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    posted a message on Pixelmon 8.1.2 (12th Nov 2020)
    Quote from Zongo1260

    i have a request that if you could please send to pixelmon. would you please please please make ditto and slowpoke lol :)

    Ditto?! That's me!!

    On topic: Looking forward for the update, good work guys.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [SP & MP] Vanilla ++ v1.4 [15000+ downloads]
    Found a Bug for the 1.3 version.

    The Tooltip for the Emerald Sword is Emerald Hoe instead.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [SP & MP] Vanilla ++ v1.4 [15000+ downloads]
    Just was thinking about the 'Sharpened Bones' Idea when I thought... Maybe 'Bone Fragments' instead?

    I dunno, maybe I'm just overthinking. :P
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [SP & MP] Vanilla ++ v1.4 [15000+ downloads]
    I don't know if you would consider this a tool, but you could try to make Bones craft into Sharpened Bones that you can throw. (Like a Weapon, does damage)
    I guess it would work similar to a snowball, only with damage.
    Just my random idea.

    Also Off Topic: KissXSis, lol
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [SP & MP] Vanilla ++ v1.4 [15000+ downloads]
    Looks very nice and professional! Great job!

    Are there any plans to port this mod to Multiplayer?
    I would quite like that. ;)
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from MattThePadawan

    Heck no xD it just doesn't look right in Minecraft in my opinion..

    lol, My opinion EXACTLY.
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    posted a message on [Puz] Escape the Puzzlemaster (207,000+ Downloads!) (MC 1.3.1 - MC Beta 1.7.3!)
    Ok, we got pages 85-86!

    Quote from awesomenommer777

    Got 108 gold. BETTER THAN ANTVENOM! :DORE:

    Quote from TheWouter

    i liked this!
    score was 104!

    how much :GoldBar: was in the game?

    anyways, thanks

    Nice score! The max total of gold was 108, So you were 4 off!
    Quote from TheCuddlyRooster

    oh, and i got 108 gold!

    Quote from LipeFerraz

    I found 106 golds. Nice map, awesome!!!

    WooHoo! Thank you guys!
    Quote from Jewbacca

    Great map! Just the right difficulty, it challenges you, but it doesn't feel like it's impossible.

    Thanks! We tried to do a difficulty on this map where Noobs could figure it out, but it still required thought in each puzzle.
    Quote from colincaverly117


    In less annoying news, we are making a sequel!
    Quote from Chappified24

    I found 98 gold ingots. Great map! Hardest part had to be the glass/glowstone maze.

    Cool! I actually find it interesting to see which parts were easy/hard/fun for other people!
    Quote from blitzscrank

    Fun map to play when you don't have much to do :P

    Yup! Perfect length for a snack break too!
    Quote from Timbob102

    I enjoyed this map. Do you think you could make a revamped version of this that's even longer and tougher. Sadly this map I completed in 40 mins.

    I found 98 ingots.

    Yeah... Sorry about the length. I wasn't sure how long it would be because this was our first map.
    ShrinkCraft could be a good option for you if you like a bit more adventure in a map as well as puzzle!
    We Increased the Length and Difficulty!
    I'll definitely make Escape the Puzzlemaster 2 harder and longer.
    Quote from lewischapple21

    Great map. My score was 94 gold. :( I am sure I looked everywhere, couldn't find anymore than that :P

    Keep lookin'! Look at the last place you would look! :P
    Quote from Legoandmars

    Great map!

    Thank you!
    Quote from Unajunga

    My score was 108, wonderful map! :D . Your Shrinkcraft was good as well, but I died too many times in that, I would never know my score xD. Keep making maps, that was good.
    (I didn't make the jump at the end)

    Lol, Thank you very much! and also... Trolled! :D
    Quote from Jay_Ookami

    im stuck in the lava jumping puzzle and died with the five hidden ingots oh well i hate parkour but im trying it in this map. its good so far

    Hope you enjoy the rest of it!

