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    posted a message on Having problems with class paths [RESOLVED]
    Hello, I'm having a little bit of trouble setting up MCP and ModLoader. After I decompile everything successfully, open eclipse and import the project I get a bunch of class path errors.

    I've followed TechGuy's Guide on how to get setup but I still have these problems

    Here's what my system variable/class path looks like.

    I have decompiled and recompiled many times and even reinstalled Minecraft and ModLoader in hopes that it would work but all attempts have failed. So I've come to you modding community. Help me get up on my feet so I can start running with modding Minecraft!

    Thanks in advance, Slimedog007.

    I didn't read the "When it asks you to select a workspace, select the 'eclipse' ..." I was selecting the MCP folder.

    :) User errors ftw.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [SMP] [Forge] Better Farming [v3.4.0]
    I have a crash to report.

    When I was hitting leaves on an apple tree with shears minecraft froze and corrupted my whole world.

    :( Now I have to start over.
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