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    Hi there.

    I'm Distuth, from the kingdoms server. You may have heard of me.

    ...Probably not, actually, but just pretend you have so I can feel good about myself, alright?

    Anyway. I'm here to give a bit of an overview of some of the people of the Kingdoms server.
    This is by no means a complete list, as I'm only listing those I know well enough to give a good picture of.

    First off, me. In case you forgot, the names Distuth. I'm a guardsman, which means I get to put you in jails when you break things. Its therapeutic really. As for what you should know about me, a lot about how I act depends on what I think of you. I'm generally willing to offer a hand to those I know, so long as it doesn't involve too much effort on my part. Need a few logs? Sure! Need me to help you tear down your 500 stone stairs? Screw you. And if I think badly of you...well, lets just say that as a guard I'm willing to "overlook" certain criminal activities, so long as they involve you being inconvenienced in some way.

    Next off is someone named Jbuck123. He's a decent enough sort, so long as you keep one thing in mind. He is an idiot. You will want to smack him every time he gets an idea. And he will complain about anything other the sun.

    Rhino600 is the captain of the guard. He's a little like me, except less petty. He'll overlook someone stealing from or killing a criminal, but he generally won't let someone who just rubs him the wrong way get thrown in jail just because of that. Think of him as the leader without the micromanaging that goes with it. He generally lets guards do their thing unless a big situation comes up.

    Adrian Redd is the leader of the pirates. He's an important figure, but I haven't talked to him enough to really know him. He's very big on roleplay aspects however. If you want to be a pirate, he's the guy to talk to.

    Orepheu is one of the big builders on the server. You saw the cathedral that was on one of Sotos pictures? Orepheu built that. He's also a decent singer. Although he probably won't be thrilled with me telling people that. Anyway, he's currently an "admin-on-leave" which means he's taking a break from actively moderating in favor of building and the like.

    Thats only a brief sampling of the personalities there. Its late, and I'm tired, so I'll let you folks figure the rest of the people on the server out for yourselves.
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    posted a message on How did you last die?
    I ran from a creeper. Off a cliff. Into an enderman. I froze there, not looking away so it wouldn't attack. I forgot about the creeper, which dropped off, and blew up behind me. And then the enderman killed me.
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    posted a message on So...uh....where do we report the bugs?
    Where do we report the bugs we find in pre-release 1.8? I can't find anything.
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    posted a message on Jeb_ tweeted "Grim Release for Thursday" MOST LIKELY *DELAYED* more BEYOND Monday
    Alright. This is getting obnoxious. Against my better judgement, I read through this entire thread. It was about what I expected.

    "I want it NAOOOOEW! Give me the beta! Grah!"

    "HATE Notch want to Hatemurder his eyes of hate, hate haaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttteeeee!"

    "Notch is a lazy bum! He needs to release it today!"

    "I am prepubescent and ANGRY!"

    "(Occaisonal actual constructive comment/reasonable idea)"



    Come on folks. I doubt anything in here is actually going to change the date 1.8 comes out. Put on your big boy pants and wait.

    See? While reading this, its been about a minute! Just keep going! You're almost there!
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    posted a message on Looking to start a Medieval Role-play Server!
    Theres actually a server a lot like this already established. If you're creating this to run it rather then to find somewhere to play, just ignore this post, and I apologize for wasting your time.


    Its a little dead at the moment, since most people are waiting for 1.8 before getting back into the swing of things. But take a look through the website, see whats there.

    Again, if this isn't what you're looking for, I apologize for wasting your time.
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    Hey, the uh, Mac installation video was removed by its user. Does anyone know where I can find it, or at least a post detailing how to install it?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Flying with vehicles inside of vehicles? Why not just make the mod compatible with something like aim cannon, or at least a thoroughly updated version?
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    Damn that was fast. I was writing up an application to the forum just in case the website wasn't functional for some reason. Anyway, logging on now.

    Thanks for the speedy update.
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    IGN: Distuth
    Age and Location: 19, Texas.

    Why Do You Want To Join? (2 Sent. Min.): Well, first off, the server itself is based around a fairly interesting concept. Then theres the fact that it seems to be well balanced. PVP is there, but segmented enough that there isn't one asshole in diamond armor slaughtering everything. I also didn't see anything about not using traps. I like traps. And with the darkness everywhere, even pretty simple traps could go very well.

    Why should we accept you over everyone else?: To be honest, I'm not any better then other players around here. I tend to fall off things, dig straight into lava, and on one occasion, I accidentally pickaxed someone to death. I'm fairly dedicated though. As long as I don't end up being stalked by some dude using the X-ray texture, I'm probably gonna stick around.

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Y/N): Yes.

    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Y/N): Again, yes.

    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Y/N): Yes, although I'm probably going to get confused about things later down the line.

    Have you Ever Been Banned? If so, why?: Nope.

    <>< %%%
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    What is your IGN? Distuth
    Preferred Faction? Spartans (or Athenians if they have less players.)
    Why you want to join the server? Frankly, it looks like fun. Theres space to indulge my creative impulses and also space for bloody rampages. What more could I possibly want?
    Have you ever been banned from a minecraft server? Heh. No. I've only played on one other server, and that was for an afternoon. I figure I've gotten enough of Single player down that I won't trip over my own feet too much.
    Rules? I accept!
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