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    Hello everyone, been lurking around the forums for a bit but I've finally roused myself from laziness and created an account. :Notch:

    I've recently started a wintery world, quite a nice map with strange mountain formations and all sorts of odd mob spawns around the place-- at one point I'd encountered seven creepers at once.

    Anyway, I've constructed a basic house, which is directly atop my spawn point so I spawn inside it. I do plan to move away from it at some point, but I'll likely keep it stocked with emergency supplies in case I die and have to run back to retrieve my stuff. Currently, though, I don't have the materials to continue, and the mines around it are entirely depleted (they were fairly barren in the first place). I must know, how exactly does one survive for days on end away from home? What items and strategies do you use? A large mine rich in both monsters and minerals awaits me by the frozen seaside... and yet I always end up dying before I can make it back.

    Also, somewhat irrelevant question in addition, who the heck is this guy -> :iapprove:
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