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I started playing Minecraft sometime in 2013, so that means I've been around for over 7 years. I definitely like the vanilla version of the game, especially now that we're getting some pretty interesting additions (Water is probably my favorite, though). Modded is definitely my preference because it gives me a lot more options to do creative builds, and also automation is always a fun thing to pursue. Above all else, I think what makes Minecraft worthwhile, likewise in other multiplayer games is a community. Friends need friends to keep the fun going, I think.


Outside of Minecraft it goes without saying I do play other games, but beyond even that I enjoy writing, drawing, reading and programming. I'm studying electrical engineering in college right now, but I'm also taking courses in Japanese which is fun, too. The technical aspects of things are fun to learn, and languages in general are exciting to me too. A sort of niche I have is gacha games, unfortunately. It's like its own twisted form of gambling to me, yet it's a lot of fun, but thankfully nothing to an unhealthy degree.

Location Massachusetts

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