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    posted a message on Powered Tracks Suck (sorry)
    Ive done some testing, and honestly Im not overly impressed. Not totally disappointed either.

    It seems as though the "detector" track is just about terminal. Attempted to place, and crashed 7 or 8 times and never actually got a single detector track down.

    As for the booster track... I think that it may have its uses, but it certainly has some pretty serious issues. I have only managed to move an empty cart over 19 sections of regular track after boosting from 15 sections of booster track. The booster track seems to actually hinder the performance of carts leaving the track if you intend to use them as a booster for another car, there is just no power to transfer really. Not to mention that the booster track doesnt like to be placed next to regular track, there is a lot of picking up rail and replacing because sections turn in odd directions (could be me, Im not really a minecart guy).

    However, I do enjoy playing with redstone quite a bit, and I have already thought of several little things I can do with carts now with various redstone projects I have going on. Electro-mechanical conversion is always nice... Though that does little for the minecart community.

    I read somewhere that Notch, or Mojang is pretty concerned with minecarts as a mode of travel. I dont really remember the reasoning mentioned, but this does seem to confirm that there is at least a little apprehension there. It also shows that they are making attempts to please the community that plays thier game, and pays the bills.

    Anyhow, just my thoughts/observations... GL with it

    *Edit--- After further testing, pretty much everything I mentioned was inaccurate. I think I have it figured out... kinda...
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    posted a message on does this mine cart booster work on multi player?
    Yes, it should work. The only booster Ive seen have issues in SMP is the "double" booster with a minecart dropped on top of another minecart.

    I dont do most of the minecart work on our server, but my brother has had similer boosters work fine.
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    posted a message on Redstone Burn-Outs
    Ive been using redstone repeaters for clocks since 1.3. They have a tendancy to be more stable, and in addition I can then adjust the speed of my clock down to as little as 3 (up to... as many as you want) ticks (as opposed to I think 5 maybe 10 ticks for the 5 torch clock.) However it does require either a button, or some other way to start the clock. Which can be done with a 3 torch clock since it will burn out very quickly and allow the repeater clock to function properly. I almost always stick to just a button.

    The repeaters just work better and are more accurate for most applications.
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    posted a message on Redstone question...
    Has anyone built a decoder for 7-bit ASCII?

    I am working on building a fairly large scrolling ticker board and have build the "keyboard" utilizing 7-bit ascii so I could have access to the entire alphabet as well as 1-0 (and a few symbols) while minimizing the number of inputs required to make it work.

    I am beginning the process of converting a 5-32 decoder for the project. However, since I need to make memory storage, as well as the actual tickerboard, if a decoder is in existance and the scematic available. It would be a tremendous timesaver.
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    posted a message on What is going on with redstone?
    Yes I agree that there is a fairly limited amount of electrical to mechanical conversion available with redstone atm. At least without a 3rd party mod or addon like Bukkit.

    While I would like to see more, there is a certain amount of beauty with what redstone can already do. How many other games have people creating hex decoders, and calculators from nothing but a few blocks and some dust?

    Yes, mechanical devices would be nice, and probably more practical from a game standpoint. However lets not lose the forest for the trees. Redstone as is, is pretty damn amazing.
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    posted a message on Will this work? Redstone question
    I have something (I think) similer built. To be honest Im not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve though.

    If I am correct, you want the input to open the door, and make noise with a noteblock (3 times) before closing the door?

    Again, If I'm correct... What you need is a modifed "monostable circut" (I hope thats right, Im ok with redstone, terrible with the terms) Simply build this

    then modify the reset side to include the noteblocks. (spacing the delays and having a wire branch going to 3 seperate noteblocks should work)

    There may be a better way, but Im pretty sure this will work for what I think you're going for.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Entropy
    Two totally different discussions going on... I love it.

    Minecraft - Who cares. If you ever manage to farm your world dry... Good for you! Go start another one and do it again... or better yet. Go outside and get some sun, you probably need it. (I am also of the, this would be a terrible MMO. the griefing would be insane, and anything you would ever hop to keep would need to be made of bedrock. including your sanity)

    Earth - Our planet has been here for Billions of years, we have been here for 10,000 give or take (some estimate as long as 35,000-50,000). It will be here for billions of years after we have gone. Anyone who thinks that we will be here forever is just foolish. We should concern ourselves with leaving something for future human generations, I suppose. However truth be told, the earth will heal once we are gone. Kinda like having a malignant tumor removed.
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    Good god please someone lock this thread.
    Make them go away.
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    posted a message on how big is minecraft
    Quote from williamcll »
    if MC goes 64-bit it would be more than 8 times

    If 8 times the surface area of the earth isn't large enough. Im pretty sure that going 64-bit would fall short of the mark as well.

    I love that Minecraft seems to alter the way scale is viewed. In our SMP I built a truely massive fortress (at least in my eyes) east of the spawn point. Only to discover the following week that my brother had built/was building a castle which would swallow 50 of what I had built to the west. In the months which have passed there are now several structures in varying states of large. Noone builds small (except my 11 yr old son. but he hangs out in one of my towers most of the time.) With the exception of the height restriction it's a buildfest.

    I think thats honestly what I love about minecraft. If you can dream it, you can build it.
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    posted a message on how big is minecraft
    The game will generate new chunks to the map. Each time you go somewhere you have not been before. So each map is pretty much endless.

