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    posted a message on Rouge Minecraft [Whitelist] [PvE] [Economy] [Survival]
    Server Name: Rouge Minecraft
    Server Locale: USA - Chicago
    Website: (rougemc.com)
    SubReddit: n/a
    Wiki: n/a
    Server Address/IP: mc.rougemc.com
    Version: 1.7.4
    Game Play Type/s: [Semi-Vanilla] [PvE]
    Additional Worlds: n/a



    RougeMC aims to be a semi-vanilla PvE SMP server. The biggest mechanics change is the addition of an economy. Players can use /buy & /sell, as well purchase (with in-game money) chest shops in the spawn marketplace.

    With the launch of RougeMC, we have a brand new map! Come join us as we build railways, towns, engage in various building contests, and more.

    Important: RougeMC is not a pay to win or pay to play server. We do have donor ranks, but they are purely cosmetic. A donor has no advantage over a non-donor. ([Our Shop])

    Lastly, RougeMC is more than a server. We're a community! Don't like something? Have an suggestion for better gameplay? Talk to me (Drum on the forums, Colin_Mochry in-game) or [submit a suggestion in our Suggestions forum.]


    > Be respectful of other players and their belongings

    > Don't grief, spam, hack

    > No racism, etc

    > Listen to the staff

    > [Click here to view the full rules]

    If you fail to comply with the rules, you will receive a warning, then a ban/mute. Not all bans/mutes are permanent.

    If you feel you got banned/muted unjustly, you can appeal it in our [Bans & Appeals forum.]

    Whitelist Application Process

    > Sign up at rougemc.com

    > (Optional) Change the theme if you prefer dark themes over lighter ones.

    > Submit an application in the Whitelist Applications forum (Here)

    Or, Post on this topic!

    Minecraft Username:


    How long have you played minecraft?:

    Why would you like to join?

    Our general criteria:

    We are looking for mature players. This is the the most important requirement. It is not necessarily related to age.
    Generally we are looking for 16+ but anyone is open to apply.


    Plugins: [Essentials] [ChestShop] [Dynmap] [Herochat] [NoCheatPlus] [RandomLocation] [StaffTickets] [Nametags] [WhatIsIt]


    Colin_Mochry: Owner

    Danhack12: Admin

    bthazah4: Moderator

    Domo_4760: Moderator

    Pictures/Videos URL:

    ([Current spawn])

    ([The MarketPlace])
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    posted a message on Where did adam1994 go?
    Quote from tbone120120

    HE DIED...ok i have never herd of this "adam" so idk stop asking me...
    This post was totally needed for this thread.
    OT: He might had gotten his account deleted back when youtube started de-activating accounts if they weren't active for a month. I don't think they do that anymore though.
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    posted a message on How to setspawn
    You can have a pressure plate when they spawn, and then under the pressure plate is a command block that teleports them to the spawn you want.
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    posted a message on Food. :3
    I liek food.
    It tatse good when I eated it.
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    posted a message on A unbreakable "sword"
    You can only do that in creative mode, in survival when you go to the anvil nothing happens. Still useful for adventure maps and stuff I guess.
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    posted a message on Bug Report
    2 minor bugs involving pigs in 1.5
    Infinity powered mine carts and a Head glitch

    When riding a pig your head can do multiple 360's.

    if a pig with a saddle is in a mine cart, if you push it (or give it momentum) then get on it keeps going in the direction where you pushed it (Or follows the rail if on a track) Making it infinitely going.
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    posted a message on /give skulls with player nbt tag!
    I support!
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    posted a message on How can I downgrade to Minecraft 16.4.2?
    I'll google your problem on my iStone.
    Oh wait sorry wrong joke.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow
    Quote from zenx29

    Hope its in Florida because my parents wont let me go because its always to far away from home. I have wanted to attend minecon since i got minecraft.

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    posted a message on Something's talking tomorrow.

    I really hope villagers get a voice update
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    posted a message on What if I..
    You'd be inside out, and with an exploded stomach.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Name
    When I made my first youtube account, I was gonna name it domo.
    but I couldn't, so it recommended domo4760, and I put an underscore in it for reasons I don't remember.
    But then I got steam, and it used the first part of my email, which is where I got sboles66. and I didn't know you could change named at the time. so I just stuck with the name..
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    posted a message on The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
    Quote from Envy

    No problem. I thought this thread was a good idea, because there will be lots of replies, as this generation is quite dumb.

    I hate it when people say this kinda stuff.
    you realize it's "your generation" that raised us, right? It's "your generation" that started all the ­ty trends, like duck faces, and hipsters.
    You don't need to stereo type a whole entire generation. There were idiots in your generation, there are in ours, and there will be in the next generations.
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    posted a message on I keep hearing some weird noise coming from my room and I can't find it.
    Quote from danthonywalker

    The desk is going to come alive and eat you! You must move, quickly! Save yourself!

    Like that scary as (I guess it censored) ­piano in Super mario 64!
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    posted a message on secrets in the update?
    Quote from wolfeuk

    since the launch of MC a year ago all the updates we've had where already in the game, yes a year ago we had jungles, pistons, spawn eggs etc....they just wernt accessible for us

    all they did was change the coding, hence why the updates and bug fixs where so small (7mb), thats how you get around loading a TU7 with a new update and still get everything...

    as for the latest update i dont know, perhaps they've added alot of stuff that they havnt coded in yet ?
    so the new updates/bug fixs will be small downloads again ?

    seems to me like a viable solution... :)

    I don't think thats true...
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