    I got 108 gold ingots, and only died twice. :)

    Hooray for low death count!
    Quote from Codeyy


    108 gold :D

    Really enjoyed this map. Hope you can make more!

    Glad you enjoyed! We will definitely make more.
    Quote from Axlier

    Great map!
    BTW my score was 107

    Quote from Mralexdb4

    Great Map! Really well made. I got 103 Gold!!!! (64+39)

    Nice scores, guys!
    Quote from ryryman49

    Nice job on the map, it's super amazing :D ! The redstone is crazy!

    Score- 108 :D

    Why thank you! Redstone is probably my FAVORITE thing in the game!
    Quote from xEZxxSPRAYx

    Great map! My cousin and I did it together and scored a 107, enjoyed this map enough to which point I'll record it when I get my new computer.

    Awesome, can't wait to see it!
    Quote from SnowTitan

    106 :GoldBar:

    Quote from Razor 0000

    Me(calpetstef) + axsilver787 = 96 :GoldBar:

    Quote from epicwin_245

    my total gold is 108. :D :GoldBar: i love the map its the kind of map where u can have fun without keyboard raging! :iapprove: keep up the good work! can i join the crew if u and ur friends make more? it'd be great! :D ~epicwin_245

    Yup. And no offense to you but we pride ourselves on our map being "Noob-friendly"!
    Also... Sorry, but we only make maps with people we know =/
    Quote from aglowa

    I had 92 :GoldBar: before the "final challenge..."

    Heheheheh... Whoops!
    Quote from frog2ooo

    i had 82 gold

    Quote from creeperzone999

    i got 98 gold ingots . it is a very good map :) i enjoyed it

    Solid scores.
    Quote from Pwk92

    Hey dude great map.. i just did a playthrough of it.. and im going to upload it right now

    my youtube channel is : http://www.youtube.c...ls?feature=mhee

    I made a video about this map with my 2 friends :D

    Great, videos are awesome!
    Quote from pnut03

    Looks Great !

    Thank you, and also shout out to HaXiXoR for makin' the amazing banner!
    Quote from propilot

    Fun map! :)

    http://uberaggressiv...ing.com/screens two screenies. of our score

    Quote from xXdaslofreekXx

    Nice map!
    Score: 97

    Quote from ILoveDoors

    Awesome Map! My score is 108 Gold Ingots!! :D

    Thanks guys!
    Quote from mantis11

    i just played through it and got 108 sadly can't get a pic something wrong with the game the game is to easy in some parts

    Sorry 'bout that. If you want more of a challenge, play our other map, ShrinkCraft, or wait for Escape the Puzzlemaster 2!
    Quote from mirce2

    great map http://i.imgur.com/iMlE7.png

    Nice pic.
    Quote from IconicXD

    My score (gold) 102 ! :)

    Great score!
    Quote from Vampirechist

    Really awesome map i did not use cheats and got 90 pieces of gold

    I'm proud of non-cheaters.
    Quote from fedoramann

    got 107!
    My name is CoolGman then, if you put it in the leaderboards.
    took me an hour to find the gold!
    wery well hidden..

    lol 107 is max i think maybe?

    Lol, nice gold arrangement.
    Anyways thanks, but we can't add you to the leaderboard anymore, because I closed it and told everyone the max score already =/
    Also, the max is 108 :D

    Responses to pages 85-86 are above!!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Alright Round 2 of responses, time to finish this off.

    Quote from Simon_Deku

    Interesting..I like it!

    Very Interesting concept, eh?

    Just Played Most of it. It Was AWESOME!!!! My rating so far 20 out of 10

    YEAHH!!! Thanks for 20 thumbs ups!
    Quote from Donnerherz

    Very nice map.

    I enjoyed playing it alot. Please keep up the good work :) Next is Puzzlemaster :D

    Gold: 37, Diamond: 36, Diamondblock (found in cheast): 1

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy Puzzlemaster as much as you did this one!
    Quote from Watts

    Finished the map, it was pretty fun :D I got 41 :GoldBar: and 62 :Diamond: , they were a little hard to find XD

    That's a good thing!
    Quote from KennyKABOOM1

    Can I play with 2 players?

