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    MC Username: Bowny
    Age: 19
    Location: Adelaide
    How active can you be: Everyday for a few hours, sometimes I'll be on for longer
    Why you would like to join: I need to meet new people, with the discord this could happen, and minecraft is a great game and I'm sick of singleplayer :)
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    posted a message on ♛ Axiba SMP Season 4 ♛ 1.13.2 - Small, Community Oriented Vanilla Survival Server ♦ NEW MAP


    ♦ In-Game Name (IGN): Bowny

    ♦ Discord ID (Username and #): Bowny#0001

    ♦ Age (you need to be atleast 16): 19

    ♦ Timezone: Adelaide, Australia (GMT +10:30)

    ♦ Country: Australia

    ♦ On average, how often will you be able to play?: everyday to second day

    ♦ Why would you like to join Axiba?: I want a co=lose community to play with and to be able to meet new people

    ♦ Tell us a little bit about yourself (personality, hobbies, etc): I like to be the life of the party and I like playing a variety of video games, I make games for a hobby/living, until i get a full time job.

    ♦ How can you impact the community? (building, redstone farms, etc): Im good a t building and i also like collecting resources for an absurd amount of time

    ♦ Do you have any screenshots of your builds/creations?: I haven't played minecraft for a while so no, but i like building medieval type of buildings and castles

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