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    Explore the haunted lands north of the wall; battle through stunning environments swarming with the undead; and bring home the wool before the other team for glory! A competitive minecraft map for 2 teams of 2+ players, with optimal team size of 4.

    Race for the Wool is a team-based competitive game, where the goal is to collect coloured wool blocks from around the map and return them to your 'victory monument' - fastest team wins! To help you on your way there is scattered loot, as well as the full ability to mine, craft and place whatever will help you to win. Each team has a 16-block-wide lane, out of which you cannot stray or build, so hampering your opponents will require skill with a bow - or TNT cannon!

    North of the Wall is an undead-themed map, with three dungeons offering challenges in PvP, PvE or both. Expect taxing climbs in full view of enemy fire, dark basements full of zombies, and perilous runs through a gauntlet of TNT!


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    Map Start and the Wall

    Resource area - river of the dead


    grand cathedral, map centrepiece

    bottom of dungeon 01

    skull cave

    dungeon 02

    dungeon 03

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