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    Quote from TDWP_FTW

    Ok, so, I'm stumped on the two remaining biomes I should add. Anyone have any ideas?

    They need to be fantasy biomes, like the Fungi Forest and Mystic Grove. Currently, there are 42 realistic biomes (3 of which will be in the next update), and 6 fantasy biomes in the mod (1 of which will be in the next update), so I'd like to try to have the remaining 2 be fantasy biomes.

    There'll be a total of 50 new biomes when I add them, and I probably won't add anymore biomes after that, unless I really want to add something.

    Hell biome? Like, the nether, but on the overworld. Netherrack and soulsand, full of ghasts, pigmen, etc. As a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic, been thinking about ways to use each biome to recreate the various factions, and it'd be awesome for the Inferno.
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    Quote from King Korihor

    Entitled? You don't need to use their mods, download them, or even read the threads about the mods.

    If you've never created a mod and tried to maintain that mod over a major update, you really aren't even remotely qualified to speak about people being little pricks. If anything, I see this as a bunch of whiny brats that think the world owes them a favor for them simply being alive.

    With all of the incessant cries by idiots demanding that mod developers instantly update their mod immediately after an update, expecting help with boneheaded problems that could be solved just by reading the original post, or trying to get a mod developer to solve their mod conflicts with other mods, it is a wonder some mod developers even bother trying. More than a few mod developers are so tired of the situation that they have effectively abandoned their mod and certainly have stopped providing support for their mod...because it isn't worth the effort.

    The amount of money most mod developers get from adfly is so little that at best it is pizza money. In other words, enough to buy a couple pizzas and perhaps a bottle of soda. To the best of my knowledge, there aren't any professional mod developers making things for Minecraft where links to their mods is generating enough revenue to let them quit their day jobs.

    It is comments like this one that makes the community look bad.

    First off, assuming makes an ass out of you and you alone. I am a modder, a modder from communities that are far, far better than this modding community. Communities that don't have to beg for money, where mods are run by competent, non-psychopathic people that don't sabotage mods just for petty revenge, where good mods don't die just because a modder fell off the face of the earth, and where modders don't subject their users to known adware sites and then whine and moan when they're called out on it.

    Minecraft is the only modding community I've bumped into like this. Anywhere else, none of this would fly. You post an ad.fly link and you're going to be called a greedy douchebag. You slap around copyrights on everything and pretend to be an armchair lawyer, you're going to be mocked. Endlessly.

    People like -you- make the community look bad, because you defend the negative behavior other game communities have worked hard to put an end to. You're the parent encouraging a child to act out on a plane.
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    Quote from Chefbarbie

    Yeah, but that <insert expletive here> is a really special case.

    I don't know what about her pisses me off more:
    1) The fact she split her mod into 7 parts for better monetization (it's defended so that you can pick what to play, but the mod pretty much requires all it parts to work right. Try building anything with out "world" installed).


    2) Her shitty attitude toward her user base. I mean, it's been mentioned and suggested hundreds of times to remove or at lease give the user the ability to config out the volcanoes. Her response was pretty much "**** you, I like em, deal with it".

    So, to the user that thinks the app store route would be better, here's your proof why it wouldn't.

    All of a sudden, modders would have to *gasp* PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Like I've said before, a big problem right now is that a lot of Minecraft modders are entitled little pricks. Sure, some of them would probably stop working on their mods if they didn't get adfly money, but y'know what? Good riddance. They make the rest of the community look bad.
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    Quote from Peyko

    Still waiting for that new update to be released ;)

    Could be a bit.

    Since Mojang delayed the API, Minecraft modding still works like this:

    1. Minecraft is updated.

    2. MCP takes poorly organized, obfusticated code, turns it into something that can be worked with.

    (After this step, non Forge-dependant mods, usually smaller scale mods, can update)

    3. Forge updates.

    4. Forge Mods can now update.

    We only hit step 3 either today or late yesterday. So all the forge-dependant modders are only just now getting to really update, 11 days after Minecraft updated.

    This is why the constantly promised API is pretty important.
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    Quote from AbbySciuto

    They've just now started implementing "blocks" on Adblock and such. :\

    I don't mind waiting, I mind the possibility of getting a virus.

