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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    I win

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    The last time I replied to this thread was over 1.5, almost 2 years ago, and in that time there have only been ~100 new pages. I miss the days when there were easily 5 new pages a day.

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    Deleted because it's too expensive.


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    posted a message on I created a house out of lit tnt (but it didn't explode)

    pictures in attachments

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    posted a message on In-Game Datapack Editor

    In 1.13 you can create datapacks. Datapacks are basically very simple mods the user doesn't need to install. They can add/edit crafting recipes, add advancements, add functions, add structures, edit loot tables and do some more things. This is great, but editing them is really tedious. Here is a screenshot of me editing the loot table of a cow so it drops more beef:

    I was creating a datapack for my survival world, and I had an idea. What if it were easier to edit. That is why I came up with this idea.

    There should be an in-game datapack editor.

    On the start menu, there is a button that says "datapacks". Click on it, and you get this screen

    In this, you can select a pack and edit it with a simple drag and drop interface. I don't have enough time to create those things in photoshop, but it would be something like this



    but with a minecraft theme of course (pixel font and dirt background)

    To add a crafting recipe you drag items onto a crafting grid and click "add to datapack"

    To edit loot tables you add items and type how many it should drop.

    This would make creating datapacks way easier and this might introduce many new people to modding.

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    posted a message on Make Minecraft fun for friends again?

    You could use datapacks to add some custom crafting recipes

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    posted a message on Survival Maps

    I think you might like ctm maps. Ctm maps are basically maps where you have to mine, build and craft your items to complete an objective. Some are more like adventure maps, but others are more survival with objectives. There is a discord server where people share their ctm maps. https://discordapp.com/invite/DQc9k9a

    If you don't have discord you can just google 'minecraft ctm maps' and you'll find many maps.

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    posted a message on Are datapacks allowed in this section?

    Say you make a very big datapack, with functions, custom items, edited loot tables, different crafting recipes and stuff like that. Would it be allowed in this section of the forums?

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!


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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    It seems like this thread is dying. I've been gone for a while, but I remember a new post being made every few minutes, or at least once an hour. Now there are entire days without a post

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    I am still going to win

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    posted a message on Grass blocks are the wrong color

    I have a very simple question.

    This is my grass_block_side.png

    This is my grass_block_side_overlay.png

    They are both the default dirt texture with some grass on it.

    However, when I go into the game, this happens/

    The dirt in the grass block becomes green, even though I have not changed the dirt color. How do I fix this?

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    posted a message on Has 1.13 broken minecraft?

    I get a stable 350-400 fps in 1.13, which is slightly less than 1.12.2, where I got about 500 fps, but it's still very good.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Map Making Engine

    This is not a map to play... This is a map to make maps!

    I present to you: The first map making engine!

    Actually, there is one other map making engine that I found when I searched for it on google but that one was last updated in 2014 and there is still no download available

    What does it do?

    The engine: Djaro's map making engine, is best for creating parkour maps, but it could be used for other types of maps.

    Good for:

    1. Parkour maps

    2. Minigames

    3. Adventure

    4. Puzzle

    Not good for:

    1. Survival maps

    2. CTM maps

    3. Horror maps

    This engine supports multiplayer.

    So what does it do? It already has command blocks

    so you don't have to do that stuff.

    Right now the only features are

    Some concrete, wool, glass or terracotta blocks give potion effects:

    Brown blocks give you slowness

    Blue blocks give you levitation

    Green blocks give you jump boost

    Yellow blocks give you speed

    Black blocks give you blindness

    Red block kills you

    You can choose which of the 4 coloured block types you want to use

    and you can even chose which specific colours you want to use

    You can also change some gamerules

    gold blocks automatically set your spawnpoint!

    In this way, you won't have to use any command blocks to make a good parkour map!


    Example map made with the engine

    The engine

    warning! This is made in 1.12.2, so it doesn't work in 1.13! I will update it when 1.13 releases!

    This is still an early version, I will add more features

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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2

    Banned for being a Swedish dragon

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