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    Comments on the structure of the second map would be greatly appreciated (Linear? Difficulty?)

    I am currently in the middle of making an arena that will hopefully be up for download in the next few weeks or so (depending on how difficult setting up the command blocks is). It'll have many options (including: which gamemodes are available during gameplay (capture the flag events, domination of a target, and so on), or whether or not certain targets (that can be shot by arrows) will be available). I could go on and on about the details about it, but that'll have to wait until I upload a picture of the current state of the arena.

    How does this look for the upcoming map?BANNERS ARE FINALLY COMPLETE! :D Anyone interested in supporting my maps, feel free to pick one of these up and leave a comment so I can see you did! Then I'll add you to the list below the banners :) Keep spreading it around!Banner List:

    - Special thanks to Interion864 for the banner help!

    EDIT: New picture is out! New innovational concept involved in the new map, and will be planned to be put into the old one in the metropolis area!Welcome to Domara's new series of maps called Mystic Worlds! Each map will contain 72 objectives that need to be completed in order to 100% finish them:

    42 ---> Monument Pieces
    20 ---> Research Notes*
    10 ---> Lost Souls*

    *Research Notes and Lost Souls will have a corresponding theme to each map theme.Each map has 3 major components that need to be followed in order to assure you complete the map properly:

    1. Story
    2. Rules
    3. Quests

    STORY: Simply read the "Story" section in the first book "Your Guide" to get the story started. You can't complain about misdirection in this map, because most is exploration of your own, and the story can help you get started!

    RULES: These rules need to be followed. Any breaking of the rules will result in disqualification:

    1. No game - changing mods are allowed.
    2. Always use at least Easy mode, never Peaceful.
    3. Find all monument pieces in monument chests except for the Iron Block, Gold Block, and Diamond Block. No silk touch is allowed FOR the monument.
    4. No trading with the hidden villagers until the emerald block is placed on the monument. Once it is placed, feel free to trade with any villagers. This is because of emerald trading. I will now call this the Mystic Milestone.
    5. Sheep wool and mined obsidian are not allowed for the use of the monuments or portals. The portal will be there for you, or possibly not at all if the map does not require the Nether.
    6. Survive in any way possible. Break, craft, and place blocks whenever you want.

    QUESTS: These quests all need to be completed:

    1. Find and complete the monuments. All of the monuments may or may not be in the same room (Yes there is a possibility of the latter in the future).
    2. There are 20 research notes that are labelled by number. They have secrets occasionally, so read them, they're short! Bring them back to a library somewhere in the map. Place the corresponding research note above the number of paper in the chest!
    3. Somewhere in the map there will be a villager who has lost their comrades. Find the lost comrades and bring the villager egg back to the villager home. "Your Guide" will tell you what the home is. The missing villagers will give you a secret of the Mystic World.



    Mystic World #1: Safe Haven (1 1/2 Years to Make) Safe Haven is finally done! It has been a long year and a half making this map. Safe Haven has a lot to offer to any Minecraft player out there! Not only does it have 41 monument pieces, but it has side quests that help keep the game moving along.

    A lot of detail has went into creating this map, including: Story, Quests, Scenery, and Dungeons. The story grows and evolves as you go through the map, learning more about the mysterious behaviours of the HUGE island. The reason I say there's a lot of detail is because a lot of this map was done by hand to give the dungeons a more "natural" feel to them.

    Those white blobs on the map are actually giant clouds that rest in the sky. They hide a lot from you on the map (on purpose, of course) and create a LOT of darkness. Just a heads up, there are several layers to the largest clouds, but the top layer is only for darkness of the one below. Don't bother trying to go to the top one, it is literally just a pile of lava (to limit spawning up there).

    You spawn in the bottom right corner of the map. There's a book that you need to read, it doesn't take long. Also around your spawn are beta testers and youtubers that have made Let's Plays of my map. Check them out!

    RESEARCH NOTES: The research notes were left by an adventurer like you. They are scattered only in the overworld. I put that in bold so you don't waste your time looking around the Nether or the End for them.