    This is the primary reason to be anti-adfly, and against all modders that use it. Thankfully adfly mostly still seems to be failing against blocking/skipping utilities here, though the second it does, to be completely honest, I'd turn to rehosting other mods off actually safe sites. If the modders take issue with it, it's their own fault for being so greedy they send their normal downloaders off to a virus mill.
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    Quote from Wolfmanownz

    Why isn't Optifine a feature of vanilla minecraft yet?

    Mojang and the creator of Optifine couldn't come to an agreement. From what I've heard it was something about how the latter party would basically have to quit his job and demanded some substantial financial compensation since they have a family to take care of.

    I don't really think that's an excuse for Mojang, though. I mean they hired Minecraft Chick and she does absolutely nothing but annoy a good chunk of the community. You'd think hiring the Optifine guy would be a far, far better decision.
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    Quote from bluelightzero

    have you no idea how good adfly is?
    it gives an incentive for the modders to keep updating their mods!

    i bet if they banned them most mods will not even go up next update.
    remember: its only 5 seconds, not asking for much is it?

    Crap like that is why we have such an entitlement issue with our mod community, why we have a bunch of finnicky drama queens holding a lot of things back. You won't find this crap in other modding communities, much like how you won't see mods for other games purposefully sabotaged just to screw over some other modders (like the Forestry incident.)

    If you aren't going to mod without begging for money, that's your problem. Get motivated or get going elsewhere. If you quit, someone else will take over your mod, even if you don't want them to, because the little copyrights you slap on them mean absolutely nothing.
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    Quote from JonathanTheBlack

    They should just ban adfly use for mods period.

    I'm all for banning adfly in general. It's a terrible practice no other modding community would get behind.
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    Quote from Keybounce

    200 pages in two months? I just found this from the Myst mod.

    Please don't. Please tell me forge is not required. Forge is completely not compatible with PPC macs. Modloader works, FML might (low chance) be made to work, but forge is out.

    Don't know about the official 1.3 API ... (not to mention everything is MP going forward ... which kinda hurts modloader and forces FML...)

    ExtraBiomesXL has required forge for awhile. Then again, most major mods do require it.
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    Quote from JojHeywood

    "Oh, don't worry. As you're appart of the vocal minority we'll try our best to please just you. We value what you have to say".

    You see, here's the problem with your, and everyone else's petty ranting.
    What you're saying right now isn't going to help the mod go anywhere. Scottkillen has bent over backwards trying to make the mod not edit any base classes and still work with the limited knowledge of how the mojang biome code works. He tried to make the RPG expansion compatible with 2.0. but three things stopped him.
    • The unexpected dropping out of TDWP-FTW. It was his own decision.
    • The way TDWP coded some of the biomes made them hard (or impossible) to convert to non-class editing files.
    • The team as a whole wanted to put out a mod what works and adds biomes.
    One of your arguments is that most of the biomes you want are in the RPG expansion pack. But are you completely satisfied with the same six biomes vanilla generation has? Six biomes? Don't know if you've noticed but this adds at least ten unique biomes on it's own without the RPG expansion.

    Oh, and incase you didn't notice, but Scott also made it so you can easily un-install the mod if you're not satisfied with it by dragging it out of your Mods folder. Don't diss it until you've tried it, and even then, Please don't come back begging for the RPG expansion to come back. Scott made an API you can make your own biomes with, with nice little instructions on how to use it.

    Moaning on a thread to strangers you don't know isn't helping the development of the mod, yourself, or anyone else.

    Find a good image hosting website. (I recommend Imgur) and host your images up there, then use the forum-code it gives you (It has [IMG] at the start) and paste it into the post between Spoiler tags. Here's an example:

    [ sphoiler][ imgg]RANDOMBLUR[ /imgg][ /sphoiler]

    I'm indifferent to a lot of the other biomes added, I personally would have disabeled many because, despite how pretty they looked, I found a lot of them to be really difficult to work with for construction, like the mountain desert.

    I also really don't care how easy to install/uninstall the mod is. It was easy to install before, and I don't get why you guys dropped the class format. Never had installation issues, never had compatability issues, so... I just really don't understand 2.0.

    Sure we've got an API right now, but most of us don't have the time or skills to really do much with that, and would rather download another biome mod instead.

    Moaning to strangers may not be helping the development of the mod, but I don't think removing half of the content exactly is either.
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