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    In 1.13 you can create datapacks. Datapacks are basically very simple mods the user doesn't need to install. They can add/edit crafting recipes, add advancements, add functions, add structures, edit loot tables and do some more things. This is great, but editing them is really tedious. Here is a screenshot of me editing the loot table of a cow so it drops more beef:

    I was creating a datapack for my survival world, and I had an idea. What if it were easier to edit. That is why I came up with this idea.

    There should be an in-game datapack editor.

    On the start menu, there is a button that says "datapacks". Click on it, and you get this screen

    In this, you can select a pack and edit it with a simple drag and drop interface. I don't have enough time to create those things in photoshop, but it would be something like this



    but with a minecraft theme of course (pixel font and dirt background)

    To add a crafting recipe you drag items onto a crafting grid and click "add to datapack"

    To edit loot tables you add items and type how many it should drop.

    This would make creating datapacks way easier and this might introduce many new people to modding.

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    They should just be bred with seaweed like cows, pigs, sheep and other mammals

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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    What's next? every blocks will have gravity in it? Iron blocks becomes rusty overtime?

    Please read this:

    A slippery slope fallacy is an argument that assumes that if one thing happens, something else happens which leads to something else happening. Example: 'If Mojang adds colored wood, people will want colored stone and leafs too! What's next? Colored air blocks?
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    [b]Welcome to Better Lighting[/b]


    • Better shadows
    • Colored Lighting
    • Lanterns
    • Spotlights

    [b]Better shadows[/b]

    Shadows will be the shape of the mobs, will point to the opposite direction the light is coming from and will stretch if the light comes from a low place, and become smaller if the light source is above the player.

    [b]Colored lighting[/b]

    Lighting can have colors. Lighting can be colored by colored glass or colored lanterns. Torches and glowstone will have orange light, sealanterns blue light, and Redstone lamps red light.


    the textures (side & top)


    how to craft it:

    Now we need something that uses the colored lighting

    Lanterns. They can be placed on solid blocks and can be crafted with all colors of glass.


    now that we have something that uses the colored lighting, we just need something that is good at creating shadows. The Spotlight.

    Since I am bad at creating pixel art / 3d models I can't create a Minecraft style spotlight, but it would look something like

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor spotlight

    but with a wooden outside. It would be crafted like this:





    w = wooden planks

    r = redstone

    l = redstone lamp

    x = nothing

    It needs to be powered by redstone, and shines to where the person who places it stood and shines at a 10-degree angle. Its light reaches 50 blocks, and give light level 15 to wherever it shines


    Idea by Clen_:

    Shine :[/b]

    In minecraft, there is no shine, and it makes some blocks very ugly (gold, iron, stone...). Like in other games, the texture of the blocks should tell wether the pixel reflects light or not.

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    posted a message on When Did Minecraft Go Bad?
    Quote from Skill117»

    I don't know, i actually only played 1.9 once and never again, im at 1.8 most of my time. Thats why i started creating a "New 1.8 Version" with Community Based Ideas but i'll always keep an eye on if things even fit into Minecraft

    In my opinion terracotta blocks don't fit to minecraft, they are to colorful

    Almost the same i think about the Concrete Blocks they added, Block Gravitation Physics only were used for Sand/Gravel, not for Solid Blocks

    Also i don't think the Elytra fits into Minecraft, maybe if they would have done their work different and not implement Rocket Elytra Flight it would have fit

    But well, when they first introduced hunger and sprinting into Minecraft i tought the same.

    only concrete powder (which basically is colored sand) has gravitation physics. Concrete doesn't have that
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    posted a message on A backstory to Minecraft

    Once upon a time, the world of Minecraft was a world filled with man-made and naturally generated wonders.

    You had the Desertians, a group of people with great knowledge on how to survive with few resources.

    They had big cities in the desert, that spanned as far as the eye could see.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft desert city

    They where religious, so they created big temples. Now, after the wind has blown sand around where their kingdoms once were, those are the only things that are high enough to not be buried completely.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft desert temple

    Even though the desert people were the richest and had the most welfare of all the empires, because deserts lack resources they heavily relied on trade with the Florans, a group of people who lived in the resource-rich forests.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Minecraft tree skin

    They were very close to nature and lived a humble life.

    This didn't really matter though because the forests had so many resources and they had such big numbers that even if a tiny percentage of their resources went to other kingdoms they would still have more than enough emeralds to support the economy.

    However, them being so in sync with nature did eventually lead to their downfall as a way smaller and weaker empire could still quickly become stronger than them if they didn't care so much about nature and took all resources they could find.

    Because of their size, the Florans did survive a few attacks but weakened and tired from many battles, they eventually faced an opponent that was just a little bit stronger than them:

    The Xodals. A warmongering faction that destroyed everything in their path.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft destroyed village

    After having destroyed the Desertians and the Florans they build villages everywhere. After the big collapse, a few of them survived, and you can still find them as villagers.

    A few mages of them lived in dark oak forests, where they gathered in big mansions and practiced dark magic.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft woodland mansion

    Now let's move on to the big jungles, where tribes lived without even knowing about what was happening outside of it.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft jungle house

    They were primitive, but with all the resources in the jungle, they had much stuff and they built great temples filled with traps.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft jungle temple

    That was until the sea people came. A clan, that lived on islands, that have died out long ago.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft island house

    They appeared suddenly at the shores, plundered, killed, and left. Their existence is still doubted by many historians since the only evidence of them having existed came from old scrolls found in temples.

    So the tribes were destroyed, and after a while, the Xodal empire collapsed because their empire was too big to control. When the monsters came, the empire had already collapsed so there was no army to protect them and almost anyone got killed.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minecraft monsters

    Now, a few thousand years later, the only humans remaining are living in the shadows of the old empires, having to hide every night because they can't do anything against the monsters.

    But there is some hope for the worlds left. There is a small faction called the rebuilders. They live far away from each other, and travel the world, helping wherever they can. The world is big, and their numbers are small, so you will likely never see one. But you will see where they have been. Those mineshafts you find? Made by rebuilders. The ones made by the Xodals can still be found in the mesa, but anything deep underground has collapsed by now. Find librarian villagers? They can read, which has probably been thought to them by the rebuilders. If you find an igloo, there's a cactus inside, which shows that the person who built it has come from far. That person was a rebuilder. You're also one of them. You traveled far from the others, so you could help a region advance and become something that could maybe be compared to one of the ancient empires. So the next time you see a village, don't plunder it. Protect it, maybe build a wall or create a farm in any crop they do not have yet, because that's what you're here for.

    I hope you liked it.

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    just add an empty spawner so people can modify it

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    posted a message on What is your biggest regret in Minecraft?

    I was invited to a realm and they gave me op so I did /fill ~10 ~10 ~10 ~-10 ~-10 ~-10 TNT in the middle of the spawn

    I ignited it.

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    posted a message on What is the Hardest Thing In Minecraft?

    Barrier has 18,000,003 blast resistance, so It is the hardest block in Minecraft.

    Bedrock, command block and structure block all have a blast resistance of 18,000,000 so that is 3 lower

    edit: it is 18,000,003 and not 18,000,008

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    posted a message on Can someone build me a modded cops and robbers server

    I dont think anyone will just "build you a server"

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