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    Hello my IGN is Donnell. I'm 19 and from Canada. I've been playing minecraft since 1.8 beta, although I haven't played much of it in the past year or so, since the 1.9 update. I like to play mc for the building and a server with other people is fun to be on when you're bored or chilling out. I've been on plenty of servers in the past and I'd think I put a lot of time in most of them!

    u can add me on discord if I'm accepted : donnyko#2578

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    1. Donnell

    2. 19

    3. 1.8 beta haven't played much of 1.9 onwards (1 year?)

    4. I like building but playing mc on a server is fun when you bored lol.

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    posted a message on Brain Bowl - Vanilla, whitelisted. Small community, snapshots!

    -Username: Donbruh
    -Age: 17
    -Tell me something about yourself: I've been playing Minecraft since 1.8 beta and have been having this recent resurgence in the game. I don't have much to say because I feel like these server applications are rinse and repeat. So a couple years ago, I made a general application I use, where I go in depth, in playing style, history, description etc. If you want to check it out here is the link:


    Bonus! A picture of something you've built: tbh I don't haven't saved any of my previous builds, but if you can go by trust I think I can handle my own in building lol. Hopefully I can get on!


    the best way is to reach me at my skype: donnell.chann
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    Minecraft Username: Donbruh

    Skype: donnell.chann

    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DonBruh

    Age (10+): 16

    Why would you like to join?: I'm looking for a reliable vanilla server to record on, but aside youtube I just wanna play minecraft with a good group of people!

    How often will you be on?: It'll vary, 1-2 hours a time of play at least, maybe 3 days a week or so.

    What are your skills in minecraft?: I'm a builder, I love creating towns, spawn village, nether hub etc. I'm also working on a pvp map.

    *Who is your favorite mindcracker?: Hard to say but as of right now, I really like Doc's videos, even though its not really my style, I appreciate his work and what he does. His videos have been on point recently compared to the other guys.

    Time Zone: EST

    Anything else you feel compelled to tell me: Regarding Youtube, currently I have no videos. I've uploaded previously on a couple of different Youtube channels, because of server unreliability and game passion.

    I have another long post regarding application if you're up for the read check it out: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1891685-my-application-for-mindcrack-like-servers/#entry23360322
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    IGN: Donbruh

    AGE: 16

    SKYPE: donnell.chann

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING MC?: Playing since the 1.8 beta.

    WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN?: For months I've been looking for a reliable server, regardless of the type. Vanilla, FTB or even now Attack of the B-team. I just wanna play some good minecraft with some good people.

    YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK: http://www.youtube.com/user/DonBruh

    REGARDING YOUTUBE - As of now I have no videos on my channel, simply because I haven't found a reliable server to play on with people. I've uploaded before, I somewhat grew a channel before but now I'm starting fresh.

    If you wanna ask me more questions regarding Youtube or anything about myself hit me up with a message on skype.

    I also have an in depth application to servers if you would like to reach a crap ton of information, thanks
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    posted a message on Minecraft PVP: Gametype help.
    Hi everyone,

    I am creating a PVP map, but currently I am stumped on a certain game type, I thought to myself that once I created the map, the game type would come naturally, but it didn't.

    So I'm looking for advice, or suggestions for the map.

    The map itself is not a copy of this map in Gears of War but follows the style. Maps in Gears of War are linear and basically duplicated in each side. My map in my opinion is a small-medium sized map.

    If you have any suggestions please leave them

    Thank you.

    PS. I do not want to reveal the map just yet still in early stages, I hope you understand :)
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    Age 16.
    IGN: Donbruh
    skype: donnell.chann
    Recently I've been in search of a strong reliable server. At the end of the day I just want to play with a good group of guys who enjoy minecraft. I've played in many whitelisted servers, but those servers never lasted past 4 months, I'm looking for a server that is built to last.

