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    posted a message on JellaJanCraft Server [Looking for Staff] [Admins] [Moderators] [Helpers] [Builders]

    Name: Dylan

    IGN: Dkonquerer

    Age: 15

    What position are you applying for?: Admin

    Why we should pick you: Because I have ran a lot of servers and I am very responsible with things like this. I have been playing minecraft since it came out, and I always had/have a LOVE for the game. I have a youtube channel. It is the same as my IGN. I would love to become part of this community, because it sounds amazing and I am good at managing and directing. I am mature for my age, although I am only 15, I act much older.

    Experience: I have modded a few minecraft servers, I also have admin on a few to. I have been playing minecraft (hence, knowing all of the admin commands) for about 4 years now. I love it!

    What can you do to help the server?: I can manage and keep arguments and other things in control, instead of a haywire mess. (I've had to do that before xD)

    What would you do in these situations:

    A.Someone was hacking: I would threaten to ban them for a week, if they didn't take their hacks off, and if they did, I would still keep a close eye on them.

    B.Someone was griefing: It depends on how many blocks I would make sure they would get temp banned.

    TimeZone: Eastern

    C.Two players were having a fight in chat. (about someone killing there horse) I would say take it to private message, or they would get kicked.

    Please consider me!


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    posted a message on 1.7.10 Mianite Server w/ Teamspeak! Looking For Youtubers to Work Together!

    Age: 14

    IGN: Dkonquerer

    Youtube (strongly recommended and if you don't have one explain why you would be helpful to my server): Dkonquerer I download daily vids: twice a day! Very Active!

    Team Mianite, Dianite, or Ianite: Dianite!

    Scale [1-5] How good (knowledge wise) are you at Minecraft:4.8 (I've been playing for 4 years)

    Scale [1-5] How familiar are you with Syndicate's Mianite Series on Youtube? 4 (I usually watch CaptainSparklez

    (If you want to be a god) Why do you think you are suitable to be a God?: I really don't want to be a god, but if I have to, than DIANITE.

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    posted a message on Dedicated 24/7 Casual Survival Server. Welcome to all! Fast Add!!
    Add me please my GT is HeartyShelf6448 I will play by the rules, and often!:D
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    posted a message on What to do with diamonds
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    posted a message on What to do with diamonds
    Make an enchantment table and a diamond sword. Enchant a gold item first though so you get the highest enchant level!!

    I have a half a stack of diamonds by just mining with a mineshaft. If you're having trouble finding diamonds, build a mineshaft!!
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