About Me
Lol...maybe I should write something here?
Well...I'm a french-canadian who live in Quebec.
I'm a "semi"-hardcore gamer.
I'm study in Computer science technology (But I have hard time there...How I could know after all the time I spend with computer that it's would still be hard for me lol).
I have an Attention-deficit disorder but I take meds for that...
I'm a brony (if you didn't knew, that's mean that you was new or that you live under a rock away from any civilisation).
I'm a kindness guy and I'm normally really shy (IRL) => Fluttershy ;p
I try to help people when I can and I hate when people fight each others.

Here, have some music :

"Darkness is only the absence of light. Once the light envelope a living, you can see his true self ... Abandon evil and sow the joy around you! Do not condemn the dark ... only shows the right path to hope ..."(Doranos89, 2011-12-03)
Interests Ponies ;p, Minecraft (duh...), Any Fps games I guess

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