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    As a Tolkien fan myself, I was at first wary of this map. But I must say, bravo! Writing an original plot worked quite well, much better than I think you could have done trying to follow any of the actual LOTR plots.

    My only major suggestion would be to somehow change how the special plates for each wizard are activated. As Gandalf, I almost ran out of sparkler to get the last couple secret places. The blue wizard plates can be used by anyone with a bow and a decent aim. Perhaps a pressure plate with a command block that checks the class of the nearest player? The only other minor problem was the shop. I was disappointed in the armor selection. No complete sets (no chestplates at all), and nothing was mind-blowingly epic. I know that OP weapons and armor are, well, OP, but it would be nice to have something totally indestructible to blow 128 sapphires on. Also, extra trades open up on the villagers, which seems slightly unpolished. (My sapphire-junk trader also somehow escaped from his pen, so I switched to creative and trapped him again)

    I liked where the checkpoints were located. While I died, a lot, I never had to take too long to get back to my starting point. I liked that the map felt open but was also fairly linear. Most of the boss fights were well balanced, but lots of the rooms had a place you could jump to and kill everyone without any risk to yourself.

    I was quite impressed with the texture pack. The world felt like middle earth. The occasional invisible redstone torch added to the atmosphere quite well. The armor looked dwarven, the raw fish looked quite raw, and the quest items looked like they were supposed to. I was especially liked the dream sequence (though powered rails weren't always invisible) and the audio. I felt like I was actually fighting orcs and goblins, not just re skinned zombies and skellies.

    Overall great map! Bravo again, I would love to see more soon!
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    This is almost certainly a 'problem' an amazon's end. They are slow to update any app. It took them a week or so when MCPE 0.50 came out, wouldn't be surprised if 0.6 takes just as long.
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    Though I'm not positive, as I'm not much of a modder, but I think that this mod should be fairly easy to create, especially since redstone is a block. You pretty much make a new block that is an exact copy of redstone, except it has different x-y-z bounds, and looks like a stone block (except for the hole, of course). You could even make the hole change direction the same way redstone changes its look. Sorry if this wouldn't work, but it's an idea.

    Oh, and for torches, you don't need much more work. Pretty much make a redstone torch, different bounds, different look. After making the redstone itself, that should be easy.
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