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    Quote from Coomandude111

    yeah, sure, but wood is a very renewable resource. You can find it literally anywhere. We don't need stronger wood tools, they're a primitive kind of tool.

    I find it much more the opposite, since natural stone is the second most occuring block in MineCraft, next to air.

    And it's not that I find the tools weak no, not at all, it's more that once I get stone, they have no more use for me on that world. Just read my opening statement a little more carefully.
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    I hope during further refinement of this idea, they consider some things:

    1: If they should be able to bust down doors, make that the case only for wooden ones, and give the player some time to react (like, they bang on the doors three times (indicated by a banging sound), then open the door with a loud bang sound. Would be interesting. But again, only for mobs in pursuit, not ones chilling outside that happened to wander over.

    2: Would give iron doors much more of a use and make them more of a necessity to obtain.

    3: Perhaps longer beating-open-the-door times for mobs which pose a higher threat? Creepers would perhaps be the slowest, giving player more than enough time to react and prepare/flee, than say a lowly zombie that, while an easy foe, has superior strength and is able to bust down a door in little preparation time. Almost reminiscent of the zombies in RE.

    All around a good idea I think, provided there's sound indicators and some time of preparation.
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