    This app was short to get my point across, but I do have a much larger application if you are willing to read the info :P


    in depth application:
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    posted a message on [1.7] Whitelisted Server | Mindcrack Style Server | Looking for More Members [DustBoom]
    IGN: Donbruh
    SKYPE: donnell.chann

    Well obviously I've been a fan of the mindcrack network for a long time. I've been followings since November 2011. Watching their videos has really given me the urge to play. I've been on plenty of whitelisted mindcrack like servers but they don't seem to last more than 4 months. I'm hoping to join a server where I meet a good group of guys and to be on a server that will last.


    check out this in depth application I made months ago. Some things may not be the same, but it gets who I am across a bit better.

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    posted a message on Need some builders looking for a new challenge.
    I have a in depth application here is the link: http://www.minecraft.../#entry23360322

    In Game Name: Donbruh
    Build Style: Not specific, I dabbled in a lot of areas. In previous experiences on servers I've built many medieval style builds. But I can focus on many other styles. (Modern, Western, Steampunk etc
    Position desired: Looking for the lead.
    When can you start building: Hopefully I would think as soon as accepted, unless things come up.

    If I do get accepted. I would like a couple days to build a portfolio of builds. In a creative and making a video. If I'm granted that I think you'll like it.

    PS: Best way to contact me is through skype: donnell.chann
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    posted a message on --

    *Minecraft IGN- Donbruh
    *Age- 15
    Skype- donnell.chann
    Other Details- (Youtube Channel, email, etc.) www.youtube.com/user/donbruh

    *What is your level of competence in the game?- I think I can handle myself in minecraft. I'm not conceited and ignorant to things I don't understand such as redstone. But I think I know a fair amount about the game.

    *About how often do you expect to play on the server?
    Right now since it is summer holidays for myself I'll be playing many many hours on the server. To give a minimum most likely 2-3 hours a day on average.

    *What is your favorite aspect of Minecraft?
    My favorite aspect in the game is the online multiplayer apsect. I love being around people who have a good time.

    *What is your playing style?-
    My play style is building. This is the reason why I'm hooked into minecraft. My skills in building vary quite a bit. I would like to think that I'm not a one dimensional builder, but a builder who is a innovator (lol)

    *What do you expect from the server? What will you bring to the server?-
    Well from a server what I usually expect is coming onto where I know I can expect a good time and talk to good rounded people. To the server I can bring a good attitude and bring my experiences with mine craft with me.

    What other details do you want us to consider in your application?
    Well I would like to think I'm an easy going person who is generally liked. I'm very social and I think I would be a great asset to your server.
    *How do you wish to be contacted when you are accepted/denied?
    The easiest way to get a hold of me is my skype (donnell.chann)

    If you wish to see a more detailed application please check out this link almost as a portfolio: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1891685-my-application-for-mindcrack-like-servers/#entry23360322
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    posted a message on My Application for Mindcrack like servers.
    Hey everyone this is my public application for any servers willing to accept me. I decided that this might get to people rather than posting in several different posts. But here it goes. If you are interested in adding me to your server please add my skype.

    Reaching Info:
    SKYPE: donnell.chann
    IGN: Donbruh

    Personal Info:
    AGE: 17.
    LOCATION: Canada (EST)
    I would like to think I'm an easy person to get along with. I'm social and enjoy playing minecraft with other people. I love the aspect of minecraft multi player and I'm in search for a good,organized, and strong community to join!

    Minecraft Related INFO:
    HISTORY: I've been playing minecraft since the 1.8 beta release and been going strong since. Early on I enjoyed playing on public servers, and eventually was introduced to mind crack. I've been a fan of the mind crack guys for over 2 years now.

    PLAYSTYLE: My play style in minecraft is building. The building aspect of the game really got me into minecraft. I love creating large and very intricate builds. But at the same time I'm able to create smaller scaled builds with a good amount of detail. My builds are not focused on just one point of time era because I'm able to dabble in many eras of time. In previous servers I built medieval, western, steam punk and modern styles.

    In honesty I have little to no knowledge in redstone. Even though this part of the game interests me. I don't know to much about it.

