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    Quote from Cmasta

    Looks like the main issue is the outdated method of changing vanilla classes. I am going to try and make a hotfix for id_miner's 0.8.0 Version So you guys can have at least something to use until I can rewrite the entire mod. I will use this topic for updates until I have successfully rewrote the mod or at least have made a hotfix, then I will start my own topic. I will keep you guys posted!

    I have a Quick tip for people that want to use the mod until I provide a hotfix. You can use the 0.8.0 version with the .789 version of forge ONLY with magic launcher.

    -Chris Jenda

    I hope you can update this mod! :D!!!
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    Quote from nikotuck

    Indeed, PvP does get intense at times. Lots of fun.

    We're still a relatively small community but we know we are gonna get BIG!! Come be a community member here!!
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    Trust me on this.

    Don't think Mojang as a serious company. Think of Mojang as a bunch of monkeys bashing their heads on keyboards that get easily distracted and have poor judgement of time. (Like most gaming companies nowadays)

    Once you can do that. You just say "Yup, Mojang did it again" and move on.

    It cuts down on the rage of Notch Believers :/
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    Quote from Lichtfels

    Hello everybody,

    Today as always I was just about to continue working on a map I'm creating at the moment, when I took a quick peek at the Home page, and what did I see there...

    Sacheverell decided to finally make a news about a custom map. And guess what, he deciced to promote one of those maps who were worked on for MONTHS. A map that was promoted with own made videos, with logos, banners, design. In short a map who was worth being mentioned.

    Uhm no... actually he didnt. He decided to promote a map that's got 47 Blocks in total, a chest and a few leaves, a freakin survival island in the sky. Just as a sidenote.. we got thousands of them in the stupid map making forum and most of the users there hate those freakin survival **** islands, you know why? Cause they insult serious map makers that actually had to think about their maps and put some effort in em.

    There is tons of AWESOME maps out there at the moment like The puzzlemaster, Monarch of Madness, Eronev Mansion, Assassin's Creep, Lux Perpetua, Mine 4 Dead etc... Why not give one of those a shot at the mighty news page which rewards real map makers with the attention they deserve.

    As a consequence of this article I might not release my map which is in the works since 3 month on these forums simply because I think it wouldnt be as much appreciated as a dirt island.

    Have fun there...

    I agree with you. I don't think anyone will really understand until they spent months working on a project. I've made maps for some source games that looked detailed and etc but they got overshadowed by maps that were literally just a single box. (I think it was 2 rooms in CS? That map...)

    Thing is, don't even bother posting in these forums. If you RANT AND RAVE about anything in the MC forums you just get trolled by people who don't even take 2 seconds to think about your position (Exempt a few).
    Most of these replies can be replaced with the words "You're stupid" and still get the same message across.

    For reference, please look here. It's mostly true.
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    Quote from Trekrz

    Why can't i find an id for a mushroom block?

    The mushroom block ID's have multiple "faces" to them. I'm not sure you can spawn them in exactly how you want them. Look here.

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