How old are you 14+? 16

    Why do you wanna join? Im bored of playing single player vanilla and have been wanting to find a SMP server like this one.

    Do you know what Mindcrack is? Yes :)

    What will you bring to the server? I am currently not a part of any smp server so this will be my main server. I will be very active and hope to have fun building / exploring with others.

    How long will you be on day to day? 2 - 5 Hours daily

    Whats your IGN? DrPepperInc

    Whats your skype? duck.pepper
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    posted a message on SMP Minecraft vanilla whitelist server. ~PoonCraft~

    1.IGN: DrPepperInc
    2. Age ( 14+ ): 16
    3. Skype: duck.pepper
    4. MineCraft Skills: building, and grinding items.

    5. How Long Have You Been Playing MineCraft: started in minecraft 1.3
    6. Time Zone: US Eastern Timezone
    7. How Often Will You Play: 2-5 hours daily
    8. Maturity Level: on a scale of 1 - 10 i would say 8

    9. Why do you want to join PoonCraft?: Iv been a part of plenty of SMP servers but they all break down and fall part. iv been playing vanilla single player but i gets boring by myslef :( oh and Baconator Cheeseburger's are really good.

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    posted a message on *Automaticraft* SMP vanilla automation server!

    In game name. iDeDuck
    Age. 16
    Version you joined minecraft. 1.3.2
    Why you want to join my server. I'm looking for a mature dedicated vanilla server with a welcoming community.

    Any questions you have for me. None for now :)

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    posted a message on PumpkinCraft II | Limited Player Slots! | Hermitcraft/Mindcrack Vanilla Whitelist

    IGN (In-game name): iDeDuck

    Age: 16

    Country/Timezone: Eastern

    Why are you interested in joining this server? Im looking for an active vanilla survival with a good community.

    Will this be your primary server? Yes if i get accepted :D

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    posted a message on New 100% Vanilla Whitelist Survival Server.

    IGN? iSirFancy

    Age? 16

    Why are you interested in this new community? Im looking for a SMP server with a good community, one with communication because that is what most SMP server lack of

    What is your build style? Farms

    What do you enjoy most in Minecraft? I enjoy working on projects and farms

    Tell us something about yourself. Im 16 my name is Ruben and i enjoy working with others, specially when gaming :)

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    posted a message on Sp00ksCraft - whitelisting small community

    IGN: iSirFancy

    Age: 16

    About how many hours a day or week will play on this server?: About 5 days aweek 2 - 5 hours aday

    Why do you want to play on this server?: Looking for a fun community SMP server

    Do you have a YouTube channel you upload Minecraft videos to? : nope

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    posted a message on [UPDATED] CraftSaga - New Modded SMP - Like H2M - McMMO - Custom Enchants - Quests - Dungeons - and More - Apply now


    I applied as well and haven't gotten a response :C mines on page 12

    Same here. Rip Page 12

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    posted a message on [APPLY NOW] Flip Gaming Community Survival Server [YouTube and Twitch][MindCrack/HermitCraft Like]

    IGN: iSirFancy
    Age: 16
    Country/Timezone: US / EDT Timezone
    Skype: ruben.tito4
    Do you have TeamSpeak 3: Yes i prefer teamspeak over skype :)
    YouTube Channel (Provide a link): none

    Twitch Profile(Only if you stream): none
    Example Video (Show off your best work. Twitch or Youtube): none
    Why do you want to be part of Flip Gaming:
    Favorite Flippers (if you dont or havent watched us check out our channels below):
    Have you been part of a server before (If yes, what is the reason you are no longer part of it? I have been in a couple of vanilla servers and have left most of them because there was no communication with members, everyone was just playing on their own and would never talk.

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