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    posted a message on What would you do if real life was exactly like Minecraft?
    I would stop playing Minecraft.
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    posted a message on So a Creeper spawned INSIDE my house...
    Maybe it has something to do with the darkness in the back of the room.
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    posted a message on EmberCraft! [PVP] [NO-WHITELIST] [FACTIONS] [HARDCORE]! :)
    Sorry, but no one wants to pay to rank up.
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    posted a message on MyCraft 16x
    Quote from hotpop2


    First of all, I am [CONTENT DELETED]and I know more about texturepacks than you.
    If the textures are simple, the less MC hast to process, and ultimately give you 5+ FPS.
    And Im saying my computer sucks so much, I haft to play with a lo-res Texturepack on the lowest settings and I still only get 20 and below.

    It's too bad that bucket-fills like yours DON'T make your computer run Minecraft faster. Here you go, read these. It's in the member contributed section.
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    posted a message on Clean wool
    Ya, I bet that was hard to make... I wonder if you used bucket-fill...
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    posted a message on Why should I buy the Xbox version of Minecraft?
    Quote from Macvombat

    mods on the x-box? don't know - but minecraft without mods is almost worthless imo.. but if you wasted your money on a console already i suppose you might as well

    How is Minecraft without modifications almost worlthless, in your opinion? Sure, mods add much more content, but without original Minecraft, how would the mods work? In my opinion, you shouldn't deserve to play if you think it's worthless.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0 update?
    Quote from killeroid

    apple tree seeds :biggrin.gif:
    u get them by eating an apple or chopping down an apple tree :smile.gif:

    also hay blocks that when u land on dem u get no fall damage

    to craft dem u need 9 wheat (just to make wheat a bit more usefull)

    also a enchanting table decoder : u cn get it in strongholds and dungeons or u can craft it
    and when u have it in ur inventory it tells u what teh enchantment is

    how to craft: 3 obsidian botom 2 obsidian at middle sides 1 redstone at center 1 stick at center top :smile.gif:

    thanks for listening to mah ideas

    U, dem, cn: You, them, can. Learn how to spell, bro.
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!
    Quote from TheRevanchist

    Darth Revan from KotOR I.

    My life goal is complete! I finally found someone who knows Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic on the forums.
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    posted a message on chocolate milk seed chalange
    And try to learn how to spell. I hte ti wen ppl donte no howz 2 spll.
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    posted a message on How to soak up water with sponges
    Quote from carelcapek

    Lol that's why Jeb gives out legit jar files all the time right?

    Don't give advice about things you don't really know about.

    It's because he works for Mojang... he has the rights to. Only Mojang can give out their work, so, don't give advice on things you don't really know about.
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