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    So my gaming community i'm a part of is starting a RP server, and I was going to make an inn before realizing they were pretty much useless since sleep wasn't required. So, mainly for RP servers, I thought it'd be cool if there was a mod that required players to sleep in a bed every so often or they'd start to slowly take damage, sort of like starving, though it would go down slower of course.

    This would of course require it to be doable on multiplayer servers where not everyone is going to sleep at the same time. I'd think you'd just have a meter like with food that would go down entirely maybe once every two days or something. I was surprised there wasn't already a mod like this when I looked.

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    Just to clarify to people, this isn't meant to be an exact recreation. It's rather loosely based and there is a lot left to finish. I'll be sending out some friend requests soon

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    Are the screenshots showing up for anyone?

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    Quote from ICE_TheDude»

    -ICE TheDude



    -Big fan of TES and think this could be fun

    Quote from ThePieProblem»

    - ThePieProblem



    - this sounds like a really cool server, I love TES and minecraft

    Welcome both of you. Sending you a xbox friend request.
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    minerim banner

    The scrolls fortell that the dragons will awaken, and that one called the Dragonborn will be our savior in that dark time, but that time is not now. Join in an epic war between the Empire and Stormcloak Rebellion, prior to the events of Skyrim. Join either of the factions, or remain neutral. Explore the vast lands of Minerim and decide your own fate.

    In Minerim, players take on the role of one of 8 unique professions.

    - Protect the Jarl and enforce the laws as a town Guard.

    - Be a master of trade with the Merchant.

    - Sell your skills as a fighter with the Mercenary.

    - Live off of other people's hard work as a Thief.

    - Uncover the mysteries of Minerim as a Mage.

    - Eliminate those your client wishes as an Assassin.

    - Rob travelers in the wilderness as a Bandit.


    After choosing a profession, players can choose one trade skill. (Merchants get all tradeskills.)

    - Gather and sell different types of wood as a Forester.

    - Gather and sell different rare metals and ores as a Miner.

    - Use metals gathered by a miner to make tools and weapons as a Blacksmith.

    - Use different kinds of wood from a forester to make furniture and building materials as a Woodworker.

    - Gather materials and brew mysterious potions and drinks as an Alchemist.

    - Discover the mysteries of imbuing weapons with magical power as an Enchanter.

    I will also set you up an auto shop to sell your goods while you're offline if you desire.


    While the introduction may be misleading, the two factions are not always at war. More often than not they're at peace, and traders even go from town to town selling their wares, no matter their faction. However, every so often there will be an event where the two factions fight over a strategically placed fortress, and the winning faction gets a few benefits including gold and expanded settling area.

    Each faction currently has a city and a town, both available for housing. Players pay the jarl a tax every so often of the Jarl's choosing. Of course, if the tax is deemed too high, a Jarl can always be overthrown. Players may also build their own homes outside of city limits, though this can be very costly in terms of building materials from a woodworker and miner.

    Imperial Banner
    Imperial Housing
    The first option for imperial housing is the bustling trade city of Whiterun, currently under the control of the Empire. White run has many housing options available and many shops. There is anything ranging from small cottagges, or rooms in an inn, to large homes for those with a larger budget.

    The second option is a smaller setting. Some may call it more homely, but it's the small Imperial town of Helgen.



    Stormcloak Housing
    The first housing option for Stormcloaks is the city of Winterhold. While significantly destroyed, it still has a few housing opportunities with many options for shop owners.

    The second housing option for Stormcloaks is the (slightly modified) town of Riverwood, a homely village surrounded by tall mountains and flowing rivers.


    I'm interested in learning more, now what?
    If you're interested in checking out the world for yourself, please reply with the following:
    - Gamertag
    - Age
    - Mic?
    - Why you're interested

    Also, please feel free to ask any question in this thread and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Hope to see you soon!
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    I was going to say "I don't forsee this happening since GoT is geared towards a mature audience," but then I realized, so is Skyrim.

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    I decided to upload some screenshots so people could see what i'm talking about.

    The Imperial town of Helgen


    The Imperial city of Whiterun



    Stormcloak town of Riverwood


    Stormcloak city(?) of Winterhold/ College of Winterhold



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    Hey guys, there's been a new update to my map, Minerim, based off of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With this update, we've added the following.

    1. The Stormcloak controlled city of Winterhold, built to scale
    2. The player profession, "Mage"
    3. An updated base for the Dark Brotherhood
    4. Visual changes and polishing to the Imperial city of Whiterun, built to scale

    If you are familiar with Minerim, then you can skip this paragraph. Minerim is a project I've been working on for a while to make a to-scale representation of Skyrim. I'm not going too detailed, but the cities I'm trying to do 100% to scale, and Winterhold and Whiterun are two great examples of this. In Minerim, players choose a profession (ex. Thief, assassin, guard, mercenary), then a tradeskill (crafting or gather jobs). This creates a flowing economy completely player driven. Minerim is the ultimate in Minecraft-Skyrim roleplaying experience. This is not 100% serious roleplay, and is more of meant to just be fun and laid back.

    Interested in learning more or joining us? Let me know on xbox at Doctor Phi1. See you soon!

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    There will be a session hosted tonight, 1/15 at around 9 pm eastern time, add me if you'd like to join us!

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    With our new update comes the first major city in our game. No longer will imperials be confined to the village of Helgen, but they have now taken over Whiterun, with an attached screenshot!

    Whiterun, in Minerim V1.3

    In the next update comes the city of Riften, for the Stormcloak Rebellion to control.

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    We've had three new people join us, but we still need more. A little more information: This takes place before the time of the dragonborn, but still during the war between the Stormcloak Rebellion and the Empire. After choosing your profession and your tradeskills, you choose one of these factions to join, or remain neutral. Choosing a the stormcloaks will mean you will own property in Riverwood, while choosing the Imperials means Helgen. Going neutral means you will live in a house of your own outside of city limits, or you will live in your profession's home (ex. mercenaries live in Jorrvaskr, thieves in the thieve's guild.)

    Remember to contact me if you are interested!

    Also, feel free to ask questions here about it so I don't keep having to bump the thread myself :D

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    I thought I would add a little more information.

    1. Pick a profession. Become a town guard, merchant, bandit, thief, assassin, mercenary, and more!
    2. Purchase and live in property in either Riverwood (storm cloaks) or Helgen (Empire)!
    3. Pick two trade skills (Forester, miner, woodworker, blacksmith, enchanter, brewer) and sell your trade to take part in a fully player driven economy!
    4. Explore the vast lands of Minerim, and beyond!
    5. Take part in faction vs faction sieges for control of Solitude!
    6. Come contact me at Doctor Phi1 (gamertag) if you're interested!
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    I am the owner and creator of a very well developed map based on TESV: Skyrim. Here we have classes, villages, a player driven economy, and lots of fun! contact me on Xbox live as Doctor Phi1 for more info or if you want to join! A mic is preffered but not required.

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    Hello, I'm the creator and host of a Skyrim minecraft map that both myself, and others, have called one of our favorite maps. It's one I'm quite proud of, and I believe you will love it just as much as I! Players select a faction to join, can own a home in their faction's city, choose from one of 8 unique main classes and then one of four tradeskills, roleplay, pvp, earn in game currency, hunt bounties, explore dwemer/undead ruins, and more over, just have fun! I used to have many people who played this with me, but they have since moved to Xbone. You do not have to know anything about Skyrim to enjoy this.

    If you're interested in learning more, reply to this or add me as a friend on Xbox 360. My gamertag is Doctor Phi1. Hope to see you soon!

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