    Yep! Pretty much any amount of players can play. As long as your server can handle it!
    Quote from fattmat

    We did a playthrough of your map and recorded it. We died many time and possibly cheated accidently on more than one occasion, lol.
    It was fun though, difficult for us!

    Cool! I don't mind if ya cheat a little, it's all about the fun, am I right? :D
    Quote from folillo

    I get 31 gold ingots and 69 diamonds

    You get good score
    Quote from ventus20

    Sky sent me.

    Send Sky a thank you!

    60 Diamonds
    36 Gold bars
    2 Gold Blocks

    Great Map! Loved every second of it! :D

    Nice, But Gold Blocks don't count as score =/
    Quote from XxD34THSH0TZxXX

    amazing map, 44 gold ingots and 65 diamonds total: 174 points. man those diamond bloacks were sneaky, only got 3.

    Yep, Diamond Blocks are the "Ultimate Score" kinda thing, and thanks!
    Quote from Koadmaster

    I am inclined to think that there is only 3, but I could be wrong.

    Anyways I went back and played this map again (because it was so good, and because I wanted to find the last Easter egg(even though I didn't :P ) and I actually increased my score, I got 100 diamonds and 42 gold...
    I wonder were the rest of the gold is...
    Out of curiosity, did you put out a set amount of loot, or did you just put it in chest depending on how hard they were to get?
    Oh, and you might want to include something about not tuning the gold and/or diamond blocks that you can get from the Queen Ghast explosion into points, even though that is obviously cheating to do that

    I believe there are only 3 Diamond Blocks you can get from chests, so yeah!
    Thanks for playing again :D You're a good customer!

    Anyways about the loot, We Place 'Score Chests' as we go. So whenever we feel it's a good idea, we just place it and put score in depending on it's difficulty (or at least we tried to scale it :P). After, we go back and count it all!

    Yeah, about the explosions, I think I'll just put a disclaimer about it before the actual Explosion!
    But the score might not be Diamonds / Gold next time...
    1.3 Gave us a very valuable friend =)
    All I can say is, thanks for playing again, and for the feedback / suggestions!
    Quote from MarineWalrus

    Review: Great Map! Alot Of Hard Work Must Have Gone Intro This!

    Yup, I appreciate it!
    Quote from yabadabado

    hay my username is taz1999 and i got 55 gold and 90 diamonds (individual 10 in blocks) and i loved the map and i will try (my mic is stuffing up) ill re post and put a link in to the vid. keep making more maps like this i love it o and you are all awesome :)
    o and SKY SENT ME

    Thanks for playing! We'll definitely keep making Minecraft Custom Maps =)
    o and TELL HIM THANKS! :)
    Quote from ColdFusionGaming

    Hm, not bad. Not bad at all.

    The rooms seem a bit too...square. Then again, I'm a very picky map maker and player. -_-

    Yeah, I know what you mean!
    Me myself, I'm a more 'Function' over 'Aesthetics' kind of map maker.
    So I'm not that great of a builder, but luckily, my fellow creators are good at that kind of thing!
    Quote from caput_miner

    86 :Diamond: 39 :GoldBar:

    Nice Finds! Especially my Easter Egg. Bravo.
    P.S. Why were you changing your gamemodes?
    P.P.S. Why does one person have X-Ray Cords?
    P.P.P.S. Aaaany way, doesn't matter for me! Play how you want! ;)
    Quote from Juanitotuertito

    This was an amazing map. Loved the story and the puzzles. even though im terrible at jumping.
    Keep the good work

    (71 Diamonds + 47 Gold Ingots)

    Thanks! I actaully love jumping / parkour, so I tend to put a decent amount in there.
    Quote from DARKICE266

    34 :GoldBar: 56 :Diamond:
    and a lot of :steve_lol:

    Hoooray! Steve Emoticons!
    Quote from czarekdupa

    I had lots of fun playing this map. It is easilly one of my favorites. I got 31 :GoldBar: and 32 :Diamond: .

