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    posted a message on ShadeCrest Creative | Ranks | WorldEdit | VoxelSniper | Contests | MultiWorld | Dynmap | Teamspeak
    What is your IGN: DontSass
    How old are you: 17
    Have you ever been banned before, if yes, for what: No
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: About 2 years on and off
    Tell us something you read in the rules: Keep chat clean.
    Did you include pictures of your builds (You must to apply)***: dontsass.imgur.com
    Have you played on our survival server? Since when? (/seen): No
    What is your secret code: 8S
    How did you find us: Searching through the MC Forums for good creative servers
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    posted a message on HavenCraft -Builders Needed-

    IGN: DontSass

    POS: Head Builder

    AGE: 17

    EXP: Multiple builds across several (now closed) servers. A full themed town on the most recent, but I only have pictures from one of the town's builds. I am also a whitelisted member of The Voxel Box, but I took a nice Minecraft hiatus shortly after being whitelisted, and I feel like I'd be lost if I reentered that server after so long.

    PROOF: dontsass.imgur.com

    DEDICATION: Currently, a rather average amount of game time, but with Summer vacation quickly approaching, I'll have plenty of time very soon.


    BIO: I'm a pretty average guy. I like to think I'm funny, and I like to think that people agree with me on that. I'm currently a senior in high school, but at the time of this post, I only have 9 days of classes left until my Summer really begins. I'm going to a reputable university in the fall, and my playtime may become very limited once I move into my dorm room there. That said, that still leaves about 3 months for me to contribute to this server.
    ......EST timezone, btw.

    Can Use Skype [Y]

    Can Use World Edit [...I haven't, but I can learn!]

    Can Terraform [Y]
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    posted a message on | Arcadia Games | HUB 1.7.4 | Survival | Creative | Vanilla | Anti-Grief | Survival Games | Join + Play! | Forums |
    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is the recipe for a Bookshelf?
    [P] = Plank
    [B]= Book


    What do you like to do in Minecraft?
    I like to build, and I [b]think I'm pretty good at it!

    Were you referred by anyone?
    Ousire, kind of

    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and the Building Guidelines? (outlined on our website: arcadiamc.com)
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    posted a message on The GRID [No Whitelist] [No Wipes] [Up 4+ Years] [Friendly & Mature] [Anti-Grief] [WorldEdit] [VoxelSniper] [Live Map]
    - Do you agree to our rules and understand that you will be banned if you violate them?


    - How would you contribute to our server and what do you plan to build? Be specific.

    I can contribute through builds, as well as my easygoing personality. Ultimately, I hope for this server to be drawing enough that I stick around and build an entire town, with the help of others.

    - How long have you been playing Minecraft? Optional: Post a link to your best build. (Players posting screenshots will be given special consideration)

    I've been playing the game on and off since early Alpha.

    - What is your in-game name?

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    posted a message on I make flat maps
    If you can set the y value of the ground that would be great :ohmy.gif:.

    Either way, I'd love a Sandstone and/or Cobblestone map, and if the y can be set, then I'd like it around 30.
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    posted a message on Crafter's Cafe
    Quote from numbuh1

    I LOVE IT!!! :biggrin.gif:

    Surely more than one person in 160 views would like to comment :ohmy.gif:

    And thank you, numbuh :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Crafter's Cafe
    I (fairly) recently built a cafe for a creative server I play on, and figured it would be a good first build to show here :smile.gif:.

    This build, along with several of my other builds, would not have been possible without the VoxelSniper plugin.
    The texture pack being used is the Pangea Pack by The Voxel Box.

    Please share any opinions on things I did, whether you like them, dislike them, or think you have a good suggestion to improve my build!

    Link to Imgur album: http://dontsass.imgur.com/crafters_cafe#WMrHr
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