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    posted a message on [WIP] LifeCraft - Live a second life in Minecraft!!!

    From dominating the stock market, to living the good life in the suburbs, LifeCraft has it all. If you want be feared in the world of PVP or be known for how many cats you have, come to LifeCraft. LifeCraft is a server where you get to pick your way of life. Join a company, own a company, build houses, buy houses, fight in the PVP arena, or do anything else that appeals to you. Our team of Architects and Admins are working non-stop to build you the best experience possible. We will provide you with jobs to earn money and houses to buy, and much much more. Our premium hosting provided by Ownage Hosting is the best deal around. Giving players a fast and smooth experience, yet keeping the cost down for the server owners allowing us to constantly be upgrading to give you, the players, the absolute best server on the face of the known universe! Tell your friends about LifeCraft as it is
    bound to be your favorite server ever!

    IP: Ip will be released when server is open to public
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    Do you know what the 2 most awesome technological advancements in the history of the world are? Minecraft and Bitcoin! What if we could combine these two awesome things and use it to rule the world... well maybe not minecraft. I would like to introduce you to the BlockCoin Miner. Real BitCoins work by giving a CPU or GPU, in this case a CPU, complex problems that they have to solve. When they answer the problem correctly they receive BitCoins.

    This is one of the 2 randomizer that picks a random math problem for the the miner

    These command blocks in the miner are triggered by the randomizers. They add up the numbers up by using a special method I call objective adding. Using dummy scoreboard objectives, and can solve a problem by triggering one of the command blocks in the CPU/Miner to add one number to my invisible score (no display) and another command block to add the other number on, making it like an adder for complex problems.

    When BitCoins are earned they go into my virtual wallet, like real BitCoins do.

    I hope you liked my machine. This is just a prototype, world download out soon!
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    posted a message on CommandBlock ModBoxes - Topic Revived
    A while back, Bagelface had a thread for his "ModBoxes", redstone machines that acted like mods without actually modding the game. Spyman and I decided to help Bagel out and joined his team. The topic faded over time. We have decided to revive the topic, as Bagelface has gone inactive, spyman and I will be taking over.


    Wizard 2.0: WIP' Allows the player to become a student of magic and learn spells over time

    NaturalDisasters: In the "idea stage" currently; Various natural disasters happen over time, making even peaceful mod hard at times

    Many more will be coming!

    Please do not comment with your own mod boxes that you created

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    posted a message on [Mod Request] Bedrock and Obsidian Tools
    Here's and experimental version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xeba9svnsaes15z/ObsidianShardMod.zip
    Winzip/Winrar/7zip is needed to use
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    posted a message on Craft slabs into blocks
    I belive that you should be able to craft 2 slabs into a block by doing this

    A=Any slab

    N A N
    N S N
    N A N

    Or maybe if you have an anvil

    Slab + Slab = block
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    posted a message on Design Challenge: free-floating, self-powered flying machine!.
    I made an awesome airplane

    Boat riding an invinsible chicken, pilot it using a knockback V wooden shovel.
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