    Awesome! Glad you had an awesome time with it!
    Quote from carpjohn

    sky sent me and this map was amazing! my score is 43 i love the ending and i beat grinrar!!!

    Thanks! I am a big fan of the ending too.

    And there ya have it. You're Welcome ;)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Ok, so it's been 2 months... And I apologize for that.
    But regardless, I've added all people to the Leaderboard up to August 1st.
    Now it's time to respond to YOU!

    Also, the 1.3.1 compatible version for ShrinkCraft will be out soon!
    And believe me, It's awesome.

    Quote from MEKKA

    nice! i like GRiNRaR :)
    my score is 226 (44:GoldBar: 91:Diamond:) i think that puts me second... B)

    Thanks! You can thank crazykille for GRiNRaR!
    Quote from BanzayIkoyama

    Great map! :D Sometimes I didn't exactly know where to go but otherwise just awesome! My score is G:44 D:62 (a total of 168) Screw that, just found the secret in this last little area, so that makes it G:47 D:62 (a total of 171). Not the best but whatever :D Here, take this pic:
    (I'd put it in a spoiler tab, but I just can't figure out where the hell it is oO')

    Lol, There's a button called 'Special BBCode', and the spoilers are in there!
    Anyways pretty good score! Love that Texture Pack, what is it called?
    Quote from Mega-Agong

    Just finished this map and I have to say I loved it. Had great puzzles that were pretty uniqe and the idea is very original. I enjoyed every second of it. The puzzles were just right. The easter eggs were enjoyable and the key retrieval was fun. I enjoyed seeing the use of secret rooms behind paintings, because I haven't seen the use of those anymore. In the end I got 56 diamonds :Diamond: and 39 gold ingots :GoldBar:. I highly encourage eveyone to play this map.

    Thanks! We tried to utilize many older aspects of Adventure maps!
    Quote from minecraftgod57

    I got 37 gold, 47 diamond and 2 diamond blocks and 1 easter egg :) Great map btw :D

    Very nice!
    Quote from RyanTehNinja

    Here's my in progress playthrough of this map, come check it out! http://www.youtube.c...FE&feature=plcp

    Awesome! I love watching videos!
    Quote from thelildrummabot

    score: 43 Gold, 83 Diamond!
    funnest map I have ever played so amazing!

    Thank you!
    Quote from typisch_andy

    This map is just crazy =)

    Would like to play on a offline server with a friend of mine... but when I start this map on (both) bukkit or original server, we spawn outside of the Room ?! What may be the problem :/ ?

    When you spawn in multiplayer Minecraft, there isn't only one block you spawn on. (Unlike on Singleplayer) Therefore, the area is too big for the room, and most of the time, you spawn outside. You'll just have to break in and replace the blocks, sorry about that:D
    Quote from MisterL2

    My score:
    30 Diamonds
    35 Gold
    2 Diamond Blocks
    48 Diamonds
    35 Gold

    35 + 96 = 131 Points

    Nice Math and Score
    Quote from EjaculatingCake

    This map was so much fun.
    Make moar!

    We are workin' on it! In the meantime, check out our first map, Escape the Puzzlemaster, and look out for the sequel!
    Quote from Evan007

    :Diamond: x 60, :GoldBar: x 34.

    Great map!

    Thank you!
    Quote from Artemosky

    G:50 of :GoldBar: D:87 of :Diamond: at the end

    Name : Artemosky

    Wow, great score, man!
    Quote from MushroomToast

    So what happens after you kill the big robot and the roof explodes?

    Oh... heh... I guess you lagged out eh? Sorry about that =/
    That's pretty much the ending right there to be honest, but if you want an easy way to see the ending is on Youtube...
    Quote from dstroyer11

    I, dstroyer11, got 52 Diamonds, and 36 Gold Ingots! Yay!

