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    Hey guys.
    So I run a decent sized vanilla smp server but recently we are having lots of troubles with low TPS rates.
    I have 0% knowledge about server stuff but I am learning everyday.
    I really want to know what causes it, I've tried /timings on and /paste and a lot of the lag performance has to do something with ticks & chunks it says.

    Please give me some feedback as I really want to know what is going on.

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    Everlast ✨

    I created this environment to enjoy playing Minecraft with cool people from all over the world, and to have a place online that I could call home

    Who are we?
    We are a mature 18+ community-focused vanilla Minecraft server that functions similar to the Hermit Craft series.
    'Community-focused' because we are doing certain projects together such as; shopping district, nether hub, Ender dragon event etc.
    To enhance the vanilla gameplay we use a couple vanilla tweaks data packs:

    - 1 Player sleep.
    - Dragon drops.
    - Double Shulkers
    - Custom Nether portal.
    - Armor statues.
    - HUD coords.

    Our server is all trust based which means that there are no land claims whatsoever, however we do have admin plugins that could help with anti griefing / hackers to keep the server in balance.
    Make sure to read the rules / server info first before you apply.
    In order to play you'll need to fill in an application and get accepted into our community.

    Server information
    - Version Java 1.16.3
    - Mob grief enabled.

    - Age requirement 18+
    - No map resets (un till update 1.17)
    - Difficulty hard.

    Apply now!

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