    HISTORY: I've played in many different white listed minecraft servers. But unfortunately the servers did not last do to inactivity in the server. But I'm a type of player who is always playing and loves to be apart of a strong community. I think I would be a great asset to your server. I'm very experienced in private mindcrack like servers and have good knowledge of the game.

    INVOLVEMENT: On the server I like to participate in community builds. Such as ender xp farms, spawn creations and nether hub.

    YOUTUBE: As of now no interest in YouTube, a part of me would want to but would want to be sure that the server around it would be stable and active, and the commitment to run a successful YouTube channel is a big one.

    If you have anymore questions about me. Please feel free of adding me on skype and asking. I think I would make a great asset on your server and be a great friend. If you are interested in me being on your server please add me on skype also.
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    posted a message on Looking for players for my mindcrack style server
    Skype Name: donnell.chann
    How much time will you spend on the server: Its summer time and I'll be spending many, many hours on the server.

    I enjoy playing and socializing with other players and doing stuff for the server community. Like enderfarms, nether hubs spawn etc.

    Thanks for the time for reading this short app

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Stormcraft Private Server Application (Mindcrack Vanilla)
    IGN: Donbruh
    Skype: donnell.chann
    YouTube: www.yourube.com/user/Donbruh
    Age: 15

    Why do you want to join: well I've been a fan of the mind crack servers for a year and a half now and I've been hooked since. I've been in search for good people with the drive to start a channel.

    I can record currently have no videos but I will soon. Upload schedule will be 3-4 a week.

    I can play hours at a time because it is summer And I wanted to start a channel

    To be truthfully honest I shared an old account with a lot of people who I thought I could trust but I couldn't. those people got me banned in the process. So to be clear it wasn't my fault for the unfortunate events but ­ happens. Now I have my own new account And do not share with people. I know I shouldn't be telling you this but I am speaking with honesty.

    My favourite you tuber is vintage beef. I just enjoy the building aspect of minecraft. My close second would be bdubs for the same reasons.

    Well I'm a pretty layed back dude who enjoys talking with people I would think I'm easy to get along with. To add on about my play style I'm a builder who enjoys doing community builds and larger scaled builds, I like to contribute to spawn, nether hub and xp farms. I'm also interested in doing collab videos with other players

    Thanks for your time!

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    posted a message on Mindcrack Like Server Now Accepting Applications -------- Magmacraft
    Age: 15
    What are you good at in the game (Building, Redstone, etc): I'm a builder, most of my builds are built to a larger scale, but they're a very detailed. To be perfectly honest, I know nothing of redstone. I also do enjoy doing some pvp, and uhc and such.
    How long have you been playing: I've been playing minecraft strong since 1.8 beta

    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DonBruh
    No videos yet since I wanna start recording on a server first! Upload schedule: most likely every other day or 3 times a week. If goes as planned :)

    Do you have the tools to record: Yes, I have fraps and sonyvegas and able to get 30 fps recordings but for some reason my sony vegas is in whack, as soon as I fix that I will most likely be uploading.
    How many hours do you play per day? Summer vacation just hit, so most likely 2-3 hours a day atleast.

    IGN: Donbruh

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: Like I said I'm 15, from Canada, I would like to think that a nice and kind dude. I'm a social person and easy to talk to. But hey, never know till you talk to me ;p

    Best way to contact is via skype: Donnell.Chann

    Thanks for reading my App!
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    posted a message on Vanilla Server/Snapshot looking for new members!
    IGN: Donbruh

    Skype: donnell.chann

    Age: 15

    Experience with Minecraft: Playing since 1.8 Beta, I think I'm an experienced player.
    What you have to offer: Well I'm a pretty good builder, most of them are bigger scaled but have tremendous amount of detail. Also I'm a social person, I'd like to think that the people who I play with generally like me.

    Any additional comments: I think I'd be a great fit for your server, you have what I need.

    Thanks for reading the application and for your time.

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