    I, Ditto64, am proud of you!
    Quote from Lexi100000

    Awesome! I had a very good experience in this map! Love it :D You my friend deserve a Notch! :Notch:

    Glad you enjoyed it! And I accept the Notch!
    Quote from epicwin_245

    as soon as finish escape the puzzle master, i look 4 more ad. maps. this is wht i found! XP

    What a coincidence!
    Quote from Axlier

    i really think you should add a bed before the sky jumping-puzzle. i died when i missed a block and landed on one of the bottom skies. i lost so much score, and gave up the map.

    Aww... Sorry about that. I will take that into consideration!

    73 :Diamond: 26 :GoldBar: and found crazy's skin

    Nice job!
    Quote from Nuc1earVen0m

    How do I migrate it to the nether with my bukkit server because i couldnt find out how and does it involve tnt because I would need to turn off safety

    This reply is probably too late, but just run the server, and it SHOULD seperate the nether world from the normal one. (And the end world for that matter).
    If this doesn't work, take the DIM -1 folder inside of the normal world folder, and make it the nether world folder.
    Sorry if that was a bit complex. Also TNT is used in this map.
    Quote from ShadowWolf937

    Astonishing map! I had a great time playing it.


    Overall Score: 9/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Architectural detail & Effort: 9.5/10
    Storyline: 10/10 (Pretty funny!)

    Now you may think that I'm being a little too generous with these scores, but in fact, I'm not! This map was truly a joy to play! It was very original and creative, from the puzzles to the concept itself. Although, there was point in the game where I became quite frustrated. It was at "Parkour to the Sky". Now, I get it, it's supposed to be challenging. But some jumps were just a hassle to make. It eventually became "Climb. Attempt jump. Fall. Climb. Attempt jump. Fall." It was just time consuming, and honestly, not very fun. Aside from that small section in the game, I think it was absolutely superb. The easter eggs and scoring system only added to the fun of this map. A lot of effort was obviously put into this map. The checkpoint system was brilliant, too. But the beds canceled out the purpose of the checkpoint system, since you respawn in them instead of the original spawn. As far as aesthetics go, the map was beautifully created. I did come across a minor bug though. In the test chamber with the lava gap (3, I believe?), there was a safety chest to store your items in. The signs say you can access it from the other side of the gap, but you can not. Very small bug, though. I just used creative to grab my stuff, then fly back over.

    I would most definitely recommend playing this!

    Score & Easter Eggs

    :GoldBar: : 42 :Diamond: : 66

    Thanks for the amazing review and input!
    Yes, the Parkour to the Sky was a testament to the old SUPER hard parkour maps that I LOVED.
    Not gonna lie, that was probably the most Rage-Inducing part of the whole map, lol.
    And I really should Improve the checkpoint system, and make it more visible.
    About the bug, that was me being stupid... I tested everything in Creative Mode, where you had a longer reach :P

    Anyway awesome feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
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    posted a message on [Puz] Escape the Puzzlemaster (207,000+ Downloads!) (MC 1.3.1 - MC Beta 1.7.3!)
    Replying to page 83 to 92 because I have time and I love you guys. :)
    I'll take about 40 responses at a time.

    Also, I will release a 1.3.1 compatible version today which will include...
    - Books added in certain places. (I still think signs are the way to go here)
    - EnderChests for the Save Your Score
    - A better working 'Gone Fishin' Challenge
    - A little bit more signs here and there
    - A nice addition to the ending ;)
    - Other Minor Changes and Fixes to optimize the game!

    Go ahead and try it out if you want! Even people who have played before should find this version fun!
    And of course, leave feedback, suggestions and other stuff! Thanks =)

    Quote from Obxidian

    108 :GoldBar: !
    So what do I win? :D

    You win a girrafe! Just note that shipping will take around 500 years depending on where you live =P
    Good Job!
    Quote from barleypig

    i got 105

    oops nvm i just checked i got 108

    Quote from Seanic

    This was pretty fun. I'm glad you guys came out with a new one, because I got this done in less than an hour, but it looks like you guys put a lot of work into it. Much more than I could ever do! I ended up finishing with 104 ingots!

