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    Welcome to OhanaCraft!
    For the past year, my friend and I have been making servers on and off due to financial reasons. In our older servers we always had people that have always been there for us. We consider them our family hence why we name the server OhanaCraft. We would like to add new people to our family. We are not just a community of MC players, we are a team! So I hope whoever is added to our server can dedicate their time to us and to become one of us. This server will stay up for a long time now that we do not have financial problems. Our server consists of pranks, skype calls, and great times. We like to do big builds together, celebrate holidays, and much more. I hope you guys are interested in our little family C;

    Basic vanilla rules!


    1. IGN:
    2. Skype (required):
    3. Pictures (I like to see peoples builds):
    4: Why do you want to join us?:
    5: How do you feel about joining a MC family?:
    6: Skills (redstone, etc):
    7: Tell me a little about yourself:

    Ok! I will be going through the applications every 2-3 hours and I will message who ever gets accepted into our family! I cant wait to see what everyone has to say c:
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