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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!
    Iron Wroughtnouts should have a rare chance of dropping some sort of animation stone, which will let you take any full set of armor and animate it. This animated set of armor would follow you around and be your personal body guard. On death it drops the armor, but not the animation stone. Also, do you intend on having them use a sword? It seems more fitting than having them punch you with their arm armor stubs. If so, a sword should be required to make your own armor set.
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    posted a message on Time in Crafting: 1.9 Idea
    Just before reading this, I crafted 8 stacks of stone bricks, made myself 3 diamond tools to enchant, and made roughly 200 various redstone components for a build I will be doing later tonight. That would have taken like 5 minutes with this suggestion, I already put time into getting the materials. Multi-stage crafting recipes would be a nightmare, like the new banners, redstone repeaters or stained glass panes.

    Hold on let me craft a response.... wait for it... sorry, this delayed crafting is making it difficult.... *checks twitter to kill time*.. *sigh*...

    Finally, that finished. And your response is: no support!

    Please don't turn this game into Mine (and then wait before you can) craft
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    posted a message on A small suggestion for boats- "____" was keelhauled.
    Bumper Boats in vanilla minecraft? That sounds like all kinds of fun! Support!
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    How difficult would it be to predict the generation of the new Ocean Strongholds in the 1.8 snapshots? I know it is a snapshot (and therefor your work may be undone if they change the generation code prior to an official release), but I don't know how late in the generation cycle they occur. I haven't seen any generate with ravines, etc running through them like the end Strongholds do, so I am assuming it generates earlier in the cycle.
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    posted a message on Prismarine Hydra (New Mini-boss)
    Very well done. I would love to see this implemented. The only problem I have is that the Prismarine Horn would be a rare drop, from a boss monster, which can only be fought once per rarely generated structure. Instead, the horn should be a 100% drop, and should be reusable. My idea would be that you could bring a Guardian to the boss room, the one where the boss guardian once was. Then take that Gaurdian and right click on him with the horn, which would convert him to a hydra. You would then get the Hydra's Horn and a Depleted Prismarine Horn as a drop, and the Depleted Prismarine Horn would have to be reactivated by killing a few Guardians in the area before it can be reused to summon the Hyrda. Without a way to reuse the horn, it is the least renewable item in the game, and giving you an extra heart until death is not worth such a rare item. The ability to repeatedly farm the hydra without looking several temples to get one would balance this out.
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    posted a message on Colored Nametags
    By combining a nametag with one or multiple pieces of dye in a crafting table, you should be able to set the color of a nametag. If applied to a mob, the nametag that floats above the mob would change color. Dying would use the same mechanics as leather, so any color that can be applied to leather armor would be possible.
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    posted a message on Obsidian (infrequently) in Icy Biomes
    I am going to have to say no support on this one. Not because it is too easy of a way to get obsidian, but because it is too difficult of an obstacle to remove. Obsidian is by no means rare, I personally see at least 3 lava lakes on average before I get the diamond pickaxe, so it isn't any easier to get. The issue I have is clearing these areas if they get in the way. Underground lava lakes turned into obsidian planes are not an issue, anyone crazy enough to build there can probably deal with clearing some obsidian. However, I think it would be annoying to think "Well, I would love to build in this snowy forest, but the place with the view has all of this obsidian everywhere, and that will take ages to clear."
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    posted a message on Use the Beacon to change biomes!
    To select the biome, you should be able to make the pyramid out of blocks directly pertaining to the biome you are looking for. Each pyramid type should use blocks that require you to go to the biome you are changing it to, that way you will still need to explore. Simply make the top-most level out of the blocks for each biome, and the rest out of standard ore blocks. For biome changing, you need at least a level 3 beacon (meaning one layer of biome blocks, one layer of ore blocks and the beacon). The larger the pyramid, the larger the area that is converted. Also, when the beacon is lowered, the biome will switch back to the default biome, meaning you can undo your changes and need lots of beacon/ore blocks in order to keep a large area converted.

    -Extreme hills: emerald ore (emeralds can be traded for).