    Yeah, we probably worked 2-3 months on this one, and when we finally tested it, I was surprised to find it WAS pretty short! It's what made me feel like making an adventure-ish map like ShrinkCraft! Thanks fo the praise, and good score!
    Quote from DorijanKusik

    Awesome map and nice puzzles
    I got 108 golden bars :) )

    Quote from scifiboy67

    108 gold bars! By the way, amazing map :D

    Quote from Seanic

    Awesome map!

    Thank you all!
    Quote from werwew19

    99 bars fun map thanks for the enjoyment

    No problem :)
    Quote from cubercrafter

    me found 100 gold ingots

    me is happy for you!
    Quote from Sajination

    Very nice map, I did my own Let's Play of it ;D
    For some reason I found the first stage hard xD Guess I'm just not good at parkour.
    Here's the link ;3

    Really great map though, despite what I say in the video :L

    lol, thanks for the video!
    Quote from Arct1c

    Great map, had a nice time ;) i managed to find 94 :GoldBar:

    Quote from yiqityurtseven

    I got 90 score :GoldBar: :) :) :) :lol: LOL :lol: :Iron:

    Thank you! Good scores!
    Quote from yiqityurtseven

    My score was 90 :GoldBar:

    Ohh :D I wrote twice .. :(

    That's fine, I do that all the time =P
    Quote from MexisKo

    Me and my friend is making videos on YouTube, but we are from poland, so we speak polish ^^
    I have made a Video about this map, like a walkthrough i think, but i ain't saying what to do and stuff like that.
    So here's my channel ! Thank you.

    And sorry for my english.

    Your English is very good! Dziękuję za grę!
    Quote from MrConso99

    My score was 110 :gold:!
    I'm The Best! :D

    Lol, nope.
    Quote from lam45

    I won!!! It was so fun!!! my score was 102 :D

    Glad you liked it!
    Quote from Kauimala

    I got a 99 w00t!

    Quote from MidgetTerror

    My score was 108! That was fun. But I can't do the final challenge (jumping into the pool of water) Is it possible?

    Nope. It was a jump to troll you guys one last time =D
    Quote from SyberOne

    Score : 106
    If i could i would posted a photo but i cant.
    Nice map btw

    Lol, It's fine if you don't post a pic, and thanks!
    Quote from yorkiebar13

    Brilliant map. One thing I would say is make it longer! lol
    Score: 87 :)

    Thanks! We'll try for a longer length in Escape the Puzzlemaster 2!
    Quote from skullcrusher124

    Me and my sister got 86 :GoldBar:

    Yay for siblings playing Minecraft! (Me and kobs are brothers)
    Quote from xxNOOBAHCKERxx

    On the part where you have to make a piston to push the lapis lazuli block it doesn't work because there is a sign on the block.

    Hm... That should work, I tested that quite a bit. If you are using a Bukkit server, it might be a plugin that doesn't allow you to destroy signs.
    Quote from nashia_starsong

    me and yipy20011 won and got 91 gold ingots :D make another one soon?

    Yessir! While you're waiting for Escape the Puzzlemaster 2, try out ShrinkCraft!
    Quote from MinecrafterHere

    I GOT 108 GOLD :D it was FUN! and i beat the pool jump at the end :L

    NUH-UHH! =D
    Quote from Apap_Extra

    Nice im going to download this!

    Quote from chupata23

    i got 101 gold ingots

    Quote from fluffy_pillow

    108 ingots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah

    Oh yeah!!!! Great scores :)
    Quote from JimiiTN

    I did a playthrough of the map yesterday. Part 1 is up now!

