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    Hello there!

    In this tutorial, I will be teaching you on how to create 150x150 Minecraft block renders, along with a grid-sized 32x32 version using Blender.

    Creating these images will be helpful for displaying what a block from a mod looks like in-game, along with it looking neat and professional. An example of a large block render can be seen in the official Minecraft wiki, while a grid image is exactly the same as the ones you see on the hotbar of a Minecraft game, being useful for wiki templates that require showing recipes on a Crafting Table or a Furnace.

    This tutorial mostly geared towards wiki users for different Minecraft mods who don't have a way on getting these types of blocks displayed.

    What you will need:

    • The mod itself, if you're using one
    • The latest version of Blender, a free-to-use animation program.
    • Some sort of zip extracting software (If you have Windows, you don't really need it unless the mod you're using is a .rar)
    • This 150x150px Block Blender File.

    For the complex ones later on, you will need a working version of Minecraft, and the mod you're using installed.

    I will be splitting each block-type tutorial from the top, which are the easiest, to the bottom, which are the more complex and difficult ones.

    Creating normal blocks

    In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make renders out of blocks that have the same texture on each side. This should be the easiest tutorial out of the rest, so if you feel like this may be difficult, it shouldn't be.

    The first thing you want to do is open up your jar file using any sort of zip extracting software (I use windows, so if you aren't able to install one, you can just rename the .jar into a .zip. It may give you a window that says it may be unstable, but just press OK.) and extract (drag) the assets folder into somewhere you can easily use, like the desktop. Afterwards, find the block texture. Usually, it will be in "Assets -> *mod name* -> textures -> blocks". Make sure if it is the right texture, like looking at the block in-game and the image.

    I will be creating a render of the Flour block from CandyCraft by valentin4311, a mod which adds another dimension to Minecraft, filled with candy and candy-related blocks, items, and mobs. I recommend checking it out sometime.

    Afterwards, open the 150px Block.blend file, and it should open up Blender, along with a setup that should look like this.

    Next up, you want to go look at the right of the interface, find the Image section, and click on "Open" This should open up some sort of file directory interface. Afterwards, try to navigate to the image and double-click it. (An added tip on finding the image is on the top left, change the view from "Short List" (The green box) to "Thumbnails". That way you can see what the images are before selecting them.)

    Make sure afterwards to remove the check on "Use Alpha" on the image tab.

    Next, look up and click on the "Right" object, go to the Image section, click on the portrait, which is on the right of the "New" and select the name of the image file you used. Do the same with the "Top" object.

    Now, with everything set, the render should be complete! Press F12 or Fn+F12 for Mac users to preview the file, and F3 or Fn+F3 to save the file.

    If the any sides appear to be white, return back to their respective Image section and re-select the image.

    If you wanted a large 150x150 image, you're finished! But, if you wanted it to be the size of the block as it is in-game, like on the hotbar, chest, furnace, crafting table, inventory etc. You would need to adjust some things. First, you have to press the Render tab, uncheck "Anti-Aliasing", and change the pixels from 150px to 32px. To do so, click on the number and then you should be able to type "32".

    You should be finished afterwards. Press F3 or Fn+F3 to save. Press F12 or Fn+F12 to preview the render before saving:

    Creating Blocks With Different Textures to Each Side (Coming Soon)

    Creating Door-shaped blocks (Coming Soon)

    Creating Slab-shaped blocks (Coming Soon)

    Creating Stair-shaped blocks (Coming Soon)

    Creating blocks with complex models (Coming Soon)

    Thank you for reading this thread! This is actually the first tutorial I have created for anyone to read. If you have any questions, please post them down below! Thank you!

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