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    You say somebody is improving on Risugami's idea and fixing a terrible flaw we've all had to deal with before?

    They're even planning to update regularly?

    What? Are you trying to tell me that this isn't even close to being finished, and many more features are soon to come?

    How can it even get any better than that? I think it goes without saying that the idea is completely sold for me.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Planet-Sized Moon
    Wow... I am seriously blown away by this.
    This is quite an interesting and unique mod, for sure.

    It's definitely got a lot of potential.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Firekicker8's Mods [Craftable Diamonds v0.4] [Advanced Ore Farming (WIP) ]
    Hmm. This looks similar to the Equivalent Exchange mod. I'll say there are many ways this can differ from EE, so I'm not outright saying "this mod is dumb, try this other mod".

    For instance, the water and lava orbs. I would love to see tool sets out of those.

    Once common theme I've seen from lava tools is the ability to smelt ores that you mine, without having to use a furnace. If you decide to expand the orbs idea, I could really see this mod becoming something unique (or at the very least a mod with some uncommon aspects)

    One comment, however... This seems a little broken. You need 48 stone, 72 coal, and 3 lava to make one diamond...
    The stone would be easy to get, but the coal would be terribly hard to find. It just seems like a massive change in attainability.

    Also... What do you do with the diamonds once you make them? There should be some sort of long-term goal here, if you've already gotten a diamond pick for the obsidian used in the recipe. I'd really like to see the orbs portion of this mod expanded.
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