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    posted a message on Strongholds once per world? Really?
    I'm pretty sure they want to make them spawn more than once per world (if this is even true, imo to soon to say so).

    Looks to me like they have enough on there plate at the moment to try and figure out how they would code them for the best balance. Like people have said, they have a good deal of loot in them and there supposed to be rather hard.

    Since I firmly believe that in the future there going to be getting at least 1 "boss room" per strong hold, I also believe that more than 1 will be able to spawn per world. Its just a matter of balance that I dont think they have decided how there going to do.

    I have seen 3 mob spawners in a row before, was checking from a seed that was posted and it was true. The last thing they would want is to have a seed with a few of these places right on top of each other.

    Really I think in the future we will see them able to generate more than 1 per world with some other limits to help balance it out. Some thing along the lines of they have to be x distance from each other seems fair.

    tl:dr I hate the "only 1 per world" thing, but I fully expect it to be changed in the future.
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    posted a message on Good Things From The 1.8 Update
    Quote from Freelancegnome

    uhm so the first thing i did was look in the .bin folder and i found the silverfish skin but wheres the mob ingame?
    and in the armor section there is a armor calld 'power' and is all blue and white and scribbly :smile.gif:

    I think the "power" armor your talking about is for the charged creepers. You know when they get hit by lightning and get super charged, they have that sweet blue stuff spinning around them :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Biome Discussion
    Are you trolling? these new maps are amazing!

    Currently my map has has a ravine with a MASSIVE mine shaft system leading from it, as well as another ravine at the other end I haven't even made it to yet!

    Not to mention the mountains beside it are simply put amazing looking

    try it out yourself, seed is - do the dew -
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    posted a message on The reason why 1.8 is delayed! (1.8 video inside)
    +1 thank you, If jeb would just TWEET that there are major bugs like this then it would have calmed every one down.

    I for one dont mind minor bugs, but bugs of this level I agree 100% should be fixed before release. Thank you once again, now I fill that jeb is doing the right thing with the delays.

    Though I am a little angry with Mr. :iapprove: , Imo he needs to step in and help jeb out.
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    posted a message on Jeb_ tweeted "Grim Release for Thursday" MOST LIKELY *DELAYED* more BEYOND Monday
    Honestly, jeb is delaying it to fix 17 bugs that this team found last night....

    Ok if its to the point your just fixing bugs, fix those you know about and put it out already!
    I bought the game way back in alpha knowing full and well updates would have bugs.

    It is beta! just slap a warning beside the update button and put it out already.
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    posted a message on Why delays are Good
    Since minecraft is STILL in beta, putting out a version with bugs in it just fine with me!

    I bought the game way back in alpha knowing full and well that if the game continues to be worked on that the updates would have bugs. Its part of the BETA process as well.

    Imo they shouldn't worry to much about bugs (giant game killing bugs they should try to remove) since the mass's of minecrafters would be able to find ALL of them much faster than a select group could.

    Really they should be taking advantage of the community for this kind of stuff since the game is still in beta.

    Once we get a full release and the game is "officially" complete, then ok no more updates with bugs. Once where at that point I agree with the fact that Update's should be bigger with more content and changes, they had better not have bugs in them, and that they should take there time with each of them.

    Tl:dr wish jeb would just use the BETA community to find the bugs for them instead of a small select group of testers.
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    posted a message on New chunks or new worlds?
    wrong, 1.7.3 worlds should still have most of the stuff generate in new chunks for 1.8.

    It will just be using the 1.8 generation for that seed from then on.

    That being said, I cant say 100% yay or nay on everything working in 1.8. It looks to me like there are going to be some more options when making a world (aka hunger yes/no, npc yes/no).

    If that is true then older worlds might be set to "no" for these things and wouldn't generate them.

    Also this goes in the 1.8 board.
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    posted a message on Gold less minecart system help
    Make one of etho's Eats roads, there super fast and take 0 gold. Then again they can be a pain to build, but no gold is used!
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    posted a message on I hate deleting my map!
    Dude I've had the same map since alpha, every since the bed change its been super easy.

    Let me tell you, its a great filling to have an old map honestly. Sure moving items over to the new area can be a bit of a pain, but a lot better than starting with nothing.

    This way I can go on a long mine cart ride (I always move towards the rising sun in a straight line) back thru the past. (still a fair amount I haven't converted from the old boosters though)

    Nothing more fun that being able to see just how much the game has changed since I have started.
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    posted a message on Release dates, 1.8 FAQ, all known Content, and more!
    Very well done! Very clear, easy to read, sectioned out well, clearly separates speculation from fact.

    + :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: for you.
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    posted a message on NOTE TO ALL PEOPLE ASKING WHEN 1.8 COMES OUT
    Honestly I hope its done in parts, such as fix up the bugs that are in 1.8 currently and put out 1.8 next week.

    Then code npcs and what ever else they get done and do 1.8.1

    Then just keep adding the stuff was planned for 1.8 and putting out smaller patch's.
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    posted a message on most AMAZING find
    I once found a lost base that I hadn't been able to find for 4 months :laugh.gif:

    Had found this really cool looking area on my map that I really wanted to build into a cliff side city. I had made like 5 trips with a full inv of items over to the new area and put them in a room I had dug into the cliff. Had moved over all of my diamonds since I planned to have to do a lot of mining.

    For the life of me the next day I couldn't remember how to get back there!! (this is all before beds & maps)
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    posted a message on My Traggic Minecraft Story
    I have my legit world, and I have a world where I use spc to test things out before building them in my legit world (hate wasting my legit stuff if i mess up!).

    Never a once have I ever been tempted to ever use a single command from spc in my legit world. It would taint it, even if I just used fly once it would ruin the world for me.

    Its all a matter of self control.

    Also above post is a good idea :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Will world edit regeneration work after 1.8?
    Meh i expect it to work out just like the Nether patch did, Out side of your already generated chunks will mostly look like giant chunk errors for a border. Then new stuff will generate smoothly from there.

    Using MC edit to remove extra chunks that you didn't want with the old map generation and then loading it back up did in fact replace them with the new generation.

    Also should point out doing things like this could have strange effects on the map.

    Only issue is NO ONE KNOWS for sure just how this one will work out! Its all guesses and speculation at this point.
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    posted a message on Sheep Farm
    I have been using Ethos emp units for my wool needs. Just "spit" some sheep out dye and shear then kill, repeat until done.

    I have been getting close to 9 stacks an hour and my system could be better :blink.gif:
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