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    That's quite a neat feature. Personally I have no use for it, but for someone who just plays SMP on the same server, it's a shortcut... within a shortcut.
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    Having found a skeleton spawner right near the location of my soon-to-be kingdom, I was delighted-- but wait! It's sunken into the side! Putting a building there would be awkward-looking and I'd have to extend my kingdom's previously square wall into a smooth mountainside for easy and safe travel to a trap horizontal to the spawner, creating a weak point in my defenses! Keeping the drop point in my kingdom's wall won't work because I'm more than 16 blocks from the spawner and it won't be activated from inside the wall's safety. The only safe place is on top of the hill itself. Items can't be moved upward, though... but what about the skeletons?

    Most certainly! Even more rewarding is that my grinder's item deposit area is now on top of a hill, perfectly formed to place a safehouse-- and a big one at that-- around its spawner. Here's how I did it:

    The full grinder apparatus. The actual killing device and drop point are at the top (no safehouse around it yet), but they're hidden behind the transport tube in this shot. The visible top is the end of the tube leading to the grinder, and the bottom is the entrance to the spawner's conveniently accompanying natural cave, sealed up to be safe from outside intrusion during the night. The middle of the tube is actually buried in the hillside, so it can't be seen.

    A closer look at the entrance sunken into the ground. I wanted to avoid making an entire building like this, so I just sealed off the cave from outside mob access with a door and some cobble.

    Just behind the door. You'll see that I have glass showing the insides of the tube (in case of blockage, I can see what the trouble is without having to murder 50 skeletons on the way), in addition to the spawner (a bit hard to see, it's the flames in the bottom window). The glass doesn't push the skeletons back down due to current because I filled the tube entirely with source blocks to negate glass pull, so the skeletons always swim up to the top once they're in the water.

    The configured spawning room, dry and lit for viewing purposes, with its treasure looted (don't forget the moss stone on the floor!). Its only exit is a short opening to a ladder, directly above which is the vertical tube to the killing device. The water in the tube is kept from flowing back in by a ladder placed under it.

    This ladder also boosts the skeletons up flawlessly into the tube's water when they're forced into it by the lower water flows, shown here (they weren't present in the first picture). Every point in this room has a water block that will push the skeletons to the intake tube. The water blocks in the corners are raised one block, by the way, to extend the flow a single block forward into the ladder. It wouldn't reach if they were on the ground. Far as I know, this change doesn't impact efficiency at all, except maybe making it impossible for skeletons to spawn in 2 out of 25 possible floor blocks, however I believe that spawners will just place their mobs somewhere else if that's the case.

    The skeletons swim straight up the full length of this tube (I estimate it to be 12-16 blocks up, haven't actually counted) when their heads are bumped by the ladder into the tube's suspended water.

    Topside, here's the grinder. The left window shows the top of the tube, blocked off on all sides but one and topped with an extra water source to make the current flow toward the killing area and out the front opening. The lava grinder in the right window can be seen better in the next screenshot.

    Using the same concept as the booster into the tube, water currents push the skeletons into the ladder and up into the lava that it holds up. A block is put over the lava so that only the skeletons' heads can be immersed, and since items drop at their feet upon death, I've so far seen no item losses from this mechanism. I assume that the items, if they do burn, will be extinguished by the water below anyway since they drop very quickly. Mobs, however, don't need to be on fire to take damage, so if a skeleton drops back into the water for some reason (I've never seen it happen) his head will be caught in the lava again and he'll be taking enough damage to be killed in a second or two anyway. The lava grinder can also be directly attached to a spawner if you want, but technically there's no efficiency drop, it just takes longer to warm up when you stand by the collection point since you're farther away, just on the edge of its spawning radius (16 blocks, or so I've heard). Although I've not tested this theory, I postulate that you'll still get the same amount of items/mobs per minute than you would if it was linked directly.

    The full device with storage chests, one for bones and one for arrows. So far, my sporadic travel between this point and my other projects in the world over about a Minecraft week has generated 3-4 stacks of bones and arrows. The water channel can be shortened to give a very compact grinder device, only 6 blocks in length, 3 in width and 4 in height.

    The texture pack is Painterly, by the way.
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    Greetings, traveller. Art thou annoyed by thine enemies being damnable, unchivalrous scum? This texture pack shalle revoluntionize their waye of lyfe, turning them to rightfulle and knightly pursuits.

    Here doth reside parchments pertaining to mine progresse, as the pack shalle soon be released throughout the internette upon its timely completion.

    The packe doth be updated for Beta 1.2's Squiddes!

    Clicketh thou here to downloade this texture packe. DemonParia's kind contribution of skeleton voices is so far the only voice acting presente, however I shalle update the packe againne when Joethulhu finishes his voice acting.



    The aforementioned individual upon his trusty steed


    Spider (shalle most likely be redone, I doth not like how his suite looketh)

    Slime (I shalle also make a Ghaste-like versionne withe a monocle, this will stay as an alternate)


    Zombie Pigmanne


    Surprisingly Chivalrous Swine

    Woolle-less Sheepe in his undershirtte




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