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[p]You approach a small prismarine tower rising over the ocean. The guard golems nod at your visitor pass and gesture lazily, and a bridge of light appears between you and the tower. You thank them and walk into the tower. Although small, it's interior is quite ornately decorated. A lush purple carpet covers most of the floor and strange potted plants grow in the corners. You walk up to the fourth floor, where the Archmage-Doctor himself is typing something on a computer that looks quite out of place, his dolphin floating by his side. He turns towards you. "Ah, there you are. It occurred to me that I still hadn't introduced myself yet- I'm DrDolphinrider, most call me Dolphin or DrD. I'm a member of the Banana Poop guild, and I am, as you know, not a human. I am a spectral mage, a member of the undead, but I was banished from my realm of existence for practising Holy Magic. To think they'd exile their kind just for wanting peace. Majority of my kind practice blood magic, you see. They are immortal through vile means. I've never wanted to be like them. Being in your existence is actually much more pleasant. Anyway, that's enough about myself. Feel free to explore my tower. You can check out my little private zoo of dragons if you want. There's not much else to see in here at the moment." He turns back to his computer and resumes his rapid typing.You decide to approach his zoo:[/p]

[p]Biology, magic, art, GAMING!!!!!111111one42

Specific games that I play frequently are Animal Crossing, TF2, MineCraft (of course), Don't Starve and most Blizzard games.[/p]

Location A hobo shack on a beach

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Minecraft DrDolphinrider Xbox #MacMasterRace Steam DrDolphinrider1