About Me

I'm pretty friendly and don't ignore PMs if you have a question, request, or even just saying Hi.
Apologies if I don't reply to something within the same day, I'm not on here 24/7 and check it once every 2 days or so.

I also have a DeviantART account that displays a lot of my art.

I am a Minecraft artist and have experience with:
Player skins, Item sprites and blocks, and I may also be able to do armour.
You can PM me with any requests about these, as long as I'm taking them at the time, I do them for free but read below before messaging me, Thanks.
Also please remember to give credit when I do some artwork for your mod, and don't claim is as your own. A link to my profile, or just a name mention will be fine.
examples of my work:

Player skins: I am not taking requests for skins at the moment, as I am working on a portfolio of them.

Item sprites: Yes, I'll do a 16x16 item sprite for a mod if you PM me, but please be VERY specific as to what you want.

Blocks: I will do a 16x16 block design, as long as you are specific, I can also do a few sides of a block if they need to be different.

Armour: I may take these requests, as long as they are simple-ish, be very detailed.


I love games.