    Thanks! I'll check it out!
    Quote from alexcol1234

    my score was 95 and it's a very good map

    Quote from Ragingspecter

    i got 64 and 39 which is 103 gold ingots

    i got 90! thanks man

    Quote from Bukkithoster555

    i got 108 gold :)

    Very nice scores!
    Quote from CalalaOfCurse

    Name: Calala
    Gold ingots: 108

    Thanks for the pic, and congrats on the big 'One-Oh-Eight' score!

    Score 100 no single player commands no too many items.....

    Nice! Down with cheaters! =P
    Quote from TheShootzer

    105 gold!

    Fantastic map, love how you can be stuck on some puzzles for ages but you don't die! (even if you do ti saves your score)! More should follow this example!

    Thank you! This feature makes people less likely to ragequit!
    Quote from DeadSea

    got 108 :GoldBar: , the hardest one to notice was in a dark place.. that's all i have to say :P

    Quote from hiphophippo4566

    97 was my score :P :D

    Like those faces.
    Quote from ChrisDex

    Great map. Good work with redstone etc.
    Score: 102

    Thanks! Out of the three of us creators, I am the redstone Mastermind!
    Quote from TnTExperty

    Awesome Map :) I really had fun playing it. I have 108 gold ingots :D Erm, could you tell me the total gold ingots there are in the map? Looking forward for more XD

    Total is 108, so you win! Many people have gotten that score actually...
    Quote from eXPoZe_D3M0NZz

    Nice map! :D i just done it :) make more

    Score - 95

    Will do!

    Responses to pages 83-84 and info about Escape the Puzzlemaster for 1.3.1 is above!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Quote from Abcdude

    Nice map! It is fun and rich in story too :)

    I am almost done with the map, but I am stuck at
    the GRINRRR (sorry if I spelt it wrong) level, I blew her up and walked toward the room of obsidian with tons of cake, but I stepped on a pressure plate that cuased sand to fall and block the exits... there are signs I see that say "TAKE YOUR DIAMONDS" But I see none, no exit either... Help?

    I will also create a review later today :D

    Oh, sorry, you were actually supposed to fall through the stone, so destroy the sand and continue on... :D
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)

    I just played your map and it was great! Far better than your last one!
    Allso i noticed some things that didn't work very well and some other things.
    1. The idea abaut getting shrunk was great in the start, But when i met the whale i noticed how weak the fell of being small was. Actually it was just like a usual custom map fell of being normal sized.
    2. When i came to the parcour room to get to the cloud land i noticed how easely you could miss a jump and hit a platform on the way down and die. I hat to CHEAT to get back there before my items despawned!
    3. Allso i found that some of the jumps seemed pretty impossible. Did you test the jumps before releasing the map? Some places i cheated to get through becuarse there seemed to be no chance of making it!

    Allso my score was: 61 Diamonds and 46 Gold Ingots = 168 Points!
    Thanks for making this map i relly injoyed it! :D

    Thanks, it was a huge effort to make it better than Escape the Puzzlemaster!
    Yeah, so let me tell you the truth. Originally, when you first met GRiNRaR, he was supposed to unshrink you to normal size. However, we decided that the name "ShrinkCraft" wouldn't really fit the map if it was only in the first part. So we changed it...
    The reason I put a checkpoint before the parkour room was in case you died from falling, so yeah.
    I tried all of the jumps, and they are possible. Some are extremely difficult, but I believe they are all possible.
    Since many people have been reporting that the jumps aren't possible, if you would, post screenshots of the impossible jumps, or even better, videos!

    Quote from GuyFromEarth

    I loved your "Escape The Puzzlemaster" map. I will definitely let you know what I think of this map! Hey, if you are ever taking suggestions for a new map, can I help somewhat or even help make a map? Thanks for taking your time to read this. :)
    EDIT: I forgot to mention, I happened to be thinking of this map earlier today and yesterday. Odd coincidence. :P

    Great! Yeah, so about making the maps, it's mainly Me, kobs222, and crazykille. And the next map has kind of already been decided (ETP2), but feel free to suggest ideas for the map! We would love to hear them.

