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    About MCMap Live

    MCMap Live is a Minecraft mapper, like Cartograph for Mac OS X. It is a wrapper for mcmap, Zahl's fantastic and fast isometric Minecraft map renderer. What makes MCMap Live special is that it renders maps in pieces and lets you view them right away in an intuitive, minimalist interface. You can scroll and zoom all around your world and as quick as mcmap can render the chunks, you will see them. Instant gratification!

    The other thing that makes MCMap Live special is that it's written in Objective-C just for Mac OS X, so unlike so many Windows-only tools, this one is Mac-only! Sorry users of other platforms, but I chose the APIs for this project because I wanted to learn them.


    Download MCMap Live and run it. From the file menu you can select worlds from single-player minecraft on your system or any world folder, including server worlds. Drag or two-finger scroll the map to move around. Scroll/Pinch to zoom in and out (or use the a and z keys if you have no scroll wheel). Use the menus to change lighting, etc. Play around, I'm sure you'll figure it out!

    Download MCMap Live v1.5.1 (Voikya update)
    Link Removed (Works for 1.0, use for mcregion worlds)
    Link Removed (old 'n' busted version 1.3.3, use for old world format)

    System Requirements

    MCMap Live requires any Mac with OS X 10.5 or higher (Intel only). For decent performance, you'll want about 1GB of free RAM.

    Special Thanks To

    Zahl, for making mcmap. Without it, MCMap Live would be a fancy interface without a map renderer.




    Where can I get MCMap Live for Windows?
    MCMap Live is Mac-only, sorry. Pup05's Minemapper is a Windows program similar to MCMap Live. Zahl's mcmap, the map renderer behind MCMap Live and Minemapper, is fully crossplatform and will run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

    How do I make MCMap Live zoom in and out?
    If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, scroll the wheel. If you have a Macbook, use the multitouch pinch gesture to zoom in and out. Alternatively press Cmd + and Cmd - to zoom in and out.

    How do I make MCMap Live show player locations?
    The show player location feature was never implemented. The menu item was removed in version 1.3.3.

    How do I use MCMap Live? / Is there a tutorial?
    I'm really surprised that this is such a common question. To use MCMap Live, download the program and run it. Select a world from the file menu. Look through all the menu options to see what you can do.
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    When biomes were officially added to Minecraft, the first thing most people in the modding community realized is that they're not stored anywhere. Adding biome-specific coloration seemed to be a non-starter. No longer!

    Introducing Minecraft Biome Extractor! MBE is a cross-platform java program that taps into the biome generation code of Minecraft and outputs the color location on the "grasscolor.png" or "foliagecolor.png" for each block of a given map. Thus allowing mapping programs to paint their maps with biome-specific colors.

    The JAR works both as a graphical interface and as a command line tool, making it suitable for scripts and end users.

    1.) Double-click the jar (or run it from the command line with no arguments)
    2.) Select the world you want to extract biomes for
    3.) Press Go and wait for "Done!"
    4.) Use a supported mapper to create maps with biome colors!

    Command Line Typical Usage:
    java -jar MinecraftBiomeExtractor.jar -nogui world_folder [-flush]

    You can map over and over without rerunning the program unless your world boundaries expand. Then you will need to rerun. MBE will skip over previously extracted chunks, so it'll be much faster.

    The "Clear Cache" option in the GUI and the "-flush" optional flag on the command line delete any existing extracted biome data before starting. Use this if you suspect the extracted data has become corrupted, your random seed has changed, or Notch has changed the biome generation code and you wish to fully regenerate the map's biomes.

    Supported Mappers
    mcmap by Zahl
    MCMap Live (wrapper for mcmap) by Donkey Kong (MBE is integrated, no need to download this)
    Minecraft Overviewer by Andrew Brown

    Minecraft Client installed (will process server maps just fine)
    Java Runtime Environment v1.5 (if you can run Minecraft, you have this)
    Tested and working under Windows, Mac OS X (10.5+). Should work fine under Linux.

    Link Removed

    Older versions:
    Link Removed
    Link Removed
    Link Removed
    Link Removed
    Link Removed
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    This is a neat way to distribute and load mods, but it doesn't seem to address the fact that mods will still break every release because all the interfaces change around from minimization.
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