    So to answer the question... you can keep right on trucking. Until you run out of hardrive.
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    posted a message on Giant Natural Mineshafts??
    It has been my experience, though I am not 100% certain, that the game seems to "erode" areas of earth sitting above underground caverns. I have several times had to "repair" areas in our SMP world where the grass/dirt/stone was sinking in high traffic areas. As well as the entire hillside surrounding my "base" is almost completely gone now, though when I had first built I was building into the side of a fairly robust hill.

    Quote from archori »
    ^^^That one might actually not be so giant. But I won't be finding that out any time soon :smile.gif:

    Interesting how playing Minecraft has redefined scale. =)
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    posted a message on (HELP) I need Gaming PC Specs Advice
    When purchasing/building a "gaming" PC. Keep in mind that the most crucial parts of the machine are memory and processor (for the sake of argument, GPU should be counted as memory)

    I recently built a new desktop PC, with gaming in mind. Since it had been several years since I had actually built a PC, I had to do a bit of research before I ordered any componants. What I went with was pretty simple,

    Intel 6 core (Chose intel since it has fewer compatability issues with Nvidia graphics, purchased as a CPU/MB combo)
    8gb RAM (DDR3, 1600)
    Nvidia 1.5gb HD videocard

    Then in order to get the speed up a little I purchased a 40gb solidstate drive to install my OS and games on. Backed up by a 1tb storage drive.

    Total cost was somewhere in the area of $900, which could be lowered a little by downgrading the videocard (to 1gb) and eliminating the SSD. I think just making certain that your processor has a minimum of 8mb cache, you arent using under performing RAM, and your drive runs at at least 7200 RPM (lower RPM drives have longer access times). You should be good to go. I looked at serveral gaming systems on the market before I did anything, and a lot of the time it just appeared as though I would have been paying for the "privilage" of having a "gaming" system.

    To more directly answer the question... 4GB Ram isnt enough IMO, otherwise looks fine.
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    posted a message on I see a problem here. A problem with Minecraft.
    I have read the bulk of this thread. Not everything, so if I repeat, whatever. Im just going to chime in once and then leave it alone.

    Yes, the game is buggy. My personal experience is that the game is much buggier on my laptop (which I use about 90% of the time) vs my desktop. Reason being, my desktop is a couple years newer and about 10 times more powerful. With the (rather excessive) amount of client-side things being done to make minecraft happen. I simply expect that its going to be labor intensive to play on the laptop, and I cope. Am I thrilled about it? Not really, but I cope.

    The thing that strikes me the most is that most people seem to want to blame it on, poor programming, excessive vacations, Notch in general, whatever. What some/most of the posts in this thread tend to ignore is that nothing is ever quite as simple as we would like it to be. I want to say that I read or heard somewhere that minecraft contains in the neighborhood of 64,000,000 lines of code (Please dont quote me on that). Not to mention (though it has been mentioned about 1000 times in this thread alone) that the game is still a beta or alpha or whichever side of that discussion you choose to be on. I'm not posting to defend Notch or anyone else. It can be reasonably stated that I dont have a dog in this fight, but...

    Seriously, what do you expect? I understand that some are less than enthusiastic about the current state of the game. I generally agree that there is a vast room for improvement. To be honest, thats what beta/alpha is for. To gather feedback and make repairs and updates and improve. Keep in mind most modern games take around 2-4 years to reach the "final" product, and that is with a full studio of programmers, artists and developers. Minecraft has been around about 9 months as best as I can tell.

    I believe that this thread, or most of this thread, is pretty much spot on. Peoples intentions (I suspect) are to voice what they believe to be issues that need attention, and I applaude. To be perfectly honest however, it comes across as 189 posts of wall (text) to wall (text) bitching. Intentions aside, I dont think that that is the best way to get results.

    Im done. Hope I didnt offend anyone. Certainly not my intention.
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    posted a message on Looking for some help
    Texture packs and Custom character skins are user end items. You do not need to load them onto the server itself. Texture packs are loaded client side by the user, and custom skins can be uploaded to the profile section of the minecraft.net site.

    If this isn't what you meant exactly... I recommend mcskinedit for editing/creating a custom skin. Painterly for texture packs, since it is fairly customizable. There are also many other resources available if either of these do not suit your personal taste, and a google search (or a browse through these forums) will turn up hundreds of options.
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    posted a message on Yogscast, how did they do it?
    The Yogscast videos were created using a combination of live players, and bots (programs which run the "character" in a predetermined path.)

    Most of the commonly recurring characters are played by live players (of which there are 5 members to the Yogscast team as best as I can count, with a couple of alternates bringing the total to a maximum of 7 "ish") Obviously Xephos and Honeydew, as well as Israphel, Old_Peculier, and Skylord_Lysander are fairly consistently live.

    However most of the rest are simply programmed bots, such as Daisy and Granny Bacon. Who very seldom move, let alone manipulate the environment.

    A lot of other aspects of the videos are achieved through video editing.

    To answer a couple of other posted questions...

    No they do not have "accounts" for each of the characters to the best of my knowledge. Xephos (Lewis) runs the server himself, and I dont believe that there is any verification through the minecraft database.

    And as best as I can tell they "survive" through donations and do not actually get paid per episode. That being said they are professional gamers, and I dont honestly know how they make thier money.

    All that being said... I do not personally know anyone affiliated with Yogscast. The information I am imparting comes in part from thier "official" site, videos, as well as other in the know sources, and is to the best of my knowledge accurate.
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