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Currently roleplaying here.

Name: ██████ ██████ ██████

Contact information: Forums, e-mail and Skype, all of them on front page

Personality: In general I am a nice guy, somewhat shy and somewhat smart. I coincider myself to be creative, and I have a terrible itch to produce stuff (inorganic stuff [img][/img]). If you want to talk with me, don't be shy - send me a PM! Or pester me at Skype/Steam. I will respond politely and calmly (even to trolls :3).

However, due to something screwing up my brain (I blame hormones :|) I may get into weird mood and do very... Weird stuff.

Interests: Plenty! Art in most of it's forms (pictures, animation, music, books and videogames). Speaking of Music, I love rock but sometimes listen to weird Savlonic songs or TF2 remixes. I am an artist as well, and draw as hobby. I love science, computers and technology in general, and believe that only technological progress would move us forward. Because of this, I've started coding on C++. I also love playing videogames, especially Valve's shooters and Dwarf Fortress. Ace of spades is good as well. I am a faithful patriot and zelaous furry, so keep that in mind.

My state:

RPG Testings results:

Witty quote: "Own [something] or [something] would own you." - DrNightKOT

Witty quote 2: "Real human won't adapt to enviroment, it's enviroment that should adapt to human!" -DrNightKOT

FurCode (yeah, I am ill): FFXc2adr A+ C-- D- H- M P- R+ T+++ W Z- RLCT cdlnw++++ d+++ f i+ j--- p

Very old about me page



SOOOO.... Read on [img][/img]

I'm RPer. I am Artist. I am Gamer. I am Archer. I can cook. And I want to leave my weak and dull human form, to get better anthromorph one...

More recently I became some newbiesh C++ coder. Yeah.

I am still failing at everything, so I need constant and unstoppable flow or REASONABLE critics.

My alias is DrNightKOT and you picked interest on me. Get as much information as you can from this page and then lurk my page >:]



Indeed, trying to make good quality RPs here, showing some persons that RPs must be good.

Isn't working.

Love acronims. You should have figured that out by yourself.

Got stabbed by acronims. Meh.

KOT is transcription for Кот, which in translation to a certan language means Cat. Just to note. And it is not my beloved acronim, though I work on it.

I am trying my best to be unique, yet not harm anyone in process and keep myself sane. Yep, I am suceeding, as you may see now. Maybe not fully sane, got some kind of neurosis, but I will be fine.

Steam discussions and SPUF quotes:

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: Did I tell you about the time me and Keith launched fireworks and he had 90% of his body burned?

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: Yeah, that were the times

Friend: Hey ellis, can you tell us about that time you shut up?

Friend: [img][/img]

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: No, I've used to be as silent as you but then I got an arrow to the knee...

Friend: wrong.

Friend: I used to be an arrow like you, Then I took an adventurer in the knee.

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: Woot

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: Not the first time oi heareth that

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: [img][/img]

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: I used to be a knee like you. Then I took an adventurer in the arrow and divided it by zero

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: Then universe sucked itself into itself

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: And I won the game

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: And then Gaben came upon my soul

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: ELLIS SHUT UP

=^ω^= | DrNightKOT: [img][/img]

Friend: i

Friend: am mind ****ed

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Bronies and those who claim that if you are a furry, this means you MUST spray furry porn everywhere and thus hate you [img][/img]

A Furry hating on bronies.

Well I guess you see something new every day.

FFX - what the hell does it mean? Did I just make it myself?

Very subtle trolling, that may cause very, very big shitstorm if you try to click the link.


I am anti brony.

What is brony?

's the link [img' class='bbc'>[/img]']Brony is a fan of MLP, the film generally designed for little girls. But well...

Interests Science and Art, furries, computers, robots, etc.

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