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    Hello, I am currently looking for builders for RaceCraft. I am currently having a custom plugin made for RaceCraft. I need around 5 builders to make race tracks and the spawn. The spawn will be fairly big. Below is the outline of the server and application:


    My server idea is a full on racing server. This might sound kinda simple but there is more into it. Basically you start off with only a boat and you race for gold and you can eventually rank up to a pig. When you rank up to a pig racer the races become more difficult and you can win more gold. After the pig rank you get upgraded to horses. After that you can eventually win gold and upgrade your horse. You can eventually also build up enough to get your own stable for your animal and boat. We will hold tournaments in all three ranks and whoever is the winner will get to build their own race track along with other prizes. The server will always be updated will be released with new content and more races.

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