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    Name: Caden
    MC Username: DrHeadshot37
    Ways of Contact: Skype
    Skype: DrHeadshot37
    Email: [email protected]
    What Will You Do For The Community: I Will Try To Help With All The Languge Or Just Help Out
    What Position Are You Applying For: I Would Like Mostly Mod Or Chat Mod If I Had To Choose It Would Be Chat Mod

    If I Dont Get Accepted I Hope The Server Is Still A Great Success
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    Ign: DrHeadshot37 Age:12(almost 13 Position: Admin+, Admin, HeadMod, Mod, or Builder Why I Want The Position: First, I love minecraft (can't see who doesn't ). I simply love to help people solve there problems. Most people apply for a rank just to get the perms and mess around. Not me, I don't . There are multiple things I can help you with. I run my own server, so I know a lot about plugins and those technical inner workings, I can help reduce the trouble makers by using my 5 step sequence . (Step 1: Warn, Step 2: Warn, Step 3: Mute for 2minutes, Step 4: Mute for 5minutes, Step 5: Kick the Player). I won't be to harsh with it though, I keep it a nice warning for the 1st one, then i get a bit rougher with the 2nd one, not mean though. The mute is to teach them a lesson and gives them time to think about what they did wrong. I'd help people (with asking for staff, etc.). I would give detailed and exact responses to those players. Unlike other staff who feel those normal players are subordinates and don't give them the respect of answering the question. If I don't know the answer (which is highly unlikely) I won't lie to them, I will tell them I don't know then cede the question to another Admin/Moderator. My goal is to basically make the server a better place for the players. With all of what I stated tucked into the back of your brain, I think you would really appreciate the experience I bring. What Will I Do With That Position: Well, that is a very good question. To make it easy enough to read, basically my goal would be to answer these questions: "What can I do to make this server more enjoyable then it already is?", and "What can I do to make you choose this server over any other run-of-the-mill server?". Well, what I liked about servers that I played on is the friendly community. Small or large, I've dealt with both. The community needs to be shaped to be strong, but caring. We need to have professionalism in our Staff Core. We can't have staff coming on, then leaving the server entirely. That would be too much hassle to be recruiting new staff members all of the time. They need to be dedicated to the server. We would also need to balance out the fun with reasonableness. With any of the positions, I would do what I can to ensure those key aspects are upheld. How you may ask? First, I would try to have people getting along. Having friendly staff is the first key to a strong community. If we can get people to get along with others, having new people join will increase the communities size, plus, with all of them being friendly, it makes the server overall much more enjoyable. We would need to limit arguing (using my 5 step solution) and limit rule breakers. I would do anything I could to stop arguments (using my 5-step solution, temp-banning, and even banning if it is necessary). Next, upholding reasonableness. You can have fun, I totally support that, but it needs to be in moderation with reasonableness. We can't have people blowing up other peoples buildings for "fun". The final step is keeping ship-shape staff. They need to know when to ban someone, when to warn someone, etc. With my past experience of being mods/admins on other servers and owning my own server, I could teach that to the more ripe staff. How I can benefit YOU: I could help you guys with what I listed, and unlisted things that you need help with (Other then building). Servers need members, without members, servers don't become successful. I would advertise this server (not getting banned from other servers) by posting it on forums and many other things. I would be dedicated to create a place where the player(s) isn't like "Eh, maybe I'll come back some other time". But more like "Wow! I have to go right now and add this to my server list, then rejoin so i can play!". There are probably thousands of servers they can choose from. But I want to make it so they choose yours over any of them! That is my main goal. What do I prefer, HG or KitPVP? Personally I like both. But since I have to choose one, I go with HG. KitPVP is nice, but I think HG contains some of those aspects in it (like killing xD). Edit: I also have a youtube channel, so if you need me to, I can upload an advertising video
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