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    posted a message on Minecraft Filming Group - [-Searching-]
    If you still need Voice Actors I'm willing to help.
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    posted a message on Voice Actors Needed For Long Term Series - *Secrets* [Animated]
    Microphone Quality: Average (With a bit of Audacity magic I can make it better)
    Availability: Almost everyday
    Why do you want to do this?: Voice acting has been a dream job/hobby (Jobby?) of mine for quite a while. I've been saving for a more professional set up and I hope to some day turn this into a career.
    How can I contact you?: My Skype would be a the fastest and I am mostly available on there. If you do not have skype you can contact me via my email (I will give you both of those if I am accepted)
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    posted a message on *BLUESTONE* - Anyone, even YOU, I think you're going to be great in helping to make this project happen!
    - Name:Curt
    - Applying for:-Voice Actor
    - Can speak English:Yes
    - Age:15
    - Extra info: Voice acting has been my sort of dream job for a while. I have applied for a few projects but they either flop or they don't respond to me. I hope you will accept me into your team.
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]
    Quote from LoZInfinity

    Age : 13
    IGN: LoZInfinity
    Country: United States (Tennessee)
    Youtube Channel: LoZForeverInfinity
    Things about me: Heyo, my name is LoZInfinity. I have been doing youtube since July of last year. I have grown over the years and have shown my worth as a youtuber. I usually play Minecraft, but also try to play other games for more variety. I make other people banners, profile pics, and thumbnails for free! So please take my post into consideration!

    You have been accepted I feel you will fit right in with us on the server. And with the addition of yourself I think its safe to say we will be closing applications from this point forward. I will add you on skype and you can join us on the server right away.
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    posted a message on Looking for Voice Actors - Minecraft Animation
    Which character are you appying for?: Jason

    How much experience do you have in Voice Acting?: A lot, just none of it has ever been published sadly

    Do you have Skype?: mistermaster36

    Do you have samples?:
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]
    Quote from HLGsoftron

    Age: 15

    IGN :HLGsoftron

    Country : Canada

    Stuff about you :

    I have been recording for at least 5 months now and putting out better content every week from what I feel I am a somewhat small channel wit 27 subs, I love to record and the resent server I played on the owner went nuts and cheated so the server ended me and two other members are currently looking for a new server to play and record on there names are Mr_Flimwad and Matt4lenza they are really nice and chill they will be apply to also we would love to stay together and record because we have become really close. Otherwise I get along with most people and love to do community builds I play other pc games such as CS GO and Battlefield hope I get accepted and thank you for your time.

    Quote from Matt4lenza

    Age: 15
    IGN: Matt4lenza
    Country: America
    Stuff about you:
    My name is Matt. I live in New Jersey and play baseball and hockey for my highschool. I am applying today because the owner of my old server became a jerk and would harass and do stupid stuff to the other players. I am applying with 2 other people. The channels are HLGsoftron ( Mr_Flimwad ( You will see there applications and I hope to see you on the server!

    Quote from mr_flimwad

    Age: 17

    IGN: Mr_Flimwad

    Country: Canadia

    Stuff about you:

    I enjoy playing minecraft and recording, i just need a new SMP server to join. the old one we to crap because the owner went haywire. I am applying with 2 other people. The channels are HLGsoftron ( Matt4lenza You will see there applications and I hope to see you on the server!

    All 3 of you have been accepted! I'm humbled that the 3 of you choose to migrate to our server. No one on UnBlockable will be op so you will not need to worry about cheaters. PM me your guy's Skype usernames so I can add you to the group call.
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]
    Quote from Aditdittwo

    Since I'm denied, and you told me to make more videos, does that mean I'm allowed to re-apply when I have posted more videos?

    Yes, but I cannot guarantee that you will be accepted, but none the less once you upload some more try again.

    Quote from AlexPovey

    Age 15 (16 in two weeks :D )

    IGN Alexpovey

    Country England, UK

    YT: This is my old channel that i used on my old PC before it broke.. Since then i have made a new as i forgot a login and want to start fresh as i lost all my art etc.. New Channel (Havent uploaded yet editing at the moment):

    I'm a keen survival player who enjoys and loves the game. I have been playing Minecraft for at least 3 years now so i am very experienced when it comes to building! :) i used to host my own smp server that sadly kept crashing cos my provider was bad but hey ho! So from an ex host i really admire what you are trying to do here so i respect that. :) I see myself quite good with redstone too. I enjoy playing within a community of people and like the fact that we can all work together. Survival Minecraft is my love.

    Age: 17

    IGN: KeithSheldon

    YT: I havent uploaded anything, however I am currently editing a Hearthstone Arena run to upload soon. My channel is

    Basically I am just a guy who wants to record games as a hobby. I do live minecraft, however I find single player to be a lot less interesting than smp, So I would love to join a server like this to allow me to start my first minecraft lp.

    I cannot make a full judgement on both of your applications because you need videos uploaded. I'm sorry if this was unclear and I will add it to the requirements. So once you have some Minecraft videos uploaded, try again and we will see if you are accepted or not.
    Quote from ClasslessDeadra

    Youtube Channel:
    Stuff about you:I have recintly started a channl andrecording minecraft i would enjoy a youtuber server like Mindcrack OR Hermitcraft

    You have been denied. You video quality is horrible, it lags a lot.
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]
    Quote from Aditdittwo

    Age: 12, 13 in July this year

    IGN: Aditditto

    Country: Indonesia [GMT+7.00] but I can play with the US guys at least every weekend

    YT Channel: [It's still a mini channel, that's why I'm looking for SMP servers, to start a LP :) ]

    Stuff About You: I'm looking for SMP servers! Just like kerpleston, every public SMP servers are just heavily destroyed, it's depressing.
    That's why I'm applying for Unblockable, to make a running LP for my channel and along with the other series. I like to play survival, especially with other people! What I'm good at in Minecraft is building, decorating, and mining, and by mining I mean the efficient ways and the fast ways to mine.