    LOST SOULS: Find and save all 10 of the missing Pirates of the Sea.

    Version 1.1 Update:
    - Switched blaze spawners in the enchanted jungle to skeleton spawners, too much fire was lagging the game

    Version 1.2 Update: Much bigger update!

    - Added a 42nd monument piece ---> Forever burning furnace, but the piece isn't in a dungeon. In this map it'll be involved with the secret That will be explained in the forum post, as well as a book, just for those who didn't see the hint. The monument will be added to a separate monument on it's own on the first floor. Don't worry 1.1 players, finding all 41 is completing my map! The next map will feature full dungeons for each piece.

    - Changed mushroom block monument pieces to LEAVES, because of the fact that each type of mushroom would revert to a damage level of 0.

    - Adding an explanation on how to claim the new monument piece from above.

    - Making the intro spawn look better and adding youtubers. (This spawn square will be used for each map)- Fixing a STUPID STUPID mistake on my part. HUGE apologies to 1.1 players ---> There is a 10th pirate hidden, but he doesn't have a bed or name. His name is Dorian. When you find a villager without a nameplate or chest, that's him... I wish I could give you a new hint, but the problem is that I was doing the secrets AS i put in the chests and names. I overcounted, so instead I will be adding a new bed into the ship and adding a new secret. (Thanks to Avenger's discovery)

    - Removed the final blaze spawner, that I missed, from the enchanted jungle.

    - Changed/removed/replaced resources near the spawn (for difficulty reasons)- Changed lighting in the first set of dungeons, and a few spawners, to fix useless ones

    - Removed some loot (loot was excessive and easy to become overpowered)

    - Added bedrock in some areas, fixing the ability to enter places where you shouldn't (dumb forgotten mistake on my part)

    - Added a few new spawners, and changed/added a few more additional details.ENJOY!

    Here's a trailer of MrMFretwell's take on Safe Haven! Check it out, maybe you'll get a better idea of the map :) Feel free to leave feedback, I'm sure he'd love it, so far I'm really enjoying his series! He has some pretty good strategies for taking on obstacles that helps me think of new ideas :)

    You can go to his series by starting here:
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">
    VERSION 1.2 NORMAL MODE: http://adf.ly/CjDiV
    VERSION 1.2 HARDCORE MODE: http://adf.ly/CjCYl

    FOR ANYONE DOING LETS PLAYS: I suggest you read the first book before you record, so you know the rules and quests. Then you can read just the story while recording and explain the rules on your way while you play. Some people are concerned about the length of the book, so I reduced it greatly. I hope this helps!


    Minecraft Forums: Karoshio - for doing an LP of my map
    Youtube Account: KaroshioGames - http://www.youtube.c...s?feature=watch
    Minecraft Forums: thequb1s - for doing an LP of my map
    Youtube Account: TheQubis - http://www.youtube.c...s?feature=watch

    Minecraft Forums: VireDesi - for doing an LP of my map
    Youtube Account: viredesi - http://www.youtube.c...i?feature=watch

    Minecraft Forums: Phedran - for doing an LP of my map
    Youtube Account: Phedran - http://www.youtube.c...n?feature=watch

    Minecraft Forums: Zaecus - for doing an LP of my map. Very nice spin off of the beginning!
    Youtube Account: Zaecus Celestis -

    Do these guys a favour and check out their other videos, and subscribe!

    Mystic World #2: Uncharted Mines ---> I might keep this name even though the map has changed in style

    RESEARCH NOTES: Left by a the last miner.

    LOST SOULS: Coal Miners.