    Quote from owlgrandecity

    Amazing! Epic! I need to invent a word that means something even more powerful than those! :D

    ...Epimazing? ;)

    Quote from Ffejy15

    im makeing a LP of this map

    Thank you!

    Quote from flare10101

    will try, and will review. based on how it looks, without having played it, it makes 4/5 diamonds. after I finish i will post a full review right here on the forums.

    Why thank you for the review! I'm looking forward to this map's first full length review!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Quote from Robotboy2000

    Oh I also found two Easter eggs I forgot to tell you about.
    Kobs222 :
    Crazykille :
    The bug was :
    and some cool fire underwater:

    Great job on the two Easter Eggs! The question is, can you find mine?

    And I believe the jump is possible. You see, if you hug the wall while jumping off the ladder, you will actually hit the side of the second ladder. So when you jump, you gotta jump towards the side of the block without the ladder. Again, it's not that easy, because those jumps are the hardest in the game.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Quote from Robotboy2000

    .. except for all those rage quits.
    I HAZ 39 :GoldBar: and 43 :Diamond: .
    I am now 22nd place.. ^_^
    uhh there is something in parkour to the sky where it made it impossible. I think it was near the 3rd checkpoint.

    Hooray for Ragequits! Anyways if you can show me where the Parkour flaw is, I can fix it!

    Quote from AdarkTheCoder

    I got 44 :GoldBar: and 64 :Diamond: :D

    Gawd that was annoying to finish at times, That sheep made me laugh my ass off, though.

    Glad you got through with the map!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Quote from za123enderslayer

    I tried, and tried, and tried, but I've come to a conclusion: I SUCK AT PARKOUR XD
    Well, anyway, I completed the map, and it was really fun! The cakes are safe!

    Well if you do suck at parkour, then I'd imagine that you would have some... rage moments... ^_^
    Well thanks, and great job anyways!

    Quote from Soulzx3

    84 :Diamond: 43 :GoldBar: :P hard map though
    really liked it took me some time to finish :)

    Glad you liked it! I really like how the difficulty and length turned out.

    Quote from battlefrog71

    G: 36 :GoldBar:
    D: 78 :Diamond:

    (not 78 diamonds, 78 points for 39 diamonds, right?)

    Super fun map! Great art and idea with the (****SPOILER*****) 5 beasts.

    I truly felt shrunk!

    Good Job.

    Thank you! I was actually assuming that everyone would post the Actual Amount of Diamonds instead of the total value, but since you told, me that's alright.

    Quote from morgan2041

    55 Gold Ingots
    90 Diamonds
    2 Easter Eggs


    There is a gap in the pine trees at the end. Bug? Or meant to be there?
    Bug, but I wouldn't really worry about it, since it does allow player without mods to explore.
    Some of the minecart checkpoints don't work
    Which ones specifically? Also, make sure you are on the latest version of the map!
    Remove the sheep on Parkour to the sky
    Well, I don't really think that's a huge problem, but hey, if enough people tell me to take it out, it'll happen.
    I couldn't open the chest from the other side in the 3rd Test Subject Challenge (Lava) I had to cheat the Dark blue wool block in the end because of this.
    You couldn't reach the chest? I could when I playtested the map...
    The GLaDOS explosion was really laggy
    So sorry about that, I'm not really sure how to make it dramatic while not lagging people's computers.
    You should add that you can allow mods that set time to night for beds
    What's that mod called? Insomnia? Anyways, I originally had bed checkpoints, but the minecart ones are better because some people don't have Insomnia, and I would rather have no mods required in this map.
    Also make the What you know about Minecraft challenges easier
    Well when I made those I assumed you had access to an internet browser to look it up. Sorry if you were trying to play super legit =)


    Other then the annoyances the map was one of the most fun I have played and also the most random. :D
    Four and a half out of Five.

    - Morgan2041

    Thanks Morgan! Answers above in blue!
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