    I'm sorry to say but you have been denied. Your channel is off to a good start but you might want to get your feet wet in Youtube a bit more.
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]
    Quote from Kerpleston

    Age : 14
    IGN : kerpleston
    Country : USA, but I want to move to Sweden
    Youtube Channel : Kerpleston42
    Stuff about you: I love survival mode and you have no idea how many times I have gotten onto a server and the world looks like it was mauled by a bear. I love playing SMP, I have tried to start a single player LP on my server but it got boring quickly so I started to look for SMP's and I found this one. I am good at PVP, building, and okay at redstone. And I LOVE survival.

    You have been accepted your overall quality is nice and I like your commentary, I feel you will be a welcome addition to the server! PM me your skype so I can add you.
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [NO MORE SLOTS]

    UnBlockable is a Whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft SMP server for YouTubers just like you!
    There are many YouTuber SMP servers out there, but what makes us stand out?
    Well, for starters this server STRIVES on growing your channel to a community of great people that you can co-op with.
    I have many ways to explain why this server is different than others so I will mention the biggest 3.
    1. We will do many community events.
    We here in the UnBlockable server believe that community events is what makes a SMP server strive. So, we will have many cool events that you can be in, as a whole server.
    A. UHC events
    A very fun game mode in which everyone is locked in a certain area and they must survive while killing other players. You have one life and your health only regenerates by eating golden apples!
    B. UnBlockable All-Stars Smash
    This is an exclusive game to UnBlockable where it is randomized between either: free-for-all, and other many different group ideas. Everybody is spread out in a map (on set spawn points, and it is a prebuilt maps) and they all have their own kits (each person has a different one), and they have 3 lives, they have to be the last standing on the map. It is a ton of fun!
    C. Adventure Maps
    Partnering up with people on the server will lead to a group to play an adventure map with!
    2. We are a community of ONLY VIDEO MAKERS
    What you won’t find on this server is people who join and then never upload. We are all video makers and won’t stop recording on the server. We only upload the best of our videos.
    3. A server where you are not treated like a contracted video maker but a friend
    You don’t know how many times we have joined SMP servers and have had the problem of members being treated like people who are under a contract instead of how it should be handled, as friends. We plan to strive to be friends with every member there is!
    THERE WILL BE NO OPS/CREATIVE IT WILL ALL BE LEGIT, NOTHING WILL EVER BE RESET! (Unless the time has come, like whenever everyone agrees to reset the word)
    Every month we will do something called a server clearout. When this happens everyone needs to check for an upload, if you fail to have an episode uploaded you will get a strike, when you reach 3 strikes you will sadly be removed from the server, that would be really unfortunate.
    At least 720p video quality.
    Good audio quality.
    Minecraft videos already uploaded
    You must post at least 1 UnBlockable video every two weeks.
    At least 12 years old.
    When making this application please answer the following.
    Youtube Channel
    Stuff about you.
    If you are accepted then we will ask later for your Skype names!
    Once the server launches we will put all the members here
    Thank you all and good luck!
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    posted a message on Unblockable - Minecraft SMP Youtuber Server [No More Apps]
    Sorry I haven't been active on the post, remember everyone applications must be done in video format!
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    posted a message on 2 People Needed! Minecraft: Complete Chaos Season 3! PVP EVENT!
    20 more days until CC! Get ready for war!
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    posted a message on SPO - Single Player Online [24/7] [33 Slots] [Mature] [Vanilla]
    - IGN:Dr_Curtcraft
    - Age [optional]:15
    - Time zone: GMT -4
    - Why do you want to join the server: I really want to get into minecraft again but playing alone just isn't doing it for me. The last server I joined died right as I got in but seeing how this started in July and is still going I think me and all of my corn flakes trust that this server will not die.
    - Any additional information:Some time soon im going to be changing my IGN to my forum name.
    - Will you join our enjin site here: If I get in I will do it!
    - Do you agree with the rules: Of course.
    - Did anyone refer you here? if yes, who?:no
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    posted a message on NEW Minecraft Server *Coming Soon* Whitelist Applications [1.7.2] [FREE BUILD] [VANILLA] [NO PLUGINS] [20 SLOTS] [NO RAIDING/GRI
    1. IGN- Dr_Curtcraft (Subject to change)
    2. Age- 15
    3. Gender- Male
    4. Why would you like to join?- Just been looking for a good SMP sever and this seems to fit the spot perfectly.
    5. What would you bring to the server?- Potion, all the potions you could want/need my friend. Also a friendly guy willing to help out with odd jobs here and there
    6. Why do you think you should be accepted?- Honestly i have no idea.....It's up to you really. I mean I could give you my un-dying love? Or maybe a pie.
    7. What are your major skills?- Redstone Brewing and mining are at the top of the list.
    8. Skype Name(optional)-mistermaster36
    9. How often will you play?-most likely daily for a few hours. Like 2-3.
    10.Will you be recording for YouTube?- I might. I'd rather not flood my channel with minecraft (gotta keep it fresh) But if we do an event or something then of course I will
    11. If yes on number 10, what is your YouTube name?- I'm currently lacking in videos but i have things recorded and ready to be edited and uploaded.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Complete Chaos Season 3! PVP EVENT! 4 TEAMS! 11 People needed!
    IGN: Dr_Curtcraft
    Skype: mistermaster36
    Age: 15
    Youtube Channel:
    What is Rule #2?: Record at all times
    Why do you want to be on this Show?: Ive been here since the first season 3 and i'll be damned if I dont finish it!
    Country: Canada
    Time Zone: GMT -4
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