    And so the construction begins... Day 1:

    Well here we are with another concept of my map... TELEPORTATION :D The idea is, this room will have the names of the areas to which there are activation levers. If you find them, the lamps turn on at both ends and that link is open to use. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way for command blocks to be usable only when the lever has been switched to "on" though, I'll figure it out :)
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    Great to see more people putting extensive detail into their maps :) Looks great, I'll definitely have to play these around the time I have for making my second map
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    I would like to take the time to apologize for my absence from this forum. Unfortunately school has been a huge priority! Recently I was accepted to Queen's University for Chemical Engineering, only 6 more days of school then summer! I haven't had much progress on the next map, I tend to swing between more than one idea, to which I put into a possible 3rd map. Honestly once I find free time I will start to make the next world! As for that skeleton spawner, I don't remember having any custom spawners :S I might have used a schematic from someone or something! Vechs has a spawning exe from someone I think
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    Hahahaha I stopped reading after the first bit of your "essay". The reason being, you obviously 1. Did not read the books I said were important to read, and 2. Assumed to keep going after the dark areas even though they were too difficult. Not once did you maybe think I put those there so you had to IMPROVE before going there? Nahhhh, that can't be it. I specifically made a few places more difficult near spawn to make you WANT to get there. Maybe try reading the books that SPEFICALLY tell you where armor and weapons are, PLUS the monument rooms with MANY resources, then tell me this map is 1/10. Really immature rating, although I would take a 1/10 from someone with a piece of intelligent criticism. Oh and the whole "crap loot to look forward to.", talk to everyone else who actually played further than 0.01% of my map who say I need to reduce the resources and loot. Go ahead and make a map that has 72 things to do, and we'll see how people rate it. It's not easy, but I don't deserve criticism from a first impression. I feel that the rage is coming from those spiders, but they aren't in the first dungeons at all.

    P.S. THE BUILDING DESIGN?? POOR BUILDING? EXCUSE ME? Sorry, I worked HOURS by hand on a lot of stuff, like the first mountain, just to make it look more realistic. Actually, a lot of things were done by hand to make it more pleasing to the eye, instead of the same stupid McEdit shapes. Anyway I'm done ranting about this because if you have ridiculously long things to say about how bad my map is, don't comment.OHHHHHHH and the REDSTONE..... OMG that kills me the most... YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW, my puzzles took months to make. I didn't say traps, did I? Those are just **** moves, instead I make "complex" puzzles for people to ENJOY
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    Thanks everyone for the comments! I've been doing some experimenting, much like Vechs' test world, and I have to say I have some pretty good ideas!
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    Quote from Pigos2000

    What version of what? If you mean Minecraft version I think 1.3 because this was created in 1.3 and there's no update till then.

    I actually honestly enjoy the map on 1.4, even though it was made in 1.3, so have at it ;D
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    Thinking of adding version 1.2:

    - Get rid of ender pearls, cause they're cheap
    - Not allow Ender Pearls in the Rules, Which also means:
    - Shorten and summarize first book "Your Guide"
    - Reduce armor and diamond count
    - Lower lighting in some areas (I lit up places more than I needed to)
    - Add paper in stacks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5... etc) in the library chest to show where the research notes should go
    - Reduce coal at the beginning

    I think that about sums it up, I've been working on fixing all this for a while, let me know if I should implement it guys!
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    For anyone who reads this, I'm finishing a map called "Safe Haven" tonight... If you've heard of Vechs, you'll know about the monument he uses to act as a goal to completion. Well my map is quite similar, but I made a story along with it, and there are 41 monument pieces instead of 16/17. The map is HUGE, it involves several main areas such as a crater, 5 pyramid ruins, 2 giant mountains, a tower which leads to the clouds, which then leads to a whole bunch of stuff... But I don't want to give anything away!

    If anyone has a multiplayer server that works on WAN, Email me at [email protected], just say that you want to play and I'll send over the map. I'm not putting up a link yet cause there are small things that need to be finished. But once those are done, I'll be putting a link up immediately!

    I've been working on this map for a year and a half, nonstop, and a lot was done by hand. I'm quite proud to almost be able to say it's finished!

    EDIT: it IS finished, here's the page! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1469133-safe-haven-is-finally-here-largest-ctm/

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    SAFE HAVEN IS HERE. IT TOOK ME A YEAR AND A HALF TO MAKE... SORRY FOR THE CAPS I'M JUST REALLY EXCITED! I hope some people come take a look, I talked to Vechs for a second and he told me to post about it on this thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1469133-safe-haven-is-finally-here-largest-ctm/

    Here's a sample picture, and here's the map:

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