    -Plains: grass blocks (since there are no plains unique blocks)

    -Forest: grass blocks, with 4 birch and 4 oak saplings on top of them

    -Taiga: snow blocks

    -Mushroom Hills: 8 mycelium and one dirt block (the dirt block is for under the beacon, where it could back into dirt)

    -Jungle: jungle wood

    -Ocean: prismarine block

    -Swamp: water with 8 lily pads (you will need to hold the water in place)

    -Roofed Forest: dark oak logs

    -Savannah: Acacia logs
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    posted a message on Unholy Table
    While Minecraft has come very far since the days of "Get level 50 and cross your fingers," I still think this idea has some use. First, lets look at what the Mojangsters have done to make enchanting easier to use. First, level 30 is the highest. Now we have anvils, enchanted books, and in 1.8 even villagers that will happily sell us some enchanted books and diamond equipment. That said, there are still times where I would like to see an enchantment removed from an item. The problem I have with this system is that this enchanting table has the potential to be abused, and ill explain why. Since 1.7, Minecraft has several ways of obtaining pre-enchanted tools. The most extreme case would be villagers selling poorly-enchanted diamond equipment. You can get a diamond pickaxe with efficiency 2 for 17 emeralds, and that's not even the best deals. That trade is balanced by the fact that you can't put a better enchantment on it, so if you want fortune 3 or a sharpness 5 sword, you need to get your own diamonds. With unenchanting, all you would need to do is get to the nether and make an unholy table, farm some sugarcane and sell it to a villager, buy a pre-enchanted tool, unenchant it and you have a strong supply of diamond tools for all of your enchanting needs without even needing a diamond pickaxe (assuming you made a nether portal using the mould method). You could go from a new world to full diamond equipment without ever finding diamonds the old fashioned way. With Minecraft seeming to move in the direction of getting poorly-enchanted tools early-game, the potential for exploits is simply too high.

    Sorry, but no support.
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    posted a message on Mud, Quicksand & Tar Pits
    As it stand right now, I don't see them being all that useful. So, to remedy that, I have made a short list of how that could be improved upon.

    Tar should not destroy items like lava does. This would give it potential for mob grinders, as you can damage a mob without destroying it's drops. Of course, lava will still be faster if you can make it work.

    Tar buckets should be usable as fuel, just like lava is. A bucket of tar should be worth 2 pieces of coal, or 16 smelted items. Lava buckets, by contrast, can smelt 100 items each.

    Mud, Quicksand and Tar buckets can be deployed and picked up by dispensers, just like water and lava.

    Mud, Quicksand and Tar all have slightly different behaviors in comparison to water.
    -Mud acts as a slower-flowing version of water, which moves items and mobs half as quickly and flows 5 blocks instead of 6. It will also take twice as long to spread from the source block. When a mud source block touches lava, it is turned into dirt.
    -Quicksand is even slower, moving only 1/4 as fast and stretching only 4 blocks, however, it can be placed in the nether, unlike water and mud which will simply evaporate. Quicksand will be able to make obsidian in the nether, although it will be slow because it spreads slowly. When a quicksand source block touches lava, it turns into sandstone.
    -Tar is the slowest liquid, moving entities at 1/6 the speed of water, and stretching 3 blocks. Tar can be placed in the Nether. When tar touches lava, it lights on fire and the fire is able to spread across the rest of the tar (like oil from the Buildcraft mod). It will not turn lava into obsidian. When a tar source block touches lava, it could turn into the roads mentioned in the OP.

    Why would these mechanics be useful?
    -A slower-moving alternative to water would be useful in many contraptions, such as pushing cows over a 1x1 hole. Water pushes them too fast and they miss, but if they move slower they may get in the hole more often.
    -Since Tar burns, it could be used to light a large area of blocks on fire. This would be useful in traps or PVP arenas to create hazards. Simply deploy a bucket of tar over an area and then deploy a flint and steel, both from a dispenser. Then remove the flaming tar will leave a trail of fire on the blocks as it disappears.
    -Gather